Today has been the first day I’ve really had Vivi all to myself.

Addie started school the day I left for New York, between New York and our cruise I was dodging suitcases and swimming in laundry.

Cody’s mom stuck around two extra days after grandbabysitting duties last week so today was the first day of just toddlerbaby Vivi and me.

We just got back from a walk, whenever the breeze blew in her face she fell to the ground giggling.

She said hi back to every noise in our neighborhood and barked back at the neighbor’s dog. *door closing* “HI!” *UPS truck* “HI!” *bird singing* “HI!”

She wrapped her entire chubby hand around my finger and only let go when she wanted to poke a rock on the ground with the stick she held tightly in the other hand.

When a car stopped and a little girl got out Vivi began chanting “ADDIE ADDIE ADDIE,” it’s really the only word she can say perfectly and she says it all the time.

Tracy Aviary with Grandma Flower

She laughs with her whole body and smiles with her entire face.

She tries to pick up the cats, when she can’t pick them up she lays on them.

She threw and chased a bouncy ball for an hour while I prepared lunch and part of dinner, one time she even chased it through my legs. It was at that point walking between my legs became her new game. I got a lot of baby head knocked into my front and rear ends today.

She’s spent so much time in the sunshine lately that her legs look dirty and both her chubby knees have scabby scrapes on them.

She’s thinning out, in fact she’s lost close to 4 pounds since becoming mobile, but she’s still plump and soft where it matters.

When she gives kisses, she purses her lips, smooshes them against your face and hums “MMMMM.”

If Addie sits on the floor and holds her arms out, Vivi runs into them and hugs her so hard they both fall over.

I can’t believe there was ever a time without the slaps of her bare blocky feet on my wood floor.

vivi's shadow

I know exactly what she smells like and exactly what she feels like in my arms.

There has always been a place for her with us, I’m so happy she finally made it here.


  1. This post is perfect. And it reminds me that I need to update Tristan’s baby book. Time really does fly.

  2. She definitely DOES smile with her whole, entire face!!! So cute!

  3. So, so sweet!

  4. Oh my goodness! This was such a sweet post. And after sending my baby to Kindergarten last week, I almost cried!!! It was just a sweet reminder of my babies!! I miss those little toddler days, but I sure love all big girl/sister stuff they do together too!

  5. So sweet! I love toddlerbabies! Mine is still my baby but also learning and growing and doing so much that I can’t deny the toddler either. So glad you are back and so glad you had a wonderful time on vacation.

  6. Awww, I love it. She is just precious!

  7. Perfection! 🙂

  8. So sweet! Beautiful moments from one of my favorite baby phases 🙂

  9. Love it!

  10. Those are the sweetest photos of one of those perfect times of their babyhood.Perfect thoughts to remember it by.

  11. PRECIOUS! I am adoring my baby girls, they are so different from boys and I love them all to pieces!

  12. My daugher is 18 months and I am in absolute awe of this age – her sense of play, her sense of joy, the language she is mastering…I really think it’s this age people are remembering when they tell you to cherish every second of your baby, how fun motherhood is, etc –

  13. If you ever need proof that God loves you, just look at Vivi. She is beautiful, she is amazing, and she is yours! (Although, remember, it’s nice to share.)

  14. I realized the other day that when I think back to the time before you had Vivi I can’t imagine her not there. My brain just assumes she’s napping, or in the other room.

    I sure do love her.

  15. Oooo how I love photos of her adorable smile. She is so big Casey, so big! When and how did that possibly happen? I think that every time I look at Bella. She is such a little person now, and not a baby at all.