Are you ready for the craziest segue ever in the history of blog posts?

You see, my little family headed out for some 4th festivities. As we were leaving to go to lunch the moosh slipped in an enormous squishy pile of dog poo that covered her legs, her skirt and her shoes. So lunch was changed to bath. Because dog poo? PEE-EW. Especially when the person covered in it has to ride home with you.

The whole way home I fumed a post in my head about dog owners and their responsibility to clean up after their dogs. While many people look with disdain upon both dog owners and toddler owners, I can assure you I will never allow my toddler to leave behind a pile of crap for you, or your dog to step in.

Seriously. Pick up the crap people.

We made it to lunch about an hour after we would have originally gotten there had the poo been cleaned up appropriately. (Seriously dog owners, seriously.) Our choice of dining establishments was a deli called Shapiro’s. I accidentally found it when I drove by lost and forlorn yesterday. It looked like a complete dump from the outside, yet it was filled with normal looking people both old and young inside.

By far the best sign a restaurant is good.

We walked in ready to order our pastrami sandwiches (holy pile of magnificent pastrami sandwich it was, do you live in Indiana? Go. eat. here.) when Cody said “Huh, that lady looks like Jennifer Aniston.” Cody’s judgment of celebrity look alikes can be a little wonky, so imagine my utter shock and surprise to turn around and see that yes, not only did she look like Jennifer Aniston, SHE WAS JENNIFER ANISTON. And since celebrities tend to date celebrities OH MY GAH SHE’S HUGGING JOHN MAYER.

And that’s how poop landed me two tables away from John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston for lunch. (Did I have my camera? NO! But I asked one of the girls who did to email me proof that they existed, are you reading this girls from the parking lot? Please send proof. xo-Casey)


  1. R. U. F’in. Me? Oh my holy crap…literally and figuratively. Holy friggin smokes. Hott I tell you. Hott. It was meant to be.

    Kims last blog post..Dear Scale:

  2. Were you at the Shapiros downtown? I recently moved to Indy from NYC and it’s nice to hear that there is still the potential for celeb sightings.

  3. Whats wrong with the southside location????
    That is the original Shapiro’s and the best. Were they w/ anyone else? John’s front of house engineer (and best friend)is from Indy. John Mayer Rocks!

  4. You’re so lucky. Okay, maybe lucky doesn’t apply to loads of dog poo all over your daughter, but it does apply to celebrity sightings. I haven’t seen a celebrity around here since 1998 when I was Robert Redford – and he’s just a wrinkly old prune! Fun for you. I’d keep eating there if I were you!

  5. I dunno… I’ve compared John Mayer’s music to a pile of crap before, so maybe it all makes sense. 🙂

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  6. Ohhhh, I’m so jealous. So, did they look happy? Was she actually eating?

    She Likes Purples last blog post..There We Were, Here We Are

  7. very cool…well, the jennifer and John sighting and good eats part anyway!

    staciesmadnesss last blog post..*yawn*

  8. John Mayer is all over the place says:

    I work for a company that produces large scale shows (used to own the Indy home show)- which include large, high-end antique shows. Apparently John is a antique jewelry/watch collector- one of the dealers he works with exhibits at our Miami show and he’s come through there and our Vegas show to buy. Very very friendly, always willing to sign autographs, calls ahead to alert security, etc. I missed his visit to our Miami show by a few hours- I was so crushed! I did get a copy of his show badge though- they made him wear one so that he could get in to the show floor without being hassled (because it was before show hours and it was not public buying time). There have to be 50 copies of his badge floating around now. . .

  9. WOW!!! That’s quite a story! From poop to celebrities in an hour, woohoo! 😉

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