I wrote this guest post for Angella over at Dutch Blitz back in February. Love her.

I think it’s this post comes up for air yet again on this cozy fall day in October.


Angella is generally around on Google Chat when trolls come knocking at my door and she does a lovely job of talking me down from my troll induced frenzy.

But I shall frenzy no longer because I have accepted that not everyone is going to like me. Or everything that I do.


Same goes for you. Not everyone likes you. Sorry.

If you decide to write about religion you’ll be told you go to the wrong church. Or believe in the wrong God. But if you don’t write about religion you will be chastised for not involving religion in the raising of your child.

If you write about your child you will be told you’re doing it all wrong. If you don’t write about your child people will let you know that you are selfish and self centered.

If you don’t use paragraphs you’ll be sent links on proper grammar. If you do use paragraphs you’ll be called “stuffy, boring and wordy.”

If you write about depression you’ll be called a lazy human being who has no right to parent a child.

If you write about your attorney husband you’ll be called a spoiled and kept woman.

If you write how to make homemade cinnamon rolls you’ll be called indulgent and told you have too much free time. But if you write about your dirty love for polishing off a Cinnabon with extra frosting all by yourself in the corner of the mall food court you’ll be told that you are the reason society is fat.

If you dare mention that you had a bad day and that you’re two steps away from selling your offspring on eBay, you’ll get all sorts of snarky comments about your status as an ungrateful and unfit mother. But if you don’t write about the honest truth that kids tend to drive one batty every once in a while and only post sparkly rainbow unicorn kisses, people will question your authenticity. (And throw up in their mouths a little bit when reading about your so called constant state of glitter and sunshine of a life.)

So there you have it.

I am a Mormon mommy blogger who writes how I think, rarely uses proper punctuation, is dealing with depression, gets frustrated easily, hates that her husband is gone all the time and enjoys the occasional Cinnabon.

But I am also a Mormon mommy blogger who is trying to be a decent human being, loves my husband, my daughter, my family, the Lord and my friends more than anything in this life. I am grateful for all that I have and to be where I’m at. And I can make a wicked chocolate cake.

How’s that for sunshiney rainbow kisses?


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