Sunscreen is in every corner of every bag and of every room of every part of my life. I apply sunscreen every day, to me and the moosh. The pool opened last week and we pretty much live at the pool come summer. Living at the pool=Sunscreen. My goal was to end the summer the same pale shade of pasty as I started the summer out as. Shouldn’t be hard with 87 ounces of sunscreen at my disposal at any given moment, right?


I covered myself in sunscreen on Saturday. I didn’t burn. I stayed pasty. Well, except for my shoulders. WHO FORGETS TO PUT SUNSCREEN ON JUST THEIR FARGIN’ SHOULDERS? Are you kidding me? Four hours at the pool with not even a hair shading my shoulders. GAH.

Even more reason to wear my crazy sun hat. What does my crazy sun hat look like? Crazy and big. That’s what. I can’t even find a hat online that even compares to the crazy bigness of my crazy big sunhat.

So to all of you who will see me at the pool, be prepared for the hat.

Because this sunburn garbage suh-huh-ucks.


  1. Me? LOL. Normally I forget it all together. I get so wound up trying to remember to put it on all three children that me? Not so much and I resemble Bob the Tomato by the end of the day. Yeah.

  2. I read in Good Housekeeping today that rubbing yogurt on it or soaking a rag in whole milk and laying it on the area will help sooth the burn.

    Sounds like you and I have the same skin. I burned yesterday. Even after reapplying every single hour… the expensive Coppertone Broad Spectrum crap.

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  3. I put it on my son, but I’m so bad about myself. But at the beach or pool I remember, it’s just at parks etc I forget. I HATE when I miss a spot though and have that weird sunburn. I once missed my feet. I had red ‘socks’ for a little bit…

    Rachael’s last blog post..Reason 12,060 Why I Love my Husband

  4. Lisa in TX says:

    If my shoulders are bare I put gallons of spf 50 on. I don’t care about any other part of my body getting pink (or even a little red, they can take it), but the shoulders get a major slathering. Why? Ten years ago I burned my shoulders so bad that they blistered up in uneven bubbles and I looked like someone had drizzled melted plastic on them. I couldn’t wear normal underwear for weeks.

    I have to say that I do hate missing even one spot, though, when I’m ‘screening up to swim. Last summer I got a weird blotchy burn in the middle of my back because I forgot to ask my sis-in-law to get that bit I can’t reach.

  5. It’s cool, you totally don’t need your shoulders for anything.

  6. I wanna see the hat! I burn easily too, no matter how much sunscreen I apply. My Husband says that after a long day in the sun I look like a willy wonka oompa loompa. Nice .

  7. Ouch. I always forget some place on my own body, but I make sure the kids are covered. I can’t pull off a hat, so more power to you.

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  8. Suh-huh-ucks eh? As in bad? As in aloe vera doesn’t help, that kind of bad? I see… SUCKS.

    My kids think I’m naughty when I use that word. The problem is I don’t have another word to substitute it, well not a PG word anyway. They also don’t like it when I call them little nerds. Oh, and piss is another one I use a little (a lot) too often.

    I’m waiting for the Hat picture of course. You share yours I’ll share mine….

    good&crazy’s last blog post..Flying with Big Kids

  9. Sunburns are serious suckage, no doubt. I work at my local pool, so I am all about the coverage, man.

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  10. Ouch!

    When we were in Mexico, the salt water ate away the “waterproof” sunblock one day and I burnt the tops of my feet. NOT COOL.

    Are you bringing the big hat to SF?


    Angella’s last blog post..The Happiest Place On Earth

  11. I love the sun. I wish I wanted to wear sunscreen!! Yes, I’m the lady who will have serious wrinkles and skin cancer in my 40s.

  12. Oh Yeah! Summer doesn’t officially begin until you have that first shower after sitting in the sun – the one where you can barely stand to be under tepid water. In my younger days, I actually put baby oil on before sitting in the sun. Now, I’m a grown up so I don’t do that anymore, but I do sit in the sun sans the sunscreen.

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  13. Amy in StL says:

    I also live with the sunscreen every day in the summer. However, I’ve had my share of burns as a child. (Neither of my parents shared my pasty superpower.)

    My dad used to dowse my burn with vinegar – while I was standing in the tub – until it quit soaking in/burning. This was repeated every few hours. It seemed to make the burn go away quicker – and you smell oh so pleasant. (Hmm, maybe not good for an adult female, no?)

  14. As a child, I had blisters on my shoulders the size of golf balls. And my mom, to document the special occasion that was her neglect, took photos.

    Who takes photos of their child in pain with a massive sunburn? Someone should have called the authorities on her.

    MommyPie sent me your way and I’m thrilled to meet ya!

  15. Oh yeah. Shoulders. Mine are covered in HYUGE freckles from YEARS of forgetting the sunscreen.

    I’m hoping they’ll all just blend together soon, and I’ll look REALLY tan. On my shoulders at least.

    mommypie’s last blog post..If Bloggywood were on cable …

  16. Perhaps to remember to put sunscreen on there, you should use that colored sunblock. With temporarily purple body parts, it will be easier to make sure you have everything covered. Hey, it’s better to be mistaken for Barney than a lobster, right?

