On Friday night I went to the Indianapolis Zoo’s annual black tie fundraiser, Zoobilation. I had it on my “Indy Bucket List” of things I wanted to do before I left (I’m not going anywhere anytime soon by the way) and it is now checked off. I was invited to be part of the twitter team for the event meaning I walked around in a very fancy dress tweeting all night. Cody put up with it, only because he had a lot to eat and my talent with the tweets is what got him there in the first place. I’m pretty sure there were some people watching us thinking “That girl needs to put her phone down and pay attention to her husband!” To those people I say “Have another cocktail, you obviously need it if you’re judging the actions of others at a party in the zoo.


Speaking of cocktails, Cody and I had a heck of a time trying to get unleaded drinks. We finally had to give up and just carry around cups of ice as every bar we went to was out of water, Coke, Sprite and juice. (“Are you sure you don’t want rum punch? It’s free!” “Yes, we’re sure.” *crunch crunch crunch*)




If you’re in Indy I believe it is your duty to go at least once, it is a wild and enchanting experience that cannot fully be enjoyed vicariously. (Be sure to wear comfy shoes when you go.)

Zoobilation was a big fancy date night for us, since our anniversary is this week (ELEVEN YEARS) and we’ve never been to such a fancy party before I bought a new dress and shoes and I had my hair and makeup done, something I’ve never done before short of the cosmetics counter in a department store. I didn’t even get my hair done for my own wedding. I always figured that I was good enough at both to get by, surely I didn’t have to pay anyone.

Y’ALL I was wrong.

fancy hair

fancy hair

I have a very, very good hair girl. I’ve been seeing her for almost two years. I value my relationship with her as one of the most important in my professional/personal life. She does makeup as well and after two and half hours and 55 bobby pins? Dude, I didn’t even know I could look that good. If I ever become wildly famous she’s coming with me. She balanced out my squinky eye (which she renamed my ‘sultry eye‘) and made me GLOW.

When we got home I told Cody his job was to stare at me. I couldn’t fathom washing my face after only 7 hours which meant I sat in my pajamas for the rest of the night and watched Deadliest Catch with the fanciest hair and makeup ever.

I even wrapped my hair in a silk scarf and practically slept on my nose in an attempt to salvage my hair for another 24 hours. When I showed Addie she said “It doesn’t even really look that good.

Kids, keeping me humble since 2004.

Finding a modest but lovely dress was a chore (A CHORE!) but totally worth it in the end and spending the night with Cody in a handsome suit, riding a roller coaster, eating far too much food, crunching way too much ice and goofing off in photo booths?

Best night ever.



  1. 1. I love your dress. Where did you find it?

    2. How did you hold on to your camera (phone?) on the roller coaster? Well done!

    3. I wanna party at the zoo!

    Casey Reply:

    1. Macy*s

    2. Wrist strap, point and shoot!

    3. Do it!

  2. So much fun!

    Your dress is gorgeous… and Addie doesn’t know what she’s talking about… Pretty pretty hair!

    (and I love the sensible shoes too!)

    Casey Reply:

    @Colleen, Thank you! And the sensible shoes were a total “older and wiser” move. My 30’s, they’re treating me well.

  3. brittany says:

    you are gorgeous. i love you

    Casey Reply:

    @brittany, Oh thank you darling.

  4. Love. Love everything about this post.

    Casey Reply:

    @OHmommy, Oh my, thank you.

  5. If you get famous, you need to move east and bring your hair girl with you.

    I’m going to be passing through Indy at the very end of July on my way home from Minnesota. (Family reunion. No, we have no family in Minnesota. I’m still confused myself.) We plan to stop and see the Speedway because if my three Cars-obsessed boys ever found out that we passed up an opportunity to see it, they’d probably put me in a nursing home way before my time. If it’s not too stalker-ish, I’d love to have lunch with you and yours. 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Chrysta, If we’re here we’re up for it!

    Chrysta Reply:

    Sweet! Now to try to make my husband understand why I want to stop and have lunch with some girl I met on the internet. On the face of it, it DOES sound a bit fishy…

  6. You look amazing and those photo booth shots are THE best. Glad you kids had a good time!! 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Elaine A., I love photo booths so much.

  7. Your hair and makeup lady is pretty awesome, and your tan in a can is perfect as well.

    You guys are too cute together!

    Casey Reply:

    @ClassyFabSarah, Tan in a can ended at my knees where the pantyhose picked up the slack. (slack = failure)

  8. I <3 your dress!! You always look good, but in those pictures, you shine 🙂

    Casey Reply:

    @Lee Laughlin, Oh thank you, I totally agree (humbly of course.)

  9. Love this post. You look BEAUTIFUL. (Who took the pictures of you?)

    Casey Reply:

    @sarah, Cody took the ones of the back of my head after I metered for him. 🙂

  10. Casey..not only are you hilarious and a beautiful soul..but you are just stunningly beautiful!

    Casey Reply:

    @Shannon, Oh my, I certainly don’t always feel like it but I have my moments that I cling to. Thank you!

  11. Lovely dress and good call on the comfy shoes. I’ve been to Zoobilation twice (years ago), and I just remember having achy feet and being really hot. The weather didn’t seem to put a damper on you at all!

    Casey Reply:

    @KDA, It was pretty warm, but not stifling thankfully. After the sun set it was *perfect*

  12. I so want to do zoobilaton, but hubby just looks at me like I’m nuts. You look gorgeous! Hang on to that hair and makeup lady — anyone who can work with 52 bobby pins and make them invisible is a keeper.

    Casey Reply:

    @Ronda, Go with girlfriends! And seriously on the bobby pins right?

  13. Kelly S. says:

    BEAUTIFUL pics! The dress: perfect. The hair: perfect-er (yes it’s a word). The makeup: fabulicious! What a great night for you and yours!

    Casey Reply:

    @Kelly S., Thank you! It really was so much fun.

  14. HeidiLee says:

    Oh, Cody looked handsome, you looked so beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

  15. I would love to go to zoobilation sometime.

  16. It looks like ya’ll had a great time. The two of you look great together and I just love the playfulness between ya’ll. 🙂 I’ll look into going next year, I didn’t know about it until it was too late this year.

  17. So lovely!! What a fun couple y’all are 🙂

  18. You both look great, and seems like you two had a blast!

    Now I hope this doesn’t come off rudely, because I don’t mean it to, but has Cody lost weight? It seems like in these photos he really has!

  19. Addie is wrong- you look beautiful!

  20. You look gorgeous! Have you ever done a post on your tattoos? I’m curious! 😉

  21. I luvz youz guyz… happy anniversary to my favorite couple. Shhh, don’t tell anybody else 😉