the moosh has a crush on the guy doing the work on our house. She says his name all drawn out and flirty. She draws him pictures and asks him “whatchadooin?”


Can’t blame her.

Because as of today my bathroom went from looking like this:

Guest Bathroom Before

To this:


This utterly weird built in desk has been changed from this:

Crappy built in dest where a closet is now.

To this beautiful pile of rubble which will be changed into:



This will be a closet where a crappy built in desk used to be.

Oh, and then there’s this crap:

Leak #3 (Unknown Leak #2)

We knew there was a serious leak in the ceiling, after that was fixed turns out there were two serious leaks in the ceiling. And then when those were fixed water started pouring out of the freaking wall.

Three broken pipes and two holes in two different walls later and I have working plumbing.

I’m still having a hard time envisioning it all. But Cody and I realized last night that every surface except for the laundry room will be fresh and new. Cootie free. Free and clear for the moosh family cootifying.

Sure I’d rather not be living in a hotel while all of this goes down and it would have been lovely to just move in, but I like this process. It will be new. And it will be mine.

And my kid will have learned the value of a hard working man. (Well, you know, outside her father. And grandfather…you know, one who can lay tile and hang drywall, not just do your taxes or write a strongly worded letter.)


  1. Your handyman is an arteest. But, he’s no treadmill.

  2. Ah, fresh and new…so exciting!

  3. How exciting! My daughter adores our handyman! She has known how to say “Bruce” since a little after 1. Now I have hik over to help me with projects that I take on my self and she is just so crushing on him! Awesome changes happenin around your place!

  4. It was a big big pain in the fanny when we did our construction, but it was so awesome seeing it come together – and it was pretty awesome getting everything done the way I wanted it to be. I kinda like when I get my way.

  5. mommabird23445 says:

    Your house will look brand spankin’ new and have that “new house smell”. Yay for progress!! 🙂

  6. How utterly exciting! I’m loving the progress reports and can’t WAIT to see the finished product!

  7. Looking awesomely fantastic =) Your tiles are gorgeous – nice choice! Can’t wait to see the finished product =)

    Fresh and new and clean and of-your-own-design-or-selection is soooooooo nice… We’re living in my mother-in-laws house while we build our new home, and I can tell you I’d prefer the hotel!! I’m sick of living somewhere where everything is so obviously NOT me.

    My little one is too young to have crushes on our builders. Although she was blowing kisses at them earlier today… Can’t say I blame her – there’s some nice eye candy going on there!

  8. I am sooooo incredibly psyched for you…I can hardly stand it! Can’t wait to see the next round of photos.

  9. Aw! That desk reminds me of my college dorm room. Why wouldn’t you want a college dorm room in your house? Hmmm?

    Congrats on the house.

  10. Wow wow wow wow… yay!!

    I can’t wait to see the final product – it’s going to be AMAZING!

  11. Seeing images of a house in the stages of being renovated makes me shudder.

    Begats is what I call home projects. One begats another.

  12. Watching this unfold brings me back to my childhood when my parents gutted and re-did the house I grew up in. It makes me shudder, and also brings out a little lower-case ptsd.

  13. Things look like they are going smoothly. I am very envious of your tile in your bathroom. We have carpet…sick toe nails!

  14. Lookin’ good! Don’t you love the look of progress? When do you expect to get in? It’s not that much longer, right?

  15. has Addie been watchin’ Phineus and Ferb while lounging at the hotel?? lol
    Can’t wait to see the cool place your new house becomes!! exciting.

  16. don’t underestimate the power of a stongly worded letter!!!

  17. There is something mesmerizing about a man who can do plumbing. Hee hee hee. Moosh has some good taste.

  18. Casey! Your hardworking handyman STOLE your toilet!! 🙂

    All kidding aside, I am so thrilled for you and your new house. It looks gorgeous and I know you will appreciate it all the more after living in the slightly skeevy hotel room.

  19. it’s all coming together nicely…I wrote about my “new” home today too…can’t wait for you to get in yours and feel like I do about mine.

  20. Your house is coming together really well! Sorry about the plumbing issues though–plumbing issues=never the good.

    And I don’t know if you meant it the way I’m taking it, but the last sentence seems pretty condescending? Are you saying men who can hang drywall and lay tile don’t have enough smarts to do taxes or write a strongly-worded letter? Because well, that sounds just crappy. And I happen to know quite a few men who can do both–my baby daddy and own father included.

  21. It is so cool to see your house coming together. We have a lot to do over here, but I just don’t have the motivation to do it.

  22. Your house looks amazing. I love the before and after pictures.

    Who can blame your daughter for having a crush? I have a crush on that tiled bathroom.

  23. House stuff gets me so excited. It’s gonna be beautiful!

  24. Woo hoo! Progress! Thanks for not posting a picture of the carpet in the bathroom, by the way. I would have hated to vomit on your nice blog.

  25. It’s all slowly coming together nicely.

  26. Lookin’ good! I’m so happy for you guys!

    Was that built in desk in the bathroom, or….?


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