sissy n' me 1985 

Sissy n’ me in 1985

sissy n' me 2006

Sissy n’ me in 2006

me and that poor cat the moosh.

Me circa 1985-the moosh circa 2006

Aunt Cheryl and me. 

me on Aunt Cheryl’s tray-1983

Aunt Cheryl 

the moosh on Aunt Cheryl’s tray (with cousin Conner) 2007

(it truly is the place where all the cool kids hang out.)

sissy, the man and me. 

my sissy and me-1983

the moosh and the man 

the moosh 2007

 me circa 1984

me in 1985-the moosh 2007

Must be the egg nog and Sinatra Christmas tunes.

I’m feeling all snuggly and nostalgic.

And can we please be done with the “Where does the moosh get her curly hair/is her hair naturally curly/she looks just like her daddy” comments?

Because I really think I’ve just proven that 90% of her awesomeness comes from me.


  1. It’s true. I also bet that she inherited your land of golden flowers and diamond encrusted ponies, “Down there”, too.


  2. i can’t get over the resemblance.

    maybe someday i’ll have a kid that actually looks like me.

    beautiful girls…both of you.

  3. There is a huge resemblance! I get the same comments, “Is eClaire’s hair naturally curly”

    I feel like saying, “Seriously?? You think I can somehow hold a 1 year old down long enough to curl her hair every day?” And furthermore, why would I? 🙂 Those are some really cute pictures.

  4. It’s all you, Mooshy Mama. Great pics!

  5. Ok, you have shown the proof. Too cute! She is a mini you!

  6. The last picture of the moosh is just too cute…her personality just oozes out of her eyes.

  7. Love that last one of the moosh. And she does look like you!

    My sons look like their dad and EVERYONE says so. But if they see my baby pictures – oh yeah – those boys look like Mama.

  8. But of course.

  9. Oh, the cuteness! My girls are blond, and everyone wonders where that came from, but of course both Steve and I were blond babies. The sad part is that I had moosh curls too, but somehow neither of my girls have them now.

  10. moosh is too freaking cute and I really really can’t believe people ask you if here hair is naturally curly. sadly my Squidge looks exactly like her dad. The only thing she got from me are her brown eyes. In fact she apparently looks like her paternal grandmother. The same grandmother who refuses to meet her and doesn’t acknowledge that she exsists- yep tell me that doesn’t piss me off!

  11. My mom gave me a big box of photos to scan last night and they are also making me nostalgic and snuggly. And weepy. I love the coming full-circleness of it all.

  12. Can I come sit on Aunt Cheryl’s tray? I wanna be a cool kid too!

  13. i have always thought she looked just like you with blonde hair. now i have proof!

  14. She totally looks just like you. Anybody who says otherwise is a liar, liar pants on fire.

    I have the same issue. The Toddler apparently is only genetically tied to her father. She does look a bit like him, but if there is any part of her that doesn’t, everybody searches for some relative in that bloodline that she must have gotten that trait from. Her very fine light brown hair? Not mine. It’s her Daddy’s Third Cousin’s Uncle’s hair. It’s just coincidence that it’s the exact freakin’ same color as mine.

  15. hmmm. if you look in the dictionary for mini-me, my guess is you will find a picture of you and miss moosh!

  16. You’ve created a mini-me!
    My favorite is the one with the cats. Both of them!

  17. Wow, she really does look like you. I see it so strongly in those kitty pictures. She really is a doll.

    Do I get extra points for never saying she looked like her dad or asking if her hair was naturally curly or where she got her curls? No? Shucks.

    I love those snuggly Christmas moments too! =)

  18. Holy Cow!! the moosh has a twin 🙂 I love the pictures with the kitties. Babies and kitties separately are so squish-able, put them together and the cuteness just oozes. When..if..the good Lord decrees it, I hope my little ones don’t look like me lol, ok they can inherit the curls.

  19. OF COURSE it comes from you! There’s also that freaky tongue thing too. When people ask you that, just have her stick out her tongue. And that super expressive face? All you.

    It drives me figgin batty that everyone asks the same thing about Holden. He has MY curly, blond hair and brown eyes, people. MINE! Everything that makes him adorable comes from ME!

  20. If not 100%.

    Bring on the nostalgia!

  21. She REALLY, REALLY does look just like you. I think you need to take all the credit – not just 90%.

  22. Wonderful pictures. And I love the curls!
    My son had curls until my husband took him to the barber last week. I almost cried when they got home…

  23. haha! Love this post…and YES she does look like you.

  24. Yep~ she’s yours.
    She’s a doll! thanks for the snuggly, nostalic feeling.

  25. Man, she was picked out of your butt with a darning needle! There’s no denying she’s your mini-me! Cute!

  26. You and the moosh are super duper cute.

  27. You two are seriously adorable. And awesome.

  28. At least 90%.

    And these photos are, actually, eerie. Not least because it reminds me I’m a whole decade older than you. In 1985, I was 12. Yikes.

  29. soooooo darling!!

  30. Awww you are both ADORABLE!

  31. Those are awesome pictures. Truly. I swear on my half-eaten bag of almond M&Ms, I won’t be the one to bring up the questions again.

  32. She is TOTALLY you!

    Also? You’ve been hot since birth, then? I bet you never had a geeky awkward stage either.

    I love you anyway 🙂

  33. it’s all subjective. some people will say my girls look like twins, then the next peson will say that one looks like me and the other like hubs.

    i’m pretty sure my hubs and i don’t look alike.

  34. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Unbelieveable. Cute!

  35. cute, cute, cute. I have curly hair now, but didn’t when I was little. It came in during puberty. I’m hoping it will go straight when I get pregnant. hahaha. Grass is always greener.

  36. There is NO DENYING where the moosh gets her amazing curly hair and her fabulous good looks.

    …and it’s not daddy. Sorry, Cody.

    Still saying it… moosh…moosh…moosh 🙂


  37. She clearly looks like you. End of story.

  38. I totally get it….and love it….

  39. she is freakin’ cute. And so were you. Uncanny how much she looks like you.

    I get people asking if my daughter’s curls are natural, too. Nope, I pin her to the floor while winding her hair around a hot curling iron every morning. Sheesh, some people.

  40. she obviously looks exactly like you – gorgeous girls!

  41. at least 90% 😉

  42. My in-laws are always saying how much my little girl looks like her dad… NOPE. That baby looks like me, and they just need to accept it!

    We need the rest of the story about how you reconciled with your parents after moving out on them and all of that jazz… unless I missed a post somewhere?

  43. I die a little over the cat pics…oh my goodness gorgeous.

  44. Curly hair mystery solved…new one…where does she get her shoes??

  45. absolutely adorable!!!! and you couldn’t SPIT a better image!! holy cow.