I’m considering hanging giant jingle bells from any and all items the moosh is capable of standing on. This would include chairs, stools, buckets, laundry baskets, boxes, paint cans and potties. The creaking of chair legs across a laminate floor is a dead giveaway that the small person in your life is participating in naughtiness. I was stupid enough to put felt feet on my chairs back home therefore muffling any sounds of mischief. It was shortly after this mistake that I came down from taking a shower and found the moosh on my counter making herself chocolate milk. Greatly facilitated by the placement of a chair. Now, she actually did a pretty good job. She didn’t spill any milk but the seven scoops of chocolate powder to her four ounces of milk would have been nothing less than pretty stinking nasty. When I told Cody he said “Did you show her how to do it right for next time?”


I don’t feel such a feat needs to be on a three year olds resume. Using the potty? Yes. Making chocolate milk? No. Besides what would be next? Making her own PB&J? Beef stroganoff? Maybe doing her own laundry? While those would be lovely things for her to learn, there is too much disaster associated from such acts being performed by a three year old. And besides, I’m pretty sure that’s why child labor laws are around.

Today my sister-in-law turned to me and said, “there’s a chair headed across the floor in the kitchen.” Her mom ears are much more fine tuned than mine given that she lives with this boy everyday. I went upstairs to a chair pushed right up against an open fridge and a moosh butt hanging off the top shelf trying to reach the yogurt I just told her she couldn’t have.

Time out ensued.

These are the times it sucks to be the parent in charge.

the moosh, if you ever read this, just know I was beaming with pride on the inside at your cunningness and refusal to take no for an answer.

You’re totally my kid.

Lion moosh Makes her own Chocolate Milk

Did I forget to mention that she made her own chocolate milk in a lion costume?


  1. She is one talented, impressive kid! You lucky Mom!!!!!

  2. Once mine figured out where the chocolate and the milk were and how to get the cups, I taught her how to do it herself and how to attempt to clean up the ensuing mess. All she had to do was ask first. I’m all about self-sufficiency at any age!

    But, I’m also the mom who lets my kid play in the mud and run around nude if the mood strikes her. She’s a country kid, what can I say?

  3. She is quite talented! My three year old only enjoys playing with hangers, oh and picking out her letters for her puzzle! *lol*

    Adorable in the lion suit, though!! The mop top of curls is perfect for the lion 😀

  4. Oh the memories. My daughter could never take no for an answer. When she was two, I found her in the kitchen, smearing peanut butter on bread with a steak knife…I just about crapped my pants when I thought of all the fingers she could have cut off! Another time, she climbed up onto of the refridgerator to get into the cookie jar after I told her no, earlier.

    How she managed that, is still a mystery, as no chair was moved…hmmm…

    Good luck with the Moosh.

    And buy the bells.

  5. Everything is better in costume!

  6. I haven’t had a sharp knife in my house in about 8 years.

    You know, those 12 balls & all.

    Love me some Moosh stories!

  7. Oh, this sounds so familiar! Chairs at the fridge, BTDT! My Kid is relentless like that, too, the little climber. Take away the kid-sized chair, and she started pushing the grown up chairs across the living room into the kitchen. Who knew they’d even fit in the doorway!

    So far, she only knows chocolate milk is in containers at McDonald’s….(that’s better, right??). 😀

  8. Gosh… I totally understand.

    My three year old, woke up earlier yesterday then normal (I don’t have the extension cords on her door like Moosh does) and proceeded to the kicthen to make herself coffee and toast a bagel.


    This from a girl that at three has already… broken her leg, gotten stiches on her forehead, and burned her arm on the fireplace.


    She is so much like me. A clumpsy domestic Godess.

  9. I’m just sure she’s working her way to hot pink spaghetti – just like her mother.

  10. It’s always those stolen moments alone in the bathroom, taking a nice shower, or a quick bath, that’s when they get you. Last summer Freya climbed up and helped herself to the sugar. She didn’t even bother with the mixers, just sat eating it straight from the jar with a nice butter knife she found on the counter. Oh yeah, and she was sitting on top of the (thankfully cold) glass-topped stove.

    But in spite of the near disasters that ensue daily, I am a HUGE fan of self-sufficient children. It’s just a matter of channeling them somehow…

  11. I think that the moosh and Miss Emily would be fast friends 😉

  12. pssst- I used yarn to tie the chairs to the kitchen table. . .

  13. The Moosh and Elliot would be the best of friends. My kid