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The weather last year was so dry that fireworks were deemed illegal and all firework shows around Indy were cancelled.

It was a total bummer.

The year before Vivi was teeny tiny and Cody was deathly ill. All I remember about the 4th in 2011 was having to navigate through ALL THE PEOPLE watching fireworks in order to get to the drugstore to get Cody medicine.

While I realize there’s a lot more to America’s birthday than fireworks, I can tell you last year was really weird without them.

We managed to make up for the last two years of strange Fourth of July holidays yesterday with our new BBQ, perfect weather (um, ignore the downpour that happened right as Addie and I were leaving the store.) and a raid on the local fireworks store.

Fourth of July 2013
Unlike little Addie, little Vivi LOVES fireworks to an almost disconcerting level. (Fearless that child is.)

I put together a little story about the day and sent it to my dad so he could see our Fourth first hand.

Want to see the story bigger? Click here.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the Story app. I mean, I could begin, and I think I have. But really, you need to use it yourself to really get how much fun it is and how much potential there is within it. (I made the girls a bedtime story about Mickey Mouse last week!)


  1. Bedtime story of Mickey Mouse! Bella would love that!

    The fireworks are the best part of the fourth!

  2. Grandma Eden spent TWO hours with her hands over her ears when our friends set off their fireworks. I really think Eden and Addie are spiritual twins.