It kind of sucks.


And when it does suck it’s up to you to fix it.

It’s AAALLLL on you.

Now if you enjoy this kind of pressure, then self hosted is for you.

I personally don’t dig this kind of pressure so much, but alas, I am probably the foremost authority in blog sadomasochism.

If you only knew how many times I tried to change something simple and ended up turning my blog into an enormous error message at 2 am you’d probably snicker at the poor girl who can barley keep her blog bananas together. Just tonight I tried to post something and got this,

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted

(tried to allocate 79800 bytes) in /home/mooshini/public_html/wp-includes/cache.php

on line 48


Who knows what THAT means? And why they have to use the word “fatal” is beyond me, it’s so doomsday pessimistic.

Thankfully I called some boy (who sounded like a smokin’ hottie) at LiquidWeb who happened to have his wits about him and he fixed my problem.


I dunno.

But he did.

Those LiquidWeb guys probably know me as “that moosh lady who deletes her blog all. the time.

And yet they are nice enough not to treat me like the amateur bozo that I pretty much am.


A lot of you ask me how I went about being self hosted.

I was forced at gunpoint had my hand held by two very lovely ladies at BlogHer last year.

If it weren’t for them, I’d still be a blogspot casualty.

So unless your husband or best friend is a whiz at this kind of stuff and has no problem bailing you out of the pits of despair when you try to mess around with your template and it only results in a deleted blog at 2 am in a crazy batch of insomnia, don’t do it.


Although I must say being self hosted is incredibly spectacular when everything is going swimmingly.

So maybe you should do it.


If you do do it (do be do be doo) use LiquidWeb and use GoDaddy. And use this tutorial here.

And don’t come crying to me when you turn into a big error message.

I told you it kind of sucked, sometimes.



  1. Totally, TOTALLY hear you on this one.
    I like having my own URL but I am not so awesome in the technical department.

    I am terrified about changing ANYTHING on my blog because I know it will explode and shut off the traffic lights in my town.


    Still…It IS pretty cool to have a URL of my very own. šŸ™‚

    Loralee’s last blog post..Still not there!

  2. I do love being self-hosted. Blogger can bite my bum.

    Mrs. Chicken’s last blog post..A Plea For Help And A Book Give-Away

  3. Okay, I am totally not anywhere near as awesome as the two who helped you hop over from Blogspot (but still plenty awesome though ;), but if you need help with something, I’m totally here for you–just drop me an email.

    Also, nice technical support (who at least wait until they’re off the phone to laugh) are worth their weight in gold. I once had to ask a really really stupid question (so stupid that mid-way through asking technical support the question, the answer came to me, but by that point it was too late) and the guy on the other end was so nice and totally did not make me feel like I was the stupidest person on the planet.

  4. My problem is not access to an in-house techie (because I’m sleeping with one) (um, ’cause he’s my husband), but getting him to actually help me on my journey in blogland. Hmm, maybe it’s time for some persuasion…

    Barb’s last blog post..Happy Birthday Week!

  5. I BLEW UP MY SITE the other day!

    But OMSH saved me.


    Angella’s last blog post..Two Posts In One

  6. We are really glad that we could help you. Thats what we’re here for!
    Travis Stoliker
    Liquid Web

  7. So…what you’re telling me is…self-hosting is kind of like growing up on the internet? No thanks. I had to do that in real life. And while when everything is going good, it’s fun…when it doesn’t…and I’m all on my own to fix it…it kinda sucks.

    But you’re such a brave girl! I’m just waiting until you get your brain full of self-hosting knowledge so I can have me a mentor.

    Butrfly Garden’s last blog post..I’m Locking Her Up.

  8. I DO love your new commenting feature, btw!

  9. Yeah, pretty sure my domain registration is going to be up soon. I should take care of that.

    Assertagirl’s last blog post..Way too many home improvement projects got underway in my town this week.

  10. I needed to read this…I just bought WordPress for Dummies…

    Thank you.

    ~JJ!’s last blog post..Sometimes stuff is just so cool

  11. I just can’t. I can’t even make a banner.

    Oh, The Joys’s last blog post..The Woman from Zimbabwe

  12. I have so little sanity available as it is, I think I’ll take the road more traveled with blogspot for a little bit longer šŸ™‚

    But I expect you to be my expert one day. That’s your warning.

    Erika’s last blog post..Lend me your super powers

  13. I just did it, got the domain, and all. But I am scared, so I haven’t finished and announced it or anything. But I love the simplicity of, so being simple and lazy will, I hope, get me there.

    Anna’s last blog post..The whole poop and nothing but the poop

  14. And will so be using Commentluv when I am up and running, love it!

    Anna’s last blog post..The whole poop and nothing but the poop

  15. I just don’t seem to have those problems. *cough, cough*

    Don’t fret my dear, even those that seem to know what they are doing, sometimes get stuck too. I enjoy the fixing and problem solving part though, so self hosting has been great for me.

    Did that sound like I was bragging? I wasn’t bragging. Honestly, I wasn’t.

    sam’s last blog post..Iā€™m now in a relative state of calm, cancel the straight jacket please

  16. Let me tell you, having that techy husband doesn’t really help either. Sure he was all encouraging and helpful when I said I wanted to start a blog, but now when I want to make changes he is useless. The thrill is gone for him. Now I have to beg and plead and promise things I don’t even do for his birthday.

    Megan’s last blog post..My dog has super powers.

  17. I got that SAME fatal error the other day! Self-hosted is a scary world. And what about upgrading??? I’m too scared to get the new version of WordPress.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Scratching My Head

  18. And just when I thought it might be “fun” to go self-hosted. Hmm, perhaps I need to rethink this.

    andi’s last blog post..A belated angry letter to the man in red

  19. Bossy got a phone call from the GoDaddy president last time she pimped him. Hope you get similar love, but maybe ask him for a couple of lobster tails?

  20. If I weren’t in the middle of planning a wedding, refinancing my house, and already running 2 other websites I’d consider it.

    Maybe in 6 months.

    Reese’s last blog post..Expensive Time

  21. hmm I have CSS for dummies but haven’t even open it. I love my little blog just the way it is I just want to tweek the format a little bit. Sounds like too much of a pain in the butt just to make my banner a bit bigger and add some funky colors!!

  22. i don’t think i want to go self-hosted. but i love the commentluv plug-in!

    megachick’s last blog of both worlds part two: the recap

  23. poo! Why doesn’t the comment thingy work for me??!!??!!

  24. There. That is reason enough for me not to do it. I know a fair bit about that kind of crap, but I really get obsessed when things don’t go as planned, and I can’t afford to lose any more sleep than I already do having a toddler who wakes up at 5:00 am and still has trouble sleeping all the way through the night. Oh, and a baby on the way.

  25. I’m staying with blospot. I’m still not sure how that makes me a casualty.

    Queen of Shake Shake’s last blog post..We Plead the Fifth

  26. Maybe because I can’t spell.

    Wally will be OVERJOYED to find out about blospot.

    Queen of Shake Shake’s last blog post..We Plead the Fifth

  27. molly sampietro says:

    I WISH I HAD 26 flippen comments!! You are so loved.

  28. I’ve used Blogspot for a couple years now. I think I’m hooked on Google-crack. I use it instead of my own server because I just don’t have the time to maintain my own site on top of Palm Pilot software devel, Pocket PC software devel, keeping all the computers in the house running, keeping all the computers and servers at work running and leveling my character on the latest game I’m playing.

    Do you have a post on your experiences with Blogspot to give us an idea why you don’t like them? Thanks.


    Aaron Vail’s last blog post..My Favorite Software


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