Oh sweet sweet Gen Con. A time when boys (and girls) of all ages come from the depths of their parents basements to spend fleeting moments in the August sunshine if only to travel from their hotel to the Indianapolis Convention center.

Gen Con is for gamers. World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, Heroscape.

Gen Con also smells of body odor and feet.

There’s not much I can say about Gen Con that the pictures don’t convey except that every August since moving here Gen Con has given me a sweet calm assurance that no matter how geeky I get on the Internet there will always be those who outgeek me. And outstink me.

uh, this was just awesome and encompasses why I am so in love with my city and those who visit it for four days every august. Ogre - Helmet + moosh= this photo. that is a man. (on the right.) star wars maybe? Mr. and Mrs. R2-D2 (with @thequeenoffree) the epitome of gen con, the storm trooper.

Are you amazed? Think I’m a little mean saying these boys don’t get out much?

Well check this.





*ahem* Gen Con rocks. Hard.

(And thanks to everyone who went with me. I’m so glad I was able to share such a marvel with you.)


  1. @Lizz B, Until she discovers the pirate wench costume. There were way too many to count.

  2. @Overflowing Brain (Katie), Aww, that’s like laziest hairstyle ever in my world! Thanks!

  3. @all things BD, I’m keeping the picture of your husband as blackmail. *ahem*

  4. @michelle, He has good taste, what can I say?

  5. @Della, Hi. Leaving your geek all over my post again? 😉

    Della Reply:


    …. you started it!

    (ps… you inspired me. http://daily-della.blogspot.com/2009/08/i-suppose-you-really-ought-to-know.html)

  6. @OHmommy, Yeah, there’s no intelligent word for such a conference.
    Really, not at all.

  7. @Rick, Apparently there already is. Hobbits, they’re all the rage.

  8. @Eternal Lizdom, OMG, you MUST get me in next year! OH PLEASE OH PLEASE!

  9. @SciFi Dad, Tranny Xena was by far my favorite.
    I didn’t get a single element of her (him? it?)

  10. @Sarah, Just wait until next year! I get better and better every year at my stealth.

  11. @whall, See, I could say something about pearl necklaces here, but really? That wouldn’t help my cause AT ALL.

  12. @Must Be Motherhood, My husband is the manliest man I know after such an afternoon of gallavanting.

  13. @Cherie, He told me to “excuse his hose” OH THE HUMOR THESE FELLOWS HAVE!

  14. @C @ Kid Things, It does get lots of compliments! Yeah. Not.

  15. @Lizzy, The pigs beat out gen con in smell, and tact apparently judging by the last pictures.

  16. @Briana, I’m all about the bargain life experiences, and this? Is one of the best.

  17. @Em, Yeah, you have to do some serious mouth breathing in some hallways.

  18. @Jamison Hemmert, Oh Jamison. To think, I could have married you.
    Good thing I can still make endless amounts of fun of you despite the fact.

    Jamison Hemmert Reply:


  19. @Erika, Do you think geek rubbed off on your belleh?

  20. @Lesha, I feel cheated that I was denied the presence of a wookie.

  21. @Kelley, I love this city. I love even more that there are geek conventions all over the nation.

  22. @indyfashbash, Oh honey. Any one with a pulse could probably find a date at Gen Con. You know, for after it was over of course. Unless you wanted to play cards together.

  23. @Grizzly Kitteh, teh kitteh speeks teh geeks!

  24. @joanna, Going with geeks makes the other geek so much more enjoyable. Which is why the whole weekend pretty much rocked.

  25. That last one is PRICELESS! And Xena? Scared. of. her. I love people watching too. I could just bring a bag of popcorn and stay the day for that kind of show. Getting your rack ogled would just be icing on the cake. 😀

  26. I’m assuming Gen is General, as in a General Convention, as opposed to one specific fandom or genre.

  27. *grin*
    Geeks are awesome. 😛

  28. Casey – it is so hilarious that you posted this because not ten minutes ago I saw this news story here in Utah about gamers gone wrong: http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=7580362

  29. This is awesome. That would be the best people watching event EVER. You’re lucky, and I’m jealous.

  30. Oh my stars. Casey, how could I have neglected blog reading for so long? THIS is what I’m missing!!!! Thank you dear, for the smile. P.S. Thought of you yesterday…. dancing for my attention last year at the State Fair. My girls asked me if I remembered “the little girl with curly hair” that we went with last year. Yep. I do. ;-D

  31. I’m so SAD I missed out on seeing you! Camp Grandma had an early closing policy, so we had to be back in Columbus by 6pm.

    The people watching was fun, though. Looks like you missed seeing the blue girl from some sci-fi game I’ve never heard of.