Before Pictures Here.

It is a surreal feeling walking into YOUR house for the first time.

Sadly my first thought when I looked up as Cody was unlocking the door was “Holy shneikies. This is all mine. To clean.”

But the carpets containing years of someone else’s toenails and spilled ketchup are gone. GONE.

And you know the other crazy thing? I’ve never really “hired” anyone to do anything for me before (besides follicular maintenence.) Those guys tearing out all the nasty linoleum and fixing plumbing and laying tile and delicious bamboo flooring? They’re doing it because I asked them to (and signed a contract to give them money when they are done.)

Every surface our feet will touch will be new. Every surface will have a fresh coat of paint in colors that I picked out.

Yankee candle will have nothing on my new house smell.

Part of what makes living in a hotel so bearable is that when it’s all said and done?

I get to go home.

For the first time ever.

Now tell me what to do with those silly bubbly lights in the kitchen. So strange. In so many ways.


  1. @Jenny, HGTV is my new porn. (Food Network was my old porn. Before that? There was no porn.)

    Jenny Reply:

    @Casey, I still watch food network. My dream is to work for Duff! I love Ace of Cakes!

  2. @Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck, HA! We just bought 4 nipple lights last night for closets. (Boobs on clearance!)

  3. @Jen, Tresticles.
    This is what I will be calling them.
    Thank you ever so much.

    Jen Reply:

    @Casey, happy to be of service, ma’am 😉

  4. @Lisa in TX, If I had pretty pots? Yes. But I don’t.

  5. @staciesmadness, Thank you! It really is kind of fun. I think since the whole process of getting the house stunk so bad this part is actually kind of enjoyable.

  6. @Maura, I really like what’s been done with track lighting. It’s come a long way.
    And whoo honey, I can’t wait for the afters either.

  7. @mommymae, I was thinking of making a testicle like craftastrophe.
    But that’s just me.

  8. @Miss Grace, Never posted pictures. Because EW.
    It’s like trying to forget the awkward years of elementary school, if there’s no pictures, they never happened.

  9. @Nicole, Thank you muchly!

  10. @MommyTime, My mom did the same thing and it made a HUGE difference.
    Thanks for the suggestion and the vote of confidence in your choice.

  11. @Catherine, I think your comment just sealed the deal on this flexible track lighting. Thank you!

  12. @(Another) Nanette, What’s so funny is I forgot that you can even DO recessed lighting. *house virgin* hee!

  13. @Barb @ getupandplay, I pretty much have the best readers with the best taste ever.

  14. @Casey, glad you like it. And we’d have to call electricians too. I just tend to assume other people are more handy than we are.

    Honestly, we moved into this house in September and lived without light fixtures in the bedrooms for 2 months until my father-in-law came to visit last week & installed them all for us.

  15. Wait, there was carpet in the bathroom? That is so wrong.

    When I see big open spaces like that, I have the urge to do back handsprings like I stopped being able to do at 11.

  16. Oh, do I ever feel your pain… I’ve been out of our house for FOURTEEN MONTHS and have no idea when we’ll get to go back home. It’s killing me.

    Also, lighting vexes me. If you find someone with the gift please share!

  17. DUDE!

    So cool.

    My 1100 sq feet and 1 bathroom are envying all that delicious space.

  18. @Casey,
    LOL!! I aim to please 😉

  19. If you are paying electricians I would so remove the 2 lights and put in one. Depeding on how high the ceilings are you could probably do something that hangs a bit. Easier to replace the bulbs instead of recessed.

  20. Is it me or do those kitchen light fixtures somehow resemble a deformed set of testicles? I’m not sayin’. But I’m just sayin’.

  21. You go to Lowe’s (or Menard’s because Peter says they’re better). You buy light fixtures that you like. You invite us over for something delicious. Peter then installs new light fixtures very quickly ’cause he’s handy like that. We then have a lovely dessert you made for us. Then End.

  22. We may possibly listen to Abba while Peter is installing the afforementioned lights. I do have their greatest hits because I’m classy like that.

  23. It’s going to be gorgeous!!!!

  24. I am so jealous. I am almost envious of you living in a hotel and getting to go home when everything’s complete.

    I said ALMOST.


  25. Your house looks fabulous, especially with the bathroom carpet gone. That’s just so wrong.
    Even though we live in a house now, it was my husband’s before we were married, so I have yet to experience the thrill of moving in somewhere that I’ve partially chosen. I can’t wait!

  26. Yay! Congratulations again on the new house, it looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the inside finished and with all your personal touches!

  27. Engineer Bob says:

    Don’t skimp on your new faucets! Stick with the better brands and make sure that when the plumbers install them they use quarter turn shut-off valves and threaded connections. The last thing you want is to have to do is mess with sweated fittings when you want to change a faucet out.

  28. I love my bamboo flooring. Love it. Very good choice. 5 years and it’s still fabulous.