Who wants to take this one?

I for one know there is not a Peter Pocket, let alone have Peter and Polly become Mr. & Mrs. Pocket.

And yet I come downstairs to this…

pregnant polly 2.0 pregnant polly


Anybody else have toys making nookie on the side?

Maybe it’s my house, remember when that floozy Snow White got a little fresh with the Autobots?

(aww archives!)


  1. Ok- that is kinda messed up. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Jen, What’s messed up is that it’s her rubber hooker boots shoved up there by the moosh to make her “appear” pregnant.

  2. If my son could read, if he read your blog…he’d wanna come over and play with the dolls in your house.

    Casey Reply:

    @Rick, the moosh would never let him. HE’S A BOY.

  3. Is it ironic, though, that the Moosh seems to be topless in that picture?! 😉

    Casey Reply:

    @Maggie, Hoosier fits us nicely. Also gives me less laundry…

    Chrysta Reply:

    @Casey, Eh. Go with the “European influence.” It sounds all sophisticated and stuff. Remember, you’re now the family of Cody, esq.

  4. The Autobots been sneaking out of the toy box after dark, have they? LOL, or was it the Decepticons?

    Casey Reply:

    @Grizzly Kitteh, I’m guessing it must have been the Decepticons. However if you forced me to choose who was good and who was bad? I’d fail. Although the Autobots do seem to “look” friendlier…
    Plus they’re more awesome cars.

  5. at least she has a really cute maternity dress.

    Casey Reply:

    @LovingDanger, I know right? And it doubles as an everyday dress that matches her pet monkeys accessories as well!

  6. She’s also got some serious badonkadonk working in the back!!

    Casey Reply:

    @Eternal Lizdom, She’s blessed. What can I say?

  7. Our toys are quite chaste at our house, but the wildlife in the backyard is a different matter. One day we saw two foxes. Then we saw two foxes getting it on. My son asked, “What are they doing???” As I frantically searched my brain for an answer, my daughter replied, “They’re playing leapfrog of course! But they’re not very good at it.”

    Casey Reply:

    @Ami, Thank heavens you have another brilliant little kid to fill in those awkward silences…

  8. Those Polly Pockets are sneaky-I think they don’t need a mate to breed-the amount The Chicken has of them is insane-I swear we didn’t buy them all!

  9. My daughter has a pregnant barbie, with a magnetic belly that the baby fits inside of. My daughter has had her give birth many a time.

  10. I missed that post in your archives. SO FUNNY!

  11. I am going to have to blame GI Joe for this one. You know those military types…

  12. Hi Casey, my name is Rob.
    I was surfing the ‘net + found your blog. It’s really cool!
    I know, people have made similar jokes, but: There are 3.75 in. size [star wars] + g.i. Joe action figures. Have any of them been talking to Polly?
    Heh,Heh! 🙂 🙂

  13. I’m still reeling from the fact that she not only has a preggo belly, but she also has the expanding ass to go with it.

  14. Maybe she’s just big boned?

  15. Much like Janet Jackson ~ Miss Polly has a secret husband. You’ll never know his name until the divorce papers are filed. LOL (That really would be a cute maternity dress though!)

    Tell Moosh we’re praying for Moosh 2.0 too!!

  16. Pictures are gone! And it’s important that I see this because, judging from the comments, it’s a good one. 😀