Despite my best efforts, Benicio won’t be coming home with me. Apparently he likes to eat children but nowhere was that noted on his adoption papers.

Sorry dude, I tried.


Summer vacation is officially here, which means a constant stream of grass clippings through my front door,  wet footprints through my backdoor and a fine layer of sidewalk chalk on everything.

It means we all smell of sunscreen, sometimes like wet dogs, and I will be looking for someone’s other flip flop until September.

It means a a lot of “I’m bored” followed by “GO SCRUB THE BASEBOARDS THEN.”

It means the one eyed cat needs to be shaved, I need to buy Popsicles, and nightly baths resulting in a ring of dirt around the tub.

It means Vivi will never be dressed, I will have to fight with Addie to keep her dressed, all while wishing I didn’t have to wear clothes at all.

It means sunshine every day, fireflies at night and splash parks in the afternoon.

All great artists started with their feet, clearly. #LookForTheLovely
Hi summer, missed you.


Over on B to the Abble:

Vivi had a Star Wars May the Fourth birthday party. And by ‘party’ I mean ‘small gathering involving cupcakes.’

Vivi had a fairly amazing April on Instagram. (May has been equally spectacular, stay tuned.)

Cody said Vivi would only eat cottage cheese with a silver spoon, then I told Vivi she’ll eat her cheese on whatever spoon I give her.

Several of you requested a video of Addie and Vivi reuniting at the bus stop, I did one better and included an interview as well.

I wrote a letter to Candy Crush, it’s not a happy letter. The good news? I’ll be speaking with one of the creators of Candy Crush soon. THERE WILL BE WORDS.

(sponsored) Talking about fostering, adopting and how many different ways there are to care for little kids.


  1. I hate commenting on Babble because of the FB linking thing (I know, I know, I’m sorry) but – we have seven kids under seven right now. Four are ours (adopted, internationally and domestically, all born within 22 months of each other which wasn’t planned but is amazing) and three are through Safe Families. I think that might be a great way for you to test the waters of foster/adoptive care. We have loved our experience with Safe Families and although we’re not looking to expand our family, we have the extra bedrooms and space at the dinner table for these kids who need a temporary home. It has been an amazing experience for us.

    Casey Reply:

    @Kait, I love hearing all these stories, they’re so inspiring. Maybe someday!

  2. my regards to benicio, best of luck.

    we just bought sidewalk chalk today too!

  3. Addie and Vivi together = heart melted.

    The end of the video with Vivi running and yelling “ADDIE!!!” to get her off the bus? Beautiful.

  4. I love summer too. Sometimes mid-February I just open the sunscreen and sniff.

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