Oh well, at least we have cute boots.

Rainy Day moosh

Rainy Day moosh

Rainy Day moosh

Rainy Day moosh

Rainy Day moosh

Rainy Day moosh

Rainy Day moosh


  1. Most fashionable little rain splasher I’ve encountered! Looks like a blast.

    Kelly’s last blog post..Haiku Friday

  2. Memphislis says:

    It is so good to see more Moosh pictures! A nice start to my Friday. Gosh, she is so cute.

  3. I totally agree pictures of the Moosh is a great way to start a friday – the cuteness is just too much with the umbrella-boots-coat

  4. She is so adorable. Wanna trade weather though? It’s SNOWING here. Again. ugh.

    Kristin’s last blog post..Oooh, I’ve been Tagged!

  5. Awwww! I won’t mention that in Phoenix today it’s 88 and sunny. So Moosh got over the umbrella fear? I love the ears on that. If it ever rains here, that’s what I want!

    Mandi’s last blog post..Dude Looks Like a Lady? Nope! It’s a Pregnant Man!

  6. sweet! reminds me that I need to get a cute little raincoat for my girl. hmmm, boy too. lol…

    Holly’s last blog post..The Big 3-0…

  7. Seriously, will it ever stop raining…we haven’t even encountered April’s showers yet!

    Jeanelle’s last blog post..The funniest post I never wrote

  8. Oh, I just love her!

    Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants’s last blog post..Fight the Frump- Just Say No to White Pants

  9. She looks adorable in her raincoat! And really – is there anything more fun than stomping in puddles?

    Mary Beth’s last blog post..SERENITY with a guardian

  10. I think my heart almost stopped at the unbelieveable cuteness that is Moosh! So adorable!

  11. These are wonderful! Almost worth all that rain!

    Clink’s last blog post..It’s Not Easy Being Green.

  12. I am loving the pics! She is adorable!!!

    AFRo’s last blog post..Just Not Feeling The Love

  13. As always…beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl!! Our puddles weren’t that bad!! Good thing…because we don’t have cute boots 😀

    Sadie’s last blog post..Help me Help THEM!!

  14. I LOVE these pics – beautiful! Last week I bought my daughter a new pair of purple rainboots – she promptly covered them in sparkly star stickers, calling them her “Rockin’ Boots.” We don’t have rain yet, so they’re Rockin’ SNOW Boots for now.

    mommypie’s last blog post..Florida’s Calling My Name

  15. How sweet is that? It almost makes the awful weather worth it, just to capture those photos!

    Camille’s last blog post..Hairway to Hell (Hairdos on Trial)

  16. The rain can be that bad if it means you get to dress the moosh in head to toe pink! The umbrella just tops it off!

    Megan’s last blog post..The EmilyPie Photo Challenge

  17. very very cute…

    little more north of you and our “storm” was snow…

    grrrr…where is SPRING???

    staciesmadness’s last blog post..It’s raining babies….

  18. OMG, yeah it’s raining. Raining CUTENESS.

    Chicky Chicky Baby’s last blog post..I would totally change my middle name to narcissism… if I could spell it without needing spell check.

  19. Wow. Can you come and take pictures of my girl next time we have a rainstorm? Love the whole ensemble…the girl is stylish!

    Rachel’s last blog post..Photoshop Friday: Matt’s Job

  20. the moosh and her mommy are THE BEST!!!

    Heather’s last blog post..Maddie’s Hospital Life

  21. Yay! She is using the umbrella again. Those storms can bring some pretty stong winds.

  22. What beautiful photos. I miss the rain. We had snow yesterday…then sun so I can’t complain. Thanks for linking everyone to Cassie’s blog. They need all the help they can get right now. I know they appreciate it.

    Kimmie’s last blog post..I hope…


    That is all.

    Angella’s last blog post..It’s All About Me

  24. Your daughter is just too darn cute! I hope that the weather is better for you soon.

    Nicole’s last blog post..Who Wants Cake!

  25. i don’t care what you say, you are a wonderful photographeress. photographress? photo chick.

    yo’s last blog post..dear god

  26. my fallopian tubes are twitching…dangitt

    it’s just 44 degrees here. no rain, no sun. what the crap? it was like 75 and sunny yesterday!

    Biddy’s last blog post..frrrrrrrrrrrriday

  27. Adorable.

    Kara’s last blog post..That’s a mighty big claim

  28. That looks like SO MUCH FUN!

    Nell’s last blog post..Still Waiting for My Smackdown

  29. How cute! I am so excited to finally be having a girl now. I just could never bring myself to spend the money on sweet ass rain gear for the boys because truthfully they just couldn’t appreciate it.

    ashannie’s last blog post..One Badass Biatch

  30. I would enjoy the rain SO much more if I had sassy rain gear like that. I want some cute Wellies!

    Mymsie’s last blog post..Local Burglar Thwarted by Fish Sandwich

  31. I’ve always wondered where the places are that actually need rain jackets and boots. We just need winter parkas up until we need bathing suits. No in betweens here.

    erin’s last blog post..Oh the Places we went!

  32. Love rain only when it’s warm. Holy crap! It’s like niagra falls in indy! That moosh sure looks fashionably cute in her rain gear! Love her! She is growing like a weed!

    Carrie’s last blog post..Happy Easter!

  33. I totally want to borrow her rain boots.

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Update

  34. I love watching kids play in the rain and puddles. They are just so happy to do it. And these pictures are gorgeous! I guess it helps that the subject matter is gorgeous, too.

    andi’s last blog post..Family is family

  35. I love rainstorms like that. We still have a good 4 feet of snow, here, so there won’t be any rain puddles for a while!

    Mrs. Mustard’s last blog post..Why I caca’d on Earth Hour

  36. Munchkin wore her rain boots for the first time today and, as this is the first spring that she, um, has been able to WALK, it has been very interesing 🙂

    Gorgeous photos, gorgeous Moosh.

    mimi’s last blog post..I’m sorry, I’m sorry, little bit afraid

  37. LOve the one with the umbrella. GREAT composition!

    LawyerMama’s last blog post..For Jenny, The Bloggess