Addie has had snot pouring out of her face for the last several days and tonight she said “Mom? I think I’m brave enough to try the neti pot.”

I wish more people in this house were brave enough to try the neti pot, it would solve an awful lot of whining and sinus problems.

I gave Addie a crash course in ‘how not to drown while using a neti pot’ and we were off…the kid was FASCINATED to see giant globs of snot come flying out of her nose. “MOM! I FEEL BETTER! I CAN BREATHE! YOU WORK MIRACLES! BEST! MOM! EVER! THANK YOU!” In fact she was so thankful I didn’t bother with the “Imagine how much sooner you would have felt better had you done this three days ago when I first suggested it?” speech and just took the lavish amounts of praise and pride that came from my kid trying something new and weird.


I went to Blissdom last week which was overwhelming and wonderful and lovely and downright exhausting. I tried my very best to be nice to the new people (as nearly half of the attendees were new) but by Saturday night I had to apologize to everyone for I was unfit for public fraternization and was suggesting “Won’t you please go say hello to that girl over there? I’m sure she still possesses a lovely demeanor whereas I am DONE-ZO. GOODNIGHT.”   *flop*

Cody and I also had a dog for about 24 hours. Well, Cody had a dog for about 72 hours, he picked her up in Michigan while I was still in Texas at my conference. We took her back yesterday because we were clearly not meant to be her family. I’m still working on the messy emotions that come from feeling like a total failure at something, neither of the cats are eating and Wink lost at least 2 of his remaining 6 lives over the weekend. Poor guy. I kind of wrote about the experience in a sneaky political way over here.

Mae(be) is headed back to Michigan.We are not meant to be her family. :(
I want to thank every single person that I was able to hug last week, I genuinely meant it when I said hello or howdy and I so hope you never felt alone or left out. I’ve heard rumors that a lot of people were disappointed with the sessions at Blissdom this year. Want to know a secret? Me too. Kind of. I’m a HUGE believer in “you get out of something what you put into it” and there were a few sessions I sat in on where I needed to change my perspective. While I may have not learned to use my camera any better, I certainly learned to approach the entire act of photography in a way I had never thought of before, for this I am thankful. However, I can imagine there were some people stewing that the session description didn’t match up with the material and for that I’m sorry. I do hope you found something redeemable about the weekend whether it was the connections you made, the music on Friday night, dancing with Chris Mann, a keynote speech or not having to change diapers for three days.

BlissDom '13
BlissDom '13

My darling friend Lindsay told me to read this book after she read this post I wrote about Addie and her quiet little ways. In a very serendipitous sort of way I stumbled on the book at an airport and it has forever changed my life. Susan Cain, the author of said life changing book, spoke at Blissdom and she is just as lovely (if not more so) in person than she is in her book. Read it. Do it. Now.

This is my "holy crap this woman's book changed my life" face. #blissdom @susancain
I am currently obsessed with this woman’s Instagram feed, it’s taking all the restraint IN THE WORLD not to heart every. single. photo. she posts.

Are you following me in Instagram? Easiest place in the world to get more one eyed cat and Vivi photos into your day, I’m mooshinindy.

Did I meet you at Blissdom? Did you have fun? It won’t hurt my feelings if you say no, just tell me how I could have made it better for you. xx


  1. @Colleen, Right back at you. Next year, yes. Fingers crossed.

  2. @Biddy, Yeah. I’m really sad about that. You’re honestly one of the people who popped up in my head when Texas was announced.
    Alas, no Biddy.

  3. @Katie, Addie volunteered to give you lessons.

  4. @REK981, Kitty! Send me a picture in my email. I care more about new kitties than new babies sometimes. :/

    REK981 Reply:


    E-mail being sent as I type this…Happy Friday! I included pictures of my dogs too. You know so they don’t feel left out. They are smaller than my cat in size.

  5. @REK981, We have one of those too! (We have at least 9 neti pots. I kid you not.)

  6. @Candy, Well, the cake thing kind of backfired. I figured it would be easier to have people who were scared say “cake!” rather than “I’m terrified!”
    There was not enough cake at that conference, but thankfully there was plenty of cookies and pie. OH MY THAT PIE WAS GOOD.
    Lovely to hang out with you my darling.

  7. I love the picture of that dog’s face.