My sister knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a vet.

She has worked at the same animal hospital for over ten years.

I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a gardener, in the symphony, a physical therapist, a dance therapist, an artist,  a ballerina, a writer, a Porche driver, a professional soccer player, a speed skater and beauty queen.

Here I am at 25, a stay at home mom with an idle degree in graphic design. (While the SAHM title is honorable, it’s not exactly rocket science, OOH! Astronaut! I could be an astronaut!)
Whoo! For dreams! goals! and ambitions!

I want to go back to school, scratch that, I will go back to school. And when I go back I’ll become a web designer, a pastry chef, a photographer, an ASL interpreter, and I’ll also get my nursing degree and a degree in social work all while going to medical school on the side. Maybe I’ll even hit law school when all that gets boring. Oh, and there’s all these other people who tell me I should be a writer. Both novels and children’s books.


I have this little voice in the back of my head that says “By the time you finish any of those you’ll be so OLD. Besides, you’re a big fat quitter, so quit while you’re ahead.”


But it’s true, I want to be good at so many things but want to be good at them immediately. The only thing I feel like I’ve ever been good at immediately was baking. Now if everything else in my life could come that easy I sure would appreciate it.

Even little things like Dance Dance Revolution. Do you have any IDEA how frustrating it is to practice a song for over an hour only to have your HUSBAND BEAT YOUR HIGH SCORE ON HIS FIRST TRY?

C’mon universe, GIVE ME SOMETHING!

I so want to be something, to do something with my life. To have mad wicked skills at all sorts of stuff. Musically, athletically, academically, craftily. I’ll keep on trying, and in the mean time…

Will someone else tell please decide what I should be when I grow up?

How did you decide what you wanted to be when you grew up?

And when will I get really good at Guitar Hero?


  1. Yeah, I pretty much fell in to my career (HR)…and it wasn’t what I thought I wanted to be when I dreamed of careers as a child.

    But it pays the bills and most days it’s relatively satisfying…funny thing is I’d trade places w/you in a heart beat.

    Scratch that, I’d work very part time…I’m the kind of person that’s gotta do it for my sanity.

    Worker Mommy’s last blog post..Is 4 too young to have the Talk ?

  2. NURSING!! I am 19 and in my second year of a nursing degree, and it is wonderful. I love it. It takes so many qualities to be a great nurse, and its so rewarding.

    Alexandria’s last blog post..Its me!

  3. I am an ASL Interpreter and it took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I haven’t quite grown up yet, not sure that I ever will, but at least I am doing something that I love.

  4. I am going to kick your pert little 25-y-o treadmill-orgasm having ass!

    I went back to school at 40 and it was a total blast to be older, smarter and more mature than my fellow students, who I showed up every single day. But that was not my point! My point is that nothing you learn or try will make you worse off (except maybe a drug addiction). Go out, explore, learn, have fun. It is a big world with lots of good stuff. You don’t have to pick one thing to be good at.

    Writer is where you might start, huh?

    Suebob’s last blog post..I want to tell a story

  5. i think it just takes experience…ie *play time* so try a little bit of everything and see what makes you the very happiest.

    for me, i’m the same way about what i want to be when i’m all growed up. i’m 25 with 4 kids, it’s not like i don’t have my hands full. but i still want to grow up someday to be someone that wears a fitted suit with a lace camisole underneath. i currently want to be: a painter, a photographer, a nurse at my birthing center, a master herbalist, an editor, a wedding planner, a hospice nurse, a quilter, a marketing executive, a professor, a secretary (i think this is where the fitted suit comes in), an ultra-sound tech (how cool would it be to know what they were actually seeing when they tell you the gender of the baby???), and the list goes on.

    just start taking some classes, one or two at a time, and see what tickles your fancy. you can do it. tell that quitting time voice in your head where to go!

    jenica’s last blog post..KFC: dog nuggets baby

  6. Grow Up? Well I guess I’d be a Grandma when I grow up, because I’m 30ish and still don’t feel very adult like.

    Amy’s last blog post..They are Watching Me!

  7. Um…D’oh!

    I left off the part about how I was going to kick your ass for saying you were gonna be too old. Otherwise, consider your ass un-kicked.

    Suebob’s last blog post..I want to tell a story

  8. I will probably never really know what I want to be when I grow up. Like you, there are so many things I want to do, and as soon as I learn one thing, I’m itching to go do another.

    I have a BA in History. Whee – that qualifies me to do nothing. So now, after two kids and a lot of growing, I’m in nursing school at 31. Why? Dunno. I think being a labor and delivery nurse would be really rewarding.

    If I survive nursing school, I might go on for a higher degree to become a nurse practitioner. Or maybe I’ll decide to go finish the other half of my Master’s degree in Theatre History.

    You’ve got lots of time to decide what you want to do. And there’s nothing wrong with jumping from one interest to another (other than student loans) – if you learned something and enjoyed it, it was a worthwhile pursuit.

    Christina’s last blog post..Haiku Friday: Cooking Plastic Cupcakes

  9. I’m 41 and I’m still deciding. I watched Lisa Stone’s interview about making money blogging and her suggestion that everyone is an expert in something. The only thing I’ve determined I’m an expert in is living in complete chaos and not hurting myself or anyone around me who might be causing that chaos. Do you think there’s a market for that anywhere? 🙂

    But the baking, woman… that’s phenomenal! If you can run with it, do it!

  10. I get like this all the time! I’d love to be able to do everything or at least be in the process of learning to do so…

    You forgot to mention your skills as blogger… 😉 If it does anything for you, at least it lets you know you’re not alone…

    dana’s last blog post..Basty Paste

  11. While I TOTALLY relate to everything you just said, don’t forget that some of those mad skills come by way of Talents as in blessings. Not all can just be honed into mad skills.
    You my dear were definately Blessed with the gift of humor, happiness and writing. You are truly talented in those areas. (my opinion from lurking) I say the happiness thing cuz in all of your pictures you have a HUGE smile. Rarely am I caught in a smile. I am not an unhappy person just a rare smiler. You, not so much. Can you say HUGE ear to ear smiles in pretty much ALL of your pics. (Granted you are almost always with Kim when these are taken and I can see she makes you very happy) but I have seen a few sans Kim. 🙂

    Keep up the great work, Jealous or not, you are an amazing person in your own rite.