Go here for the panda backstory.

(thanks Della)


  1. OMG, Casey. Too funny.

    Hope the Lupron is keeping your lady parts in check. I’m just diagnosed with PCOS, so I’m in the process of getting mine in working order.

  2. I lvoe teh panada! I AM A PANDA!
    (sry pills! my lap. wwsa ALL BAD NEWS). xoxo

  3. So…you’ve been busy this weekend? Good work.

  4. Kristen McD says:

    HA! I guess that’s the bright spot? lol.

  5. that is AWESOME! Nice!

  6. You make an awfully pretty panda!

  7. Ha ha ha, classic. I love ICHC, but it gets to be so addictive — especially if I’m at work or need to work on other things!

    Are you feeling any better?

  8. I didn’t get this at first, because I’m not especially smart. But now that I get it? Perfection. And hilarity.

  9. You are amazing!