Addie calls nipples ‘nibbles’ and if anyone ever corrects her I will choke you. She also calls pulp ‘plup’ please don’t correct her on this one either.

Vivi has started pushing her hair out of her face and it’s pretty much the most adorable thing she does at the moment (because it never, ever works.) She’s also picking up on more words, but only Cody and I speak her language. Our current favorite is they way she says ‘bunny’ it’s not even a word so much as a sound that a robot baby would make if it were trying to say ‘bunny.’ I keep trying to get it on video but no dice just yet.

Over at Toddler Times:

Vivi got her first salon blowout. Because that’s obviously what babies need.

She likes to sit in puddles, fully dressed, in the middle of parking lots.

Cody’s a good dad. Like, super good.

When Vivi and Addie play in the rain (which later turns to a puddle sitting obsession.)

Have you seen the Disney Toddler clothes at Target? WHOO. These are not cheesy character clothes AT ALL. (Why don’t they come in my size?)

A history of Vivi’s fairly epic baby hair.

Also, this photo:

Apparently even happy babies aren't immune to gloomy weather.

How’s your week going? It’s pretty gloomy around these parts.


  1. Ahhhh, Hannah does that hair pushing business all day long and it kills me dead, every time. It’s completely ineffective, and totally adorable.

    Also, those Target clothes are making me rethink my stance on licensed characters on my kids’ clothing.

  2. My 4 year old calls powdered sugar (when it’s on pancakes/waffles etc.) breakfast sprinkles. Cutest thing ever. We were out eating breakfast with my aunt and cousin when I asked her what the sugar was. She replied powdered sugar. My cousin and I were like “Who told you that?!?”. My aunt fessed up. My daughter soon forgot what it really is, but it’s now the family joke.

  3. My almost 9 year old says “napkim” for napkin, and I can’t bring myself to correct her. I love it. A vestige of my baby.

  4. blessed-with-3 says:

    When my daughter was younger she called orange juice pulp “mulch.” 🙂