“Show her! Go show your mom!” Cody said through hysterical fits of laughter.

Now that’s never a good thing to hear.

the moosh came up the stairs to me, nothing looked wrong or out of place.

That is until she reached down her pants and pulled one of my sister in laws nursing pads from between her legs.

“IT’S MY PAD!” she declared, holding the round white pad up in triumph.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you have an observant audience at all of your bathroom performances.


  1. your kid is hilarious.

    and smart.

    i love this…

  2. Awesome.

  3. I’ve been waiting about 25 years for a story to top the one where I went to school wearing a Kotex on my forehead as a band aid in the first grade.


    I think the Moosh just swooped me.

  4. NICE!!! Someone’s definitely paying attention!!

  5. My son refers to pads as “mommy’s diapers.”
    Has she asked you out in public yet if you need one? Mine has. lol

  6. HAHA. I remember my little sister would always ask my mom, “Mommmmmmy? Your butt bleeding? Your butt need a band-aid? Cuz your butt bleeding? Why your butt bleeding, mommy?”

    I realized just yesterday (when I had to semi-explain my feminine products) that I have NEVER had that problem with Sunshine. Chalk one great thing up to being a Step. 😀

  7. Oh. My. God.

    That was funny!

  8. I too always have an audience in the bathroom and as many time as I have tried to shoe her out of the bathroom during that time of the month she just stands there are STARES! She has only ever asked me if I was hurt and when I said no the whole thing was dropped but I know a better explanation is coming sooner rather then later. YOU have a creative one and a lot more fun to look forward to!

  9. Ha!

  10. Ho. Ly. CRAP! That is hilarious!!!!! She is way too observant… Which is, I suppose, a good thing. But what happens when she does this in Primary? 😀

  11. They never miss a thing!

  12. I think it’s time you get a TV show for her!

  13. omigod. i’m dyin’ here! bwahahahahaha

  14. Don’t you love the observant audiences in the bathroom? Geesh. My daughter will notice when I’m using pads and for the next few days constantly asks if I need a dipey change!

  15. Whoops!!!

  16. HAAAAAA!!! That is hilarious!!


  18. My girlfriend’s son told her that “boys have a penis and girls have a string.”

    Which is why I lock the door 😉

  19. Too funny. Bossy discovered this amazing thing when her youngest was three: doors. They are rectangular and quite opaque and some even come with a little clicky thing. A lock.

  20. Ha Ha Ha!!

  21. Once, while wearing a pad, Parker was in the bathroom with me and asked…

    Mom! Why did you poop in your underwear?

    It’s fun times like these that makes me wish we had three kids. snort

  22. LOL.

    How long did you laugh for? Geez, that is funny.

  23. oh, that’s too funny! only a toddler can come up with that stuff….and follow you in to the bathroom!

  24. AAAGGGHHHH!!!! no. she. didn’t. TOO FUNNY.

  25. Ha! That’s great.

    Nell’s last blog post..Maybe NEXT Next Year

  26. My son thinks I’m “putting medicine in my bum” … guess he’s confused with the hemorrhoid treatments….seriously I need my own bathroom.

    T.’s last blog post..Potential Energy


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