After telling you about tiny grandma’s neti pot habit a lot of you have questions about the neti pot.

Is it sexual?

Is it drug related?

Is it something little tiny people have to do so they don’t get lost?

Well, while I am no authority on the neti pot, someone out there is and wrote about it on Wikipedia. All I know about a neti pot is that my mom swears by it and you look like this when you use one.


In one nostril and out the other.

Consider yourself educated.


  1. i think i’m sorry i asked.

    is this you or your mom using it?

  2. This is the lady that I googled using it, I’ll be she’s proud.

  3. Ugh. I did NOT need to know what that was. Here I thought it was a tiny tea kettle or something.

    I looks like a tea kettle. That’s about it.

  4. LOL! I had a friend who used to swear by those things. Every allergy season he’d try to pawn it off on me. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

  5. I, too, have heard it does wonders for your sinuses. It’s gross looking but I’ll bet it works- the weirdest stuff always does!

  6. Ah-ha. I snort water up my nose. Does that count?! Clears everything out.

  7. Ouch! That just doesn’t seem like it would be comfortable!

  8. Did you ever watch Six Feet Under? The mother’s husband, George had one. He brought it out to show everyone one night at dinner… to explain what it was. heehee

  9. ewwwww!!!

  10. OH!! I saw this on Oprah with Dr. Oz…he demonstrated and I was totally grossed out!!!! Although he claimed it worked….but I’m too chicken to try it.

  11. I bought one of these 2 days ago, I’ve got terrible weed allergies, and I hoped it would help. I tried it once, and it felt like I was drowning with salt water up my nose. I think I breathed in through my nose when pouring the water. šŸ™

    I want to try it again, as I’ve heard it works really well for allergies.

  12. I’ve never tried one, though, I have tried to do a saline rinse. It goes in one nostril, and out that nostril. (Or, perhaps gets stuck in my face?)

    I think I have sinus problems.

  13. I think I could have lived my whole life with out that edjumacation.

  14. You know, I’ve jumped in a pool too fast and had water rush up my nose. I’ve also accidentally snorted water up my nose and finally, I’ve had coke come out my nose when I laughed post-drinkage.

    HOW can this be done daily.
    I’d be terrified.
    You’d have to knock me out with a mallet first.

  15. I was wondering what that was…now I know!

  16. Ouch! I can’t imagine that this could possibly be worth the torture! yikes

  17. One of my dear friends, who also happens to be my o.b., SWEARS by the Neti Pot….I just can’t pull the trigger.

  18. It is totally ewww. BUT, being a sufferer of allergies and a yogi, I decided to try one some time ago (alone in my bathroom) and DAMNED IF IT ISN’T BETTER THAN ALL THE MEDICINES OUT THERE. I NEVER let anyone see me (and use it only on bad allergy days) and would never take a picture of it.

    Look, blowing your nose is not something you want to share with others, but you feel better afterwards. It’s really akin to that–but far more relief.

  19. Why?

  20. lol that just creeps me out lol. no offence

    Oh angies fav movie to reveiw is narnia…. fav TV show is th ebackyardigans or curious george because she relates to george, its so cute, the backyardigans she sits and dances to and thinks she can sing along

  21. My doctor swears by this for allergies…I’m too chicken to try it, though.

  22. Eyes watering? CHECK

    Feeling that all is NOT right with the world? CHECK

    Fear that others will join this cursed movement? CHECK

    Hiding under blog until coast is clear? CHECK

  23. I have one of those! It doesn’t hurt, or burn, and it really does work…

    Mary Ellens last blog post..Still pissed off, but air conditionedā€¦