I live in a tiny little frat house. The inhabitants generally walk around half clothed, there’s strange snacks left in corners that have become unrecognizeable and instead of beer bottles littering the pool table there’s abandoned sippy cups strewn about as if we had an all night juice kegger. Party, party, party. That’s us.

Which brings me to the panties. The panties hanging from the furniture and sitting in the bottom of cereal bowls. Not mine of course, these are little tiny pairs of panties, most of them sport one of the days of the week and some sort of cartoon character. You see, these itty bitty undergarments are the moosh’s new obsession. She carries them with her everywhere, laying them out in little piles to keep her company while she colors. They in no way have inspired her to quit messing her pants. They have only managed to drive me crazy.

The panties have been taken away for now. Until there is a giant leap forward in the pee in the potty area the panties will stay under drawer arrest.

But really, who am I kidding? Pee rarely ever hits the toilet in a frat house.


  1. Sigh.

    Well, at least you’re further along in the potty training department than I am. Chicky’s not even interested in panties her own size. She’s more interested in pulling my thongs out of the (clean) laundry basket and wearing them around her neck. TMI? Eh.

  2. *sigh* What’s sad is if you swap the sippy cups for Mt. Dew cans and the panties for articles of laundry in general (usually socks and hardly ever clean), you’ve just described my life living with The Boyfriend and one of my 21-year old sons. And the other 21-year old son comes home in two weeks.

    Maybe I should start looking for a place of my own…

  3. Awww…you’re not going to let the panties keep her company? Maybe just one pair she can be friends with and have tea parties with? You didn’t buy a separate coloring book and Crayons for her friend, the panties?

  4. A frat house. That’s it exactly. That’s what I’m living in too. Only the undies here have Thomas the Tank Engine From Hell on them.

  5. Panty buddies? That’s hilarious.

    Don’t worry – eventually she’ll use them for what they’re really for. And think on the bright side – you are totally saving a fortune on stuffed animals.

  6. Oh my! I know all about the sippy-cups all over the place like an all-night kegger….however we don’t have big-boy underwear yet.

    Maybe I should hold out…I don’t want to be doing dishes one day and find them at the bottom of his cereal bowl.

    We’ve still yet to have ANY potty in the potty. It’s still either diaper or carpet. Ugh.

  7. I live in a frat house, too!!! Except it’s my panties strewn about, and not by me. Crumbs, half-eaten cereal bars, and OMG the sippy cups! They’re everywhere!

  8. our frat house has diapers (cleans ones, bless) thrown about. henry’s favorite distraction is to walk about the house waving a pamper to and fro….

  9. Ha! Just be glad she is a little girl.

    Even though B’s daddy showed him how to aim at a target in order to learn how to stand up and pee …he still gets it everywhere!

  10. yeah. spidey underpants were a great incentive. until he needed to **** or pee, and then we had to take them off to “keep them clean..”

  11. I hear that…as the unofficial hub for kids this summer I have crap everywhere.

    My friend was here today with her two kids (I’d actually babysat them, because my kids and their friends just don’t fill me with enough joy) and she changed her kid’s diaper and LEFT IT ON THE FLOOR (and let me say that the room was clean at the time; I’d just vacuumed and everything for her crawling babe).

    That’s how relaxed the atmosphere is here, I guess.

  12. Party! Party! Party! All night sippy cup juice kegger! Woo!

    (Tagged you for a meme at my place)

  13. We had this issue. I took them all away and said calmly while gritting my teeth (after reading MANY articles) “I KNOW when you are READY to be a big girl, you’ll use the potty.” And God as my witness, one day she came running out announcing, “I’m ready to be a big girl now, Mommy!!” And she was (well, mostly, but she still likes to chuck the panties and do it all in the backyard sometimes). Good luck.

  14. This is exactly our house right now! While Aly likes the potty (because what girl wouldn’t want chocolate chips as bribes), and she loves her underwear (everywhere in the house), wearing underwear simply means an accident at this point.

  15. Talk about panty profusion!

    If she starts carrying daddy’s underwear around, I might start worrying.

  16. Hysterical analogy! One I can completely relate to. I live with three boys and their dad!!!

  17. Funny!

    Yeah, take them away and REWARD potties with them! Darn kids always find ways around the intended use.

  18. lol Interesting obsession

    When we started the potty training my son HATED underwear. When I would try to put the on he would get so upset.

  19. i agree with andi, plus these stuffed animal substitutes are WASHABLE!

  20. Casey, this is not Velveteenmind/Megan. I’m her husband, but am compelled to comment. I don’t read blogs. I barely read this post, however I must say it was unusually clever. My comment: I just scrolled through your pictures and, man, they got me. That little girl has character most of my friends don’t have! She’s funky and I love it.


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