the only true way to enjoy a hot dog.

Two pairs of mismatched babylegs with a summer dress and snowboots on a warm day in May?

*sigh* If you must.

“OH HAI, CASEY? This is Pledge. We want to hire you, come film the dirtiest corners of your house and have a celebrity host judge your complete lack of skill at cleaning.”

*sigh* I know I need help.


I’ll tell you all my deepest darkest cleaning secrets.

(ENJOY! Some of the other bloggers have PICTURES!)

“HI! Casey? Want to be a local pancake eating celebrity for charity?”

*sigh* I’m so picky about my pancakes.

But for charity?


Who knew writing about my life on the internet would land me face first in a pile of pancakes with a new spring in my cleaning step? (Yeah right, so I really doubt this Trish Suhr lady can fix a whole lot. *hotmessrighthere* BUT SHE CAN TRY.)



  1. Q refused to change her pajamas this morning, so she had them on, the spiderman crocs she stole from her brother, and a pink peacoat. So, it’s all good!

  2. I had to stare at that photo for a good minute to figure out where the second pair of babylegs were.

    Also? If you recorded yourself cleaning to a timer (and better yet, set it to Benny Hill music), that video would become viral in moments. Seriously.

  3. Didn’t I see you wearing that exact same outfit in New York?

    Avitables last blog post..Censored, part deux

  4. I want to eat carbs for a cause! What a wonderful thing. You are awesome.

    Moosh = too precious for words.

    Jen L.s last blog post..Things I love about my 16 month old

  5. I would be afraid to take pics of my corners, lol!

  6. That is the cutest kid ever, snowboots or no.

  7. A timer… must try that. Took me HOURS to clean my fridge on the w/e. But is it ever clean…

  8. OMG – that is the cutest picture. LOVE the outfit!

    LifeAsIKnowIts last blog post..Goal Setting For Slackers

  9. Love it!

    Keris last blog post..Rinconada Canyon Hike

  10. Awesome! Have fun with the pancaking!

    Kristas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Dragonfly

  11. Pancakes and pledge! My idea of heaven!

    Domestic Goddess (In Training)s last blog post..Four Years Ago… Sniff Sniff

  12. I think Vodka Mom sees kids dressed like that everyday at school. I think it’s cute, although I’m hypocritical about it. I yell at my 20 year old “Take off the coat! It’s 80 degrees outside! What’s wrong with you!!!!”

    Pop and Ices last blog post..From Trifecta to Tears

  13. Just commenting because I think you rock and because I posted about pancakes on Monday.

    linky linky.

    Dellas last blog post..A Whole New Use for Pancakes

  14. She is so pretty, Casey! How cool you got to do all those other things. 🙂

  15. Awesome! I can’t wait until Tyler can pick out his own clothes.

    I just realized that you weren’t in my blog reader… whoops. Fixed now.

    Joe @ Irrational Dads last blog post..Sneeze

  16. I KNEW that’s what it was! YAY! Love that you’re doing it!! Can’t wait to see your stuff and BusyDad’s.

    You’re a bloody leg tease *giggle*

    You’re the awesomeness. Lovz ya

    rachel-asouthernfairytales last blog post..Comment on The Ants Can Suck It Two by Two (and then some). by Jan Alexander

  17. JustShireen says:

    So, I had no idea who Trish Suhr was until I clicked on the link and OH MY HAT IT’S THE CLEAN HOUSE LADY!


  18. holy crap! she is getting big!

    Keras last blog post..i know it’s old, but i love it. happy friday.

  19. I read your bit about cleaning for pledge. I have a theory that when I’m rich I will have less stuff. During MedSchool and residency we were too poor to replace anything so everything was saved. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I can throw away half of my clothes (DI) and know that when the ones I keep wear out I can replace them and I don’t need to wear stuff I’ve hauled around for 12 year. Same things with crafty stuff – I won’t have to save all the scraps because I can just buy new ones when I need it. Or maybe Cody and I just got the genetic pack-rat gene. The worst part is my hubby has it too. . .