I would hate for you to be left out of random pop culture references. You see, I’ve been left out in the dark on far too many pop culture jokes only I have never admitted such a thing until now. I’m the dork that played along as a group of young guys went face down on the dance floor at a wedding I attended back in June.

PLANKING! HA HA HA! FUNNY! Because they look like, you know, A PLANK!

Heaven forbid I admit that I had no idea what was going on.

I later googled planking and found out people are just kind of dumb. But I was at least able to know the back story of what I was laughing at when stuff like this started to happen.

C’mon, I’m still in my 20’s, I CAN’T ADMIT TO BEING UNCOOL! Give me another year, then I won’t care. I’ll be the one at a wedding muttering “Remember Crystal Pepsi? I REMEMBER CRYSTAL PEPSI. You darn kids and your newfangled dance moves. ABOMINATION! THE WHOLE LOT OF YOU!

Other things I’ve had to google (but have been to ashamed to admit to up until now?)

  • KWIM (know what I mean?)
  • FTW (for the win!)
  • The whole “DD” “DH” “DS” thing that some people use. (dear daugther, dear/dumb husband, dear son)
  • A # when used on twitter. (hashtag! track conversations!)
  • RT when used on twitter. (ReTweet. Remember when RT meant…you know, YOU WERE COLD? Heh.)
  • Emo (Emotional. Think Eeyore.)
  • Hessian (METAL!!! RAAAARRR!!)
  • LOL CATZ (You know, funneh kittehs?)

I think that’s good enough. Any you’d like to admit to?

Why do I bring this up?

Because very soon you’re are going to be sitting with a group of your girlfriends or your girlfriend will be sitting with a group of her girlfriends or a group of girlfriends will be sitting somewhere all girlfriend like and one of them is going to shout “WE’RE PRETTY!” leaving everyone else in fits of giggles.

Chances are you’ll just go along with it. “Yes! WE ARE PRETTY!” But think how smug you’ll feel when you know THE REAL ORIGIN of the “We’re pretty!” declaration! I’d like to think this is one pop culture joke that I am at the head of. One that we’ll all know about before TMZ. Or PEREZ!

The miniature pony in the background is pretty fantastic too.

And the avocado.

I sure do like avocado.

And sandwiches. With chips.

What? Oh. Yes.

Hillshire Farm and sandwiches. Noms.

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich? Mine is any that involves or can involve avocado.



DISCLOSURE: This is the fourth and final post I’ll be doing with Hillshire Farm and their new “So Good They’ll Think it’s for Them” campaign. I have been compensated for my time and participation, not for promoting a particular product. You can still watch the Inner Voice video on facebook for a coupon worth up to $1 off a Hillshire Farm product.


  1. The latest one I’ve been seeing online and had no clue what it meant was “TL;DR”. Huh? It means “Too Long;Didn’t Read”. Apparently, wordiness is frowned upon? I need to use Twitter length thoughts, I guess.

    Next step: get a Twitter account.

  2. This commercial terrifies me!!

  3. 2 planking-like fads I’ve encountered recently–>

    Leisure diving: http://www.buzzfeed.com/burnred/leisure-diving-281t

    Horsemaning: http://www.blameitonthevoices.com/2011/08/horsemaning-new-fad.html

    The Internets is a wild frontier! 😉