MAI NEW HOWSE welcome to my new house! Living Room family room

Christmas to come a view to upstairs

dining room my back yard Playroom-Loft playroom MAI BEDROOM

2,900 sq. feet. 4 bedrooms. under $110K.

the house down the street is for sale.

any takers? i’m a really good neighbor.

we move in august.

(i bake!)


  1. Did you find the source of the water in the light fixtures?

  2. Hot deal that is! I love the way the stairs don’t face the front door and the bonus room over the garage. Congratulations.

  3. Oh sweetie!

    It’s freaking GORGEOUS!!!

    I love it.

    You have room for MEEEEE!!!

    Congratulations to you and Cody. I’m so thrilled for both of you.

  4. That price is awesome. I live in Iowa and the prices are low here but not that low. There is an awesome color at Benjamin Moore called Olive Branch. My friend painted her living room that color with creamy white trim and dark hardwood floors. I am in love! Benjamin Moore has an online personal color viewer. I don’t buy their paint but I love their colors. Congrats!

  5. what a great find!

  6. 2,900 sq. feet. 4 bedrooms. under $110K. ?????????
    America is dirt cheap.
    I’m jealous of your beautiful home. 🙂

  7. Congratulations! First homes are SO exciting!

  8. I’d be your neighbor if that was in SW Mo. I don’t think we can even get a place like that where we’re headed. Wow. Congrats!

  9. WHOOOOHOOOO, Casey! I’m late again on the big news, but I’ve been smashed moving into my OWN new Casa de Mayhew, including NATURE and NEW PAINT and a MOUSE!

    Love the new digs, huge congrats, so happy for the whole of you.

  10. Congratulations. I love your back yard!

  11. Did you just say under $110k?

    I could buy a lot of paint and carpet for the difference once I sold my house in the DC housing market.

    Did you say you bake?

  12. I’m know I’m super late, but CONGRATULATIONS, Casey! 🙂


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