    Emily the Utah transplant from the Midwest’s last blog post..Some Hope Left in the Future Generation

  17. For me, it is the chest. Why can’t I remember that my chest is a SUN MAGNET? OUCH. So sorry.

    Anna at Hank & Willie’s last blog post..Two boys and a bag of gummy worms

  18. Is your hat as big as Samantha’s in SATC movie, or BIGGER? 🙂–bigger-hunk.html

    Anna at Hank & Willie’s last blog post..Two boys and a bag of gummy worms

  19. I have challenged you to a sunburn showdown. Pictures and everything.

    Show me the red!

    Auburn Gal Always’s last blog post..Sunburn Showdown

  20. the only time in my life i’ve ever had anything remotely close to a sunburn was when i stayed too long in the tanning bed.

    sorry, i just don’t know what you’re going through so i can’t sympathize, but i can sure say, you poor thing!!!

    biddy’s last blog post..there’s no place like home

  21. I guess it would be wrong to say that I’ve never had a sunburn before thus I don’t know the pain.

    Yeah, that would be mean. So I won’t say it

    Worker Mommy’s last blog post..Well maybe this won’t win me any parenting awards, but…

  22. Yes, I am the queen of slathering the kids at the expense of my own self, so I sympathize. And I love my insanely large hat too, no matter what my husband says about the Flying Nun.

    MommyTime’s last blog post..Chocolate, Shoes, and Fantasy Men…Who Cares What the Movie Was About?

  23. I feel your sunburn pain.

    Imagine this: Sunning yourself as a college kid, going inside to take a nap to prepare for the big party that night and waking up with hard blisters filled with yellow pus all over your face. Sunburn/poisoning to the max. Oh yeah, I was h-o-t.

    I tried to hide in the darkness of the party most the night, and was pretty successful. I was outed after leaving with my crush, he audibly gasped after he saw my face illuminated by the glow of a street lamp. Then he ran away. Never to be seen again. Ever.

    Thanks for your support and stopping by WMAG…

  24. Aw, that sucks. I’m sorry for your shoulders.

    On another note, as much as I think it’s TOTALLY sacrilegious, the lolcat Bible is hysterical. You remindedz me of it. kthxbai.

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  25. Who needs a pic online of your sunhat? You’re a photographer!!

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  26. Where can I get one of these hats that you speak of?

    One hour in the backyard and my feet had a tan line from my flip-flops. Doesn’t look so hot in my saucy Sunday shoes. It wasn’t even sunny. Damn my easily tanning skin. I’ll take white now for wrinkle and cancer-free later any day.

    Anna’s last blog post..Less selfish equals more fun

  27. Joining the ranks of sunburned shoulders. And I DID use block! I guess it just didn’t work as well as they promised. Ouchie. The heat’s radiating off of me in waves. Doncha love it?

    Mandy’s last blog post..Making a list – checking it twice

  28. I m currently in hawaii and my husband enjoys convertibles. I like them too but I find I am slathering myself with sun block every hour or two. I am so pale normally I’m transparent with freckles (it’s like a cruel joke). I have been here a week and I actually have a slight tan for the first time in my life (i’m 31). I don’t think I have ever seen my freckles this dark before, we took pictures to prove it! I live on 50 spf but I just found that nutrogena has 70 and 85!

    just me’s last blog post..OMG the coolest thing happened…

  29. That’s horrible. But I’m so proud of your dedication to pasty skin. You’ll be the one laughing 50 years from now.

    Camille’s last blog post..{Kamikaze Insects}

  30. Ugh. Sunburn sucks!! I’m all for the crazy hats!! I love me some hats.

    Sadie’s last blog post..Opening the floor…

  31. Man oh Man I wish I had your phone number!!!! Here is what you do for I KNOW we LDS don’t do iced tea but honey I keep a BIG ol’ box of tetley Tea in my first aid box. Why you ask? CUZ IT WORKS!!!!!

    Nothing but NOTHING works better on a sunburn! I SWEAR!!!!!

    so you make the tea just like it says and put it in the fridge (I have a pool so this pitcher stays in my fridge all summer with a rag in it I might add so you no one thinks hmmm, what is the brownish liquid in the back of the fridge. Rag? ewww must be the tea)yep thats right!

    So you use a rag you never need again for anything else cuz baby it WILL turn brown from the tea. Once the tea is nice and chilled you dip in your rag and wring it out and lay on skin, it will be heaven, and in a few minutes the rag will be warm, keep repeating for continued relief. It will not leave your skin feeling crusty or dry like aloe vera. It will not hurt like alcohol and will not be messy like a dairy product (weird). I have used this remedy for over 15 years, WHY? CUZ IT WORKS!!!!

  32. We just got back from San Diego and I suffered three sunburns in a row while there! Ooh, the peeling is going to be interesting!

    AG’s last blog post..Thriver’s so awesome.