I gave Vivi some sage advice on surviving the next few months. You know, stuff like “Don’t whack yourself in the face!” and “TAKE NAPS!” But she’s a horrible listener so I doubt she paid attention to any of it.

Ears on baby clothes? Only kittens are cuter. (Sometimes puppies. Or baby Platypi.)


Vivi’s Halloween costume is shaping up nicely. Just waiting on one tiny brown felt fedora to arrive.

Vivi the Platypus.naked baby in a perry hat.

Of course my baby is going to be a semi aquatic mammal who doubles as a secret agent for Halloween.

Was there really any other option?


  1. Nope. Absolutely no other option.

  2. That. Is. AWESOME! So adorable, love love love it.

  3. Oh my goodness. Best costume ever!!

  4. Agent P! 🙂

  5. She’s got more than just mad skills — she’s got a beaver tail and a bill.

    SO CUTE. So much!!

  6. Just another reason to love Perry/Agent P – so cute!

  7. She’s wearing a BumGenius artist series print! (I am obsessed with diapers, God help me)

  8. Oh.The.Rolls.On.That.Baby. NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!!

  9. Super-cute! I love it.

  10. Vivi is too cute. Tell her to stop it.

  11. Miss Vivi makes a very precious platypi. Love the crocheted Perry head and it is obvious Vivi does too!! So adorable and original! My 17 year old daughter will be jealous!!

  12. That baby is just too cute. She smiles with her whole body.

  13. Casey! Those baby chubs are SO ADORABLE!! Goodness sakes is she ever cute!!

  14. where did you get that hat?! I love it!!