To my girls,

Your daddy and I are part of a love story.

It is not one that will ever have movies made after it or books written about it, but it is a love story just the same.

It started in a shopping mall, one that has since been torn down. I called him, he said yes. I wore a pink shirt and a gray skirt on our first date, he wore a plaid shirt, jeans and white socks with sandals. We ate at the Village Inn on the corner of 9th east and 4th south. I had strawberry pancakes and our server’s name was Mutt. We watched a horrible Jim Carrey movie (on VHS) and I refused to be covered in a blanket despite the fact that I was freezing.

By the end of the movie he held my hand and my heart sang.

When he took me home he walked me to the door. I hated being walked to the door, that is until he walked me to the door.

I closed the door behind me and knew something big had just happened, I just didn’t know what.

I couldn’t have designed a better husband. He slides into all the broken pieces of me and fits perfectly. I know a part of me is missing when he’s not around. Where I am weak he is strong, and where his few weaknesses are? He lets me shine.

He is honestly the best thing in my life.

He gave me you two.

We’ve survived unspeakable things together.

After 10 years I’d like to say we’re safe and that we’ve made it.

But I never want to get comfortable, to take him for granted.

We did that once, it didn’t turn out so well.

It’s empowering to know that we threw our whole selves into something as uncertain and difficult as marriage at such a young age and that we’ve come out the other side ten years later more bonded by love than two passionate kids discovering each other for the first time. At a point where many people would have given up we did not, specifically your dad did not give up on me.

If I could wish one thing for you girls it would be that you would have a partner in life who brings out spectacular parts of yourself you never knew were there. One that will never, ever give up on you and one who will love you so much you can feel it through their fingertips every time they touch you.

That kind of love is the kind that heals. The kind that leads to great and amazing things. The kind that can get you through anything. The kind that makes dreams come true.

Your daddy is an amazing man, he was wonderful when I married him as a 22 year old boy. But now, now he is better than I ever could have imagined. We are both better than I could have ever imagined. We have grown together. We have become stronger because of each other, like rivers that join and become indistinguishable as separate bodies.
miss addie.
little miss blue.
You girls are tangible extensions of our love story, and if babies grow best on love? There’s no limit to how big and wonderful you’ll become.


  1. You have the luckiest girls!

  2. Beautiful post!

  3. A beautiful love story to be proud of and to celebrate!

  4. “He fits into all of my broken pieces”…best and sweetest line ever.
    You both are so very lucky.
    You all are 😉

  5. ?

    Michelle Reply:

    @Michelle, oops, that was meant to be a heart!

  6. This is so perfectly written. Love it… your girls are going to know so much love!

  7. The best thing we can do for our children is to take care of our marriage. Well done to you two.

  8. Casey, this is so beautiful, you have moved me. How wonderful to know that love and to be able to share it with your adorable girls. Best wishes to all of you.


  9. I cannot get over how perfect this is. I think I’m going to email it to my husband and go, “THIS! This is how I feel. But without the two kids part. Instead, think of the dog.”

  10. Absolutely spectacular, heart-touching and infinitely moving post!

    You are blessed, your husband is blessed and the most awesomely blessed because of you two – your two gorgeous girls!!

  11. love.

    Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

    l o v e

  12. Lisa in TX says:

    You make me cry, that’s so sweet. You should print that out and carry it around in your pocket. Then, any time you have a crappy day you can pull it out and read it again and know that you’ll be OK.

  13. How are you not working for Hallmark??? I have all these feelings and words all jumbled in my mind. They spill out occasionally into some mosaic hodgepodge. I want them to be as exquisite as this. So very sweet and heartfelt.

  14. “He slides into all the broken pieces of me and fits perfectly.”

    That one gave me goosebumps. Thank you for putting into words the feeling I’ve been chasing for four years. I’m so glad you’ve ALL found each other. <3

  15. That was truly adorable. I love how you remember every detail to the name of your waiter.

  16. So beautifully written. It made me cry. I wish that for my children too, to know that kind of love. Your girls are lucky, and so, so beautiful.

  17. The “like” button isn’t big enough on this one. Love, love, love. The thing about their future partners? I say a little prayer every day that my kids’ future boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses are loved and cared for and safe.

    (Also, you two make pretty babies. But you already knew that.)

  18. This is one of my favorite blog posts. Thank you for sharing your love story so openly. I shared it with my husband because I “feel love through his fingertips” every time he soothes one of my irrational moods. You described it perfectly. Thank you.

  19. *sniff* beautiful.

    Also I miss your baby…again.

  20. Breathtakingly beautiful. *SIGH* 🙂

  21. Beautiful. Happy 10th!

  22. Happy 10th anniversary to you both. Faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love 🙂

    We just celebrated our 5th and I can say without a doubt it was the best decision I ever made. Our men stood by us during our darkest days when many others would have walked away.

    It’s a comfort to know that it’s lasting. Through whatever, it’s lasting.


  23. p.s. by the way I gave you a shout out on my blogher recap. The good blogher recap. Not the really really bad blogher recap from last week. Just sayin’.

  24. Love this.


  25. Absolutely beautiful! May you and your husband be blessed with many more years to grow in love!

  26. Love this. You are so lucky to have each other, and your daughters will be so thankful to read this one day.

  27. Them are some cute babies you got there.

  28. Gorgeous. Came here from Chibi’s old Sunday roundup–fitting into the broken pieces perfectly. YES.
    My man and I have been together for about ten years.
    We’re ‘finally’ getting married this year. 😀