With motherhood, marriage and the loss of certain calendar spreads, it becomes more and more obvious that I will never be a lot of things. But with wifehood and motherhood also comes a new appreciation for what I can, and hopefully will accomplish.

I will never be the hot chick on the back of some guys motorcycle.

I will be the girl behind the bike of a little kid, teaching her how to ride without training wheels.

I will never be a cheerleader at the sidelines of an NFL game.

I will be the cheerleader at the sidelines of a little league game with juice boxes at the ready.

I will never be a famous singer.

I will get to sing duets in the car to Barbie soundtracks.

I will never bring men to their knees.

I will always have band-aids for skinned knees.

I will never cause a room to stop and stare when I enter.

I will cause tears to stop with nothing but a hug.

I will never win prestigious awards to frame.

I will get “I LOVE YOU MOM” written in crayon, maybe even Sharpie, on my wall.

I will never be the leading lady in a Hollywood blockbuster.

I will always be the only one who can make my husband his favorite meal the way he likes it.

I will probably never cure a disease or deliver a baby.

I will always show upĀ  on doorsteps with casseroles for people who just got out of the hospital, lost a loved one or had a baby.

I will never make millions laugh with my “male candor and feminine wit”.

But I can always make my kid laugh so hard she can’t breathe.

I will never be featured in National Geographic.

I will always be featured on the walls of my own house and on the walls of grandma and grandpa back home.

I will never wrestle alligators.

I will wrestle wet naked babies in the bathtub or tantrum throwing toddlers in the aisles of Target.

I will never be a mom to millions.

But I will always be the mom to at least one.


What will you never always be?


  1. i love your blog. your humour and perspective are always so “on”. i like how you balanced all the “nevers” with the positives – something i need to do more of.

    amreens last blog post..Ramadan begins

  2. Very beautifully written. Thank you.

    Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommys last blog post..Coming Attractions

  3. that was a fantastic post!!! kudos.

    mpotters last blog post..status symbol?