So if I were a celebrity no one would like me. All these people say such nice things about me and I take my sweet, sweet time to return the love. At least I don’t compare their blogs with a whiny French puppy that needs to be housebroken. (I’m looking at you Johnny Depp. And not in a dirty way.)

Mrs. Mustard over at Cheez Whiz and Mustard along with the lovely Candace over at Not that I don’t love my kids… and then the hotness of hot Canadians Sam over at Temporarily Me thought that I was a nice person and gave me a nice matters award.

Two months to accept my award? Apparently nice doesn’t matter so much to me.


JJ over at Gaining Balance gave me a “You make me smile award.” Actually she wasn’t sure if she gave it to the moosh or to me. It is quite a toss up to pick a favorite, Cody hasn’t even picked one yet. Her header has granny panties on a clothesline. Now THAT makes me smile.

Elizabeth over at Table4Five figured I was a good schmoozer. Again, she posted this photo of me. Publicly. On Flickr. And she’s proud of it. She’s lucky I still acknowledge her presence.

Really, I’m painfully grateful that any of you notice what I do. This all started as the laziest way in the world for the moosh’s biologically abandoned family to keep tabs on her. (By the way, are any of you still out there? Dad? Gramma Fruit Snack? Auntie K? Charis? Hello? Is this thing on? This is all for you, you know. Well, all the stuff that doesn’t involve talk of orgasms and queefs that is.)

I’m passing on the love in the form of some of my favorite posts EVER. You see, I’m headed into the very bellybutton of the Midwest tomorrow morning and I’m not even sure if they have electricity there yet. So sit back, enjoy and pee before you read the following.

Frolicking wood over at metalias. I haven’t ever not laughed at this girl. If I were as funny as her I’d be, well, funny. Really funny.

Andi’s firing her belly. Only without Trump’s bad hair. Again, blog love this girl so much it hurts so good.

Heather just started Yoga, what I wouldn’t give to be in her class. We’d Namaste that teacher right out of there.

And Bossy. I suggest you start with her Tampax review. And then this and this and this and oh my gah what is this. And I’m not just saying this because I was next to her when she literally died laughing. See? Bossy laughing. And Bossy dead.

And last but not least, an oldie but a goodie. Drunk teddy bears are not to be trusted in Jennifer’s house.

So there you go. See you when the natives release me.


  1. Love that Tampax review…classic.

  2. Good times!!! And the tampon review was a rib buster!!!

  3. So, you don’t think I’m funny, no?

    I’d be mad at you, ya beyotch, if you didn’t give me such great linkage to read.

    You’re forgiven. This time.

    He he.

  4. Where are you going now? your life can’t possibly get any more dangerous!

  5. YAY! Thanks for all the yummy links… I love finding new blogs (like I don’t already read 2,326) THANKS! lol

  6. 😉

  7. Have fun on your trip! I’ll miss you!

  8. Ahh, gee whiz. Thanks!

  9. travel safe. hopefully things go well. better than that one time…

  10. Aw, thanks! I do love me some linky love.

    See you when you get back from your trip.

  11. Um, I have some stuff I haven’t acknowledged yet either. We’re such b*tches.

    I love that picture & dude, I am still so jealous of that orgasm! Why doesn’t stuff like that ever happen to me?

  12. *ahem* i too gave you the nice matters award…

    i’m just sayin


  13. Aw, thank you! I have another dentist appointment coming up, so I think it’s safe to say that we’ll have another visit from the Moonlight Valley citizens very soon. Only this time, ANTM-style!