I have really comfy couches, have I ever told you that?

I like to be on them in the evenings. Hanging out with Cody, maybe some popcorn.

Last night I was not on them. Instead we were standing in a little club in the hipster area of Indianapolis known as Fountain Square. I was full of bangers and mash (not so much for me thanks!) Cody was full of meatloaf (mine is better!) and Emily and Michael were full of good spirits (see, beer!) seeing as this was their first real night out since Mr. Rage hit the scene.

Michael and Emily

Michael, me, Emily.

We were invited to be guests of the band One EskimO (who if you’ve never heard of them, do not fret! you are not the only one, but I assure you will be hearing more about them quite soon because they are lovely. Pandora puts them in with Ingrid Michaelson, Passenger, Dave Matthews and Joshua Radin.Also? The desire to put the lead singer in my pocket and take him home was very, very strong.)) and guess what? It was the first concert Cody and I have been to since Collective Soul back in, oh, 2001.

I quickly remembered why Cody and I are not huge concert people. We prefer our ears not ringing. That and given the fact I barely break the 60″ mark this is generally my view at concerts.

my view.

Emily and Michael on the other hand are big concert goers, and I’m going to say it has something to do with Michael’s view being more like this.

michael's view.

Needless to say Emily and I were happy crowd shopping. (You know, where you get bored craning your neck to see something or with the general activities around you (see, basketball) so you look around at everybody and decide what looks could or could not work for you.) There was a very lovely blonde with a fedora but Emily and I wrote that one off because neither of us are tall enough (or blonde enough) to handle a fedora.

Emily and I had been debating watches. I am a loyal Fossil watch wearer (they last forever!) and there just happens to be a Fossil/Michael Kors twinner watch that Emily has been coveting for a while.

We debated the bling factor, the expense, the teething baby…

Suddenly a watch pops up right in front of us, one that fits the exact description of the watch Emily wants. As true crowd shoppers, we asked her about the watch.

“It’s Michael Kors.”

Part of me was like “WHO NAME DROPS THEIR WATCH AT A CONCERT?” while the other part of me was all “IT’S A SIGN FROM THE WATCH GODS!”

I’m not sure what Emily’s ultimate watch choice will be, but…crowd shopping FTW! You know you do it too.

It was fun to go out with Cody, we both really liked the band, we just didn’t like the whole hot/being around other people/not on our couches/late night thing. Lame. I know.

Know what else is lame? Put a point and shoot in my hands and I have no idea how to take a proper picture.

Cody and Me. Promise.

(We did receive free admission to the concert thanks to my (unpaid) partnership with One2One network.)


  1. Am I lame because I, too, would prefer to be home on my comfy couches? Or am I just getting old? I’m going with BOTH.

    Chrysta Reply:

    @Chrysta, BTW, you’re cute when you make funny faces. Me, not so much.

  2. If I wasn’t so tired from staying up way too late and drinking beers, I would come right over there right now and kick your trash for that first picture.

    instead, I’m going to sit here on the couch and crack open another (diet coke).

    It sure was fun, but I too love my couch way too much.

  3. I have heard of OnEskimO. I like them. You look like you had a great time.

    Though, the plastic cups thing I am over. I want real glasses.

  4. You gals are adorable!

    And I just got THAT watch for Mother’s Day. http://classychaos.posterous.com/my-mothers-day-bling-thanks-drohmommy
    I never ever trake it off. It’s so great for summertime. I even workout with it! LOVVVVVVVVE it!

  5. Amy in StL says:

    I don’t mind concerts near as much if I do two things:

    1) Wear earplugs

    2)Go early so I can guarantee some free backspace near a column/table/wall

    The earplugs really are essential and I’m surprised at the number of people I see sticking foam plugs in their ears at concerts now that I’m doing it.

  6. first of all, that first pic of Emily? hot.
    secondly, Cort and I used to do many, many concerts. Now we do many, many couch dates.

    looks like you guys had way fun! love that.

  7. I love crowd shopping! My best friend is the greatest crowd shopper ever. She is fearless and will just go up to people at random. Some guy gave her his necklace once because she liked it so much. (But she didn’t get his number. FAIL.)

  8. I went through a phase like that but now I enjoy taking my 15 yo to concerts. Fortunately, we like the same music!

  9. I have yet to write about my experience at the concert – I saw them Wednesday night in Grand Rapids — but yeah – my pictures all look just about the same as yours.

  10. Celeste says:

    @angi33 and I crowdshop shoes all the time. I hardly ever remember a face, but tell me what kind of shoes they were wearing….

  11. I hear ya! Concerts are fun, but they make me feel like an old lady because of the noise, the rowdy kids, and the late hours. Wow, I am a sucky 23-year-old.

    Love the watches! My blog friend Jenni has the Fossil one and I drool over it whenever we’re together!

  12. I hear you on the point and shoot, and on the want-to-be-home-on-my-couch thing.

    Fountain Square, though, I will keep that in mind.


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