Potty training with Addie nearly killed me dead.

I won’t go into details because someday her boyfriend will read this, but you know what? Her boyfriend had to be potty trained too, if he’s not you need better taste in boyfriends, Addie.

Vivi on the other hand, she said one day “I NEED TO GO PEE!”, stripped herself naked, sat on the pot and peed.

Just like that.

No sticker charts, no jelly beans, no elaborate schemes to convince her that peeing takes place on the pot and not in your pants.

She’s done it several times since as well.

We got her a padded seat and now she never wants to leave.

I can tell the logistics haven’t all clicked in her little brain just yet, right now she just considers it her super cool party (potty?) trick.

She’s almost a full year ahead of Addie in regards to timing (not that I’m comparing, I NEVER COMPARE MY CHILDREN.)

The funny part is I have to give most of the credit on this one TO Addie. She was the one taking Vivi into the bathroom with her to hang out then putting Vivi on the pot when she was done, you know, “Just to show her how it’s done.

If you’ve never potty trained a child I’m sorry, this is why mom bloggers get such a bad reputation. POO! PEE! POTTY! But underneath my crunchy candy shell, I am a mom blogger. If you have potty trained a child then you’ll know the momentous occasion it is to have your kid decide they’re ready to start doing their business where everybody else does.

Which also means more public restrooms in my future. *packs extra wipes*

Even better than the day they ditch the diapers? The day they can do everything totally unassisted.

Horizontal stripes: leggings only a toddler can rock.

I mean, once you get them housebroken it’s basically off to college, right?


  1. Yay, Vivi! I will do my celebratory potty dance in her honor. My 2.5 yo loves it and I’m sure Vivi will too. We’ve been diaper-free for about 2 months now (hooray!). Last weekend she pushed me to the corner of the stall and did everything by herself. It about broke my heart. I’m sure the college brochures are sitting in the mailbox as we speak!

  2. I’m pretty sure I danced through the house the day L could successfully wipe her own butt. Now the boy…if he could figure it out I’d be set.

  3. Jelly beans?! I got raisins. For years, my mom had me convinced raisins were candy. Until the bank gave me a sucker one day…

  4. YAY!
    so glad she got the hang of it. no doubt having a (good) big sis was very helpful.
    and just think- YOU didn’t have to be the audience! hooray!

    the bean was relatively easy, too. i got suprisingly & super lucky with that.
    she didn’t do it quite like that on her own, but it didn’t take very long- and the only “reward” she ever got with it was “YAY! i’m so proud of you!”

    so glad you don’t have to own stock in candy, either.

  5. I can’t wait till my oldest son (he’s 3) starts helping teach his brother (he is 1) about going to the bathroom!

  6. Amy in StL says:

    I have a cousin whose child only is potty trained at day care and at home continues to need diapers. I refer to him as potty trained but not housebroken. I mean… right?

  7. Thanks Addie….