When your best friend in the whole entire world and your dearest closest newest friend who means the world to you both tell you that they’re pregnant in the same week a plethora of feelings come bubbling to the surface.

Most of them unpleasant and requiring some form of repentance.

While I am incredibly happy and excited for my friends (really!) these were the third and fourth pregnancies I found out about in the last two weeks. After a round of bitter jealousy and a little tiny pity party, I have chosen the higher *snort* road.  I call it the Neener Neener Road. Allow me to take you on a little tour.

On the right you’ll see the diaper shack. I have not had to enter the diaper shack for over three months and nor will I have to enter it for the next ten at least. No poopy diapers to change for AT LEAST A YEAR? Neener neener.

Over here on the left you’ll see the diaper bag emporium. Haven’t had to go into that store for over a year and a half. Instead I shop at the “cute stylish handbag you would never dream of carrying bottles in” store down the street. Neener neener.

Speaking of bottles. I haven’t had to make a bottle in over 28 months. I’m not even sure I remember how. Think of all that money saved on formula (because it was physically impossible for me to nurse) and time saved on washing bottles. Not to mention that I haven’t found a forgotten bottle of curdled stinky milk in a corner for almost two and a half years. Neener neener.

Up there on the hill you’ll see my bed. The bed I slept in for eight hours straight last night. I could have gone to bed when the moosh went to bed and gotten a solid twelve hours but that’s kind of overkill isn’t it? Neener neener.

And last if you’ll just direct your attention to my waist. Yes right there. Twenty eight inches and not a hint of stretch marks. Yes. I do believe this qualifies for a big neener neener.

So there you have it, you pregnant people in my life. You may be relishing in the joys of stretchy pants and blissful new baby smell, but I am relishing in the one curly haired heiress I have contributed to society and becoming okay with the fact that she may be my only contribution.


Take that bunk lady parts. NEENER NEENER.


  1. Aw, babe. I know how you feel. I soooo know how you feel. And looking at it this way is so much better than locking yourself in your house for the next year and crying. ((hugs))

    LawyerMama’s last blog post..For Jenny, The Bloggess

  2. I’m a lurker….but the 28 inch waist with no stretch marks brought me out of the closet. That’s A-MAZ-ING. Seriously. I’m so, so jealous!!!

    Lisa’s last blog post..Bad Eggs

  3. I a list like that before I adopted … then before I fell pregnant after 12 years lost my baby and even now I have IVF twins – I cans till appreciate the wit and humour.I am so jealous of the sleep.

    Yes, I know you may have unfulfilled dreams too but having a laugh is okay.
    It helps to get it off your chest.Hugs

    Your daughter is adorable !
    My Little Drummer boys

    Babyamore’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – what do you see ?

  4. What a horrible post! Sounds like you are more into how your body looks than in being a good mother to your child. I realize that some people have a harder time having children than others, but you don’t have to be so bitter about it. Be grateful for what you have, and spend less time comparing yourself to others.


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