10 Christmases.

2 apartments.

1 house.

6 different addresses.

10 bishops.

4 cars.

1 bed.

3 couches.

8 different jobs.

6 different schools.

5 graduations.

1 bed.

5 TV’s.

4 major surgeries.

2 hospital stays.

18 different states.

23 birthdays.

1 pregnancy.

1,000s of tries.

18 pillows.

28 curtains.

5 objects thrown in anger.

2 speeding tickets.

4 accidents.

120 lbs. gained.

100 lbs. lost.

50 lbs. gained.

12 in-laws.

5 nephews.

1 niece.

8 computers.

8 phone numbers.

1 close call.

283,824,000 seconds.

4,730,400 minutes.

3,285 days.

468 weeks.

108 months.

9 years.

my wedding day.



  1. Beautiful. Congratulations

  2. How wonderful!! Congratulations on such a big milestone!

  3. Aww, you are so young!! Happy anniversary!

  4. Awww! Congrats!!

  5. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Congratulations on your nine-year anniversary! And I love the post–simple yet so sweet. Here’s to many, many more years!

  7. Congrats Lovey! Nine is lovely, here’s to many, many more!

  8. Michelle says:

    Congratulations. May your list have many more additions over the years (maybe not the things thrown in anger….or the speeding fines…just the good stuff).

  9. Congratulations Casey. We just celebrated 2 years last week. I hope we get to mark as many milestones as you and Cody have.

  10. Congratulations! What a great recap.

  11. Why does the guy in the tux have the same look on his face that a lion has when it’s looking at a gazelle on the National Geographic channel?

    Oh, and uh, Happy Anniversary.

  12. I love this. Happy Anniversary!

  13. @sweetbabboo says:

    Congrats! That’s a lot to squeeze into nine years. Happy Anniversary to the both of you.

    My husband and I are celebrating our 9th today as well. It was a great Saturday in 2001 for getting married.


  14. Congrats you guys!

  15. Awww! Happy Anniversary!

  16. happy anniversary, i love june weddings

  17. Happy happy anniversary and happy ever after.

  18. Happy, happy, anniversary!

  19. Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many, many more.

  20. Happy anniversary!

  21. Congrats! June is the best month…we celebrate 5 years on Friday 🙂

  22. I know I should say something about, you know, your actual anniversary and all. But all I can think of is OMG what an absolutely beautiful and splendid gown!

  23. Congratulations 🙂

    I love a couple that walks through fire and comes out the other side. Clearly, you are one of those.

  24. Sunshine says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  25. Happy 9th Anniversary! Hope you have something fun planned!

    My 9th Anniversary is in one week!

    What did you get your hubby? I need ideas!


    Happy 9th! We celebrated 9 about two weeks ago.
    Love this so much.

    Congratulations. Hugs and kisses and best wishes!

  27. congrats…happy anniversary


    Yeah for nine! And you look like a princess and the dress is beautiful. Such a lovely day.

    Love and hugs to you!

  29. this is a pretty great post. you married a pretty great guy. Have a fantastic anniversary.

  30. Congratulations! It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

  31. Congratulations to the both of you!

  32. Such a cute post. Congrats!!

  33. Happy Anniversary! And, how funny, I’m looking at the date and our anniversary will be #9 this year too..also on a 16th. 🙂 Happy, happy day have a great one, love the pictures.

  34. Happy Anniversary, you two!

  35. Congrats chica!

  36. We got married on a Friday the 13th like my parents did before us. This year, we celebrate 11 years on Friday the 13th and my parents celebrate, um… 40-something. (How terrible that I can’t pull that number off the top of my head!) Anyway, so much for omens. Whatever your omen was, it’s clearly working for you, too. Congratulations!

  37. I’m all teary-eyed! Happy anniversary! 🙂

  38. Yay Casey! You guys have fun and enjoy celebrating how far you’ve come. 🙂 Could you refresh my memory on the order of the 2 ceremonies you have – I remember you blogging about the other one, I think. Just curious. I really appreciate the meaning of the sealing ceremony and what it represents.

  39. Happy Number Nine!!!

  40. We celebrated #7 last week. Your dress is amazing! I love the look on Cody’s face, too! Happy nine years! Here’s to many more 🙂

  41. mommabird2345 says:

    Happy Anniversary!! 🙂

  42. Congrats!!! Happy anniversary to you both too 🙂

  43. congrats!! and Cody looks like he wants to eat you. 😀

  44. Congratulations!

  45. Happy Anniversary!

  46. Happy Anniversary!

    phew is right! That was a lot of thinking and numbers. I don’t do numbers, so I’m awfully proud of you.

  47. CONGRATS!!!! Love your blog 🙂

  48. Happy Anniversary! Before I even read the post I saw the pic in the sidebar and thought what a totally adorable couple you two make. You both look so cute and happy and glowy!

    I have to agree with a couple others though; Cody – in the picture in the post – totally looks like he’s ready to devour you! Hee hee….

  49. Happy Anniversary!!!

  50. Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple!