Today is National Cat Day. Let us all give a celebratory ‘mrow’ and take seven naps out of respect and honor for the feline.

Yesterday was Wink and Percy’s one year adoptiversary.

They celebrated by kneading my boobs and walking across my keyboard, today they will be getting rabies shots and thermometers up their puckers.

Wink got a bite of bacon last night. Percy did not get a bite of bacon because Percy is allergic to food, nerd.

I love both of these cats so much it’s stupid.

I could easily be a crazy cat lady, I mean, if I’m not already.

Even though neither cat chose me as their favorite human, and the only reason I’m not at the bottom of the human totem pole is Vivi and her fond desire to throw rubber blocks at the cats’ heads, that’s okay. Because I chose these cats (well, Wink at least, Percy just kind of hopped in the stroller and announced “I’M COMING TOO HUMANS!”)

Happiness is waking up to a purring cat smooshed up against you.


I love you guys, thanks for taking such good care of my family (and for not pooping on the floor, peeing on the rug or hacking hairballs.)

In case you’re wondering where all the pictures of Percy are…they’re around…somewhere. I promise we love him just as much even though there aren’t as many pictures of him.


  1. Your cats are so cute! We have two cats, Diego and Sonny. I’m off to google to see if I can find that window perch you have. Very cool!

    Casey Reply:

    @Amy, We call it the squirrel seat, I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20 about six months ago. They love the thing.

  2. Up up up and away fools has me cracking up!

    Casey Reply:

    @Sarah @ TM2TS, Percy tries to talk big game but he’s really more of a poseur.

  3. Hmmm . . . kneading your boobs, walking across the keyboard and getting shots. You could’ve been talking about my eleven-month old daughter! Yes, she kneads as she nurses, just like a kitten. I have the scratch marks to prove it.

    Casey Reply:

    @KDA, The cats and the baby have a lot in common around these parts.

  4. LOVE!!
    Our Echo’s 1 year birthday was on Saturday (supposedly. I mean, I’m pretty sure the Humane Society just made up a day, but we’ll go with it.)! We wanted to adopt a kitten since I have never had that experience, but I’m thinking that once he gets a little older I’m going to convince the boyfriend we need another (older) cat. He’s pretty strict about only one cat – but I think this post could change his mind. 😀
    Also, NEED that ‘squirrel seat’! Echo would LOVE it!

    Casey Reply:

    @Brittany, Cats keep each other company. Two cats is ALWAYS better than one. Three borders on cat lady.

  5. Yep. One year ago, your cat picture posting made ME have to adopt a cat! 🙂 I cannot even begin to imagine life without our Chutney girl. So thanks for adopting your guys so we could adopt our girl.

    Casey Reply:

    @Jen L., Awww! Chutney! She’s Wink and Percy’s honorary cousin cat.

  6. Really cool pics. I have 3 cats and one is very photogenic and looks gorgeous. (Also a ginger. Coincidence?) The other 2 always go derpy the moment I take a picture. Or feel the instant need to lick their but…

    Casey Reply:

    @Armandes Perlen, THAT’S EXACTLY IT! Percy goes COMPLETELY DERPY as soon as the camera is on him!

  7. Look at this adorable cat… I love him!!

    Casey Reply:

    @Dan, He loves you too. See? He’s winking at you.

  8. You are such a cat lady. But I love you anyway.