Do you have friends that you’d do just about anything for?

Emily and Shireen are two of mine.

We’re all headed to BlogHer next week in New York City and Windows is offering up a once in a lifetime chance for five attendees.

Head to toe makeover, clothes, a celebrity stylist, a new computer…dude.

If there is anyone who deserves this, it’s Shireen. Holy cow I love this girl, if you know her then you’ll know why.

Emily and I had to write a post or make a video to enter her, we decided to go the video route and here it is:

Emily and I would love any and all support you could show Shireen in this contest. She’s an amazing girl, but you already know that because you watched the video right?

Her 30th birthday is coming up at the end of August and hopefully this contest can jump start 30 into being her best year ever.


In writing this post, Iā€™m entering into the Microsoft Windows Style Makeover Sweepstakes for a chance to win a head to toe makeover. (For Shireen.)



  1. Love this!! Pulling for her so hard!

    (AND I CRIED ABOUT HOW HAPPY I AM FOR HER NEW CAT! I’m SO completely Team Shireen!)

    Good luck!


  2. Can we vote? I’m Team Shireen too. Let’s DO this, ladies!

    Casey Reply:

    @Joules, It’s not a vote by the public, it’s up to Windows now, but I love the support that Shireen is getting for how hard she’s worked, thank you!

  3. This made me ugly cry. Indy bloggers really are the best.

  4. That is so fantastic and so sweet and no those aren’t tears SO SHUT UP.

  5. Sunshine says:

    No, YOU’RE crying. Love it.

  6. I hope Shireen wins! I love that girl. She is completely and wonderfully awesome and deserves great things.

  7. You are an amazing friend. I cried at the end, I did.



    I love you both so much, and am so thankful for friends like you guys, especially when life decides to suck.

    And yes…crying.

  9. GO, SHIREEN!!! This could not go to a more deserving person.

  10. Sweetest.



  11. so, so wonderful.

  12. GO SHIREEN. For real. Maybe I cried a little bit. Ack.

  13. seriously amazing. LOVE IT. And Shireen.


    Good hell, I love you both so much.

  15. Isn’t it glorious to have friends like this who love you this much! I hope she wins!!

  16. Bawling now. You jerks! Shireen IS amazing & I love her! I hope she wins!!! xoxoxo

  17. GOOD LUCK Shireen! You deserve a win friend. Fabulous as usual, Casey and Emily. Indianapolis is a better place because you both live there.

    Casey Reply:

    @Cherie, No, Indianapolis is better because YOU live here.

  18. I’m crying and I haven’t even watched the video yet. Shireen deserves this (and so much more) and you are amazing friends for making the effort. What do you mean, you don’t cry in standstill traffic? What else is there to do?


  20. Let’s go Shireen!!! I may or may not have teared up over this. Just sayin’

  21. Wouldja LOOK at all that love?? I mean, really… it’s just wonderful. To know Shireen is to love Shireen. She should totally win this because she deserves it. P.S. Casey, your big heart is showing. I JUST LOVE ALL OF YOU.

    Casey Reply:

    @Robin Plemmons, I like big hearts and I cannot lie, you other bloggers can’t deny…

  22. I cried! Everyone needs friends like you!!

  23. So not fair making a pregnant lady cry!

    Good luck Shireen! I hope you win! You deserve it!

  24. So freakin’ sweet!

    Every girl deserves friends like you.

    Go, Shireen!


  25. Pulling for you Shireen! You’re one amazing lady.

  26. Fingers and toes crossed for Shireen BIG TIME. What an awesome video — and an awesome friendship!

  27. You are like the bestest friend ever. I don’t know Shireen but I sure hope she wins!

  28. Melissa Lynn Benham says:

    Love the video – definitely Team Shireen! How do we vote? šŸ™‚

    Casey Reply:

    @Melissa Lynn Benham, There’s no public vote, it’s all up to Windows now but YAY FOR ALL THE SUPPORT PEOPLE ARE SHOWING MY LADY!

    Melissa Lynn Benham Reply:

    @Casey, Good luck to her! Make the right choice, Windows. šŸ˜‰

  29. Shireen = sooooo awesome. Me = soooo hoping she wins!

  30. I don’t know you, or Emily, or Shireen, but I can say without hesitation that you are wonderful ladies. Shireen, you deserve this. You’ve earned this. Windows people? Make it happen!

  31. Brittany says:

    Oh this is so lovely. I definitely cried. Every girl should have such wonderful friends! I hope she wins!!

  32. You are such an amazing friend. How blessed you all are to have each other! Go Shireen!!!

  33. Go Shireen!!!!!! Love you, girl!!! Praying you win!

    Casey, I pray to have friends like you and Emily. Your heart for Shireen is evident. xoxo

  34. What an awesome thing to do for your very special friend. The love is evident. šŸ™‚


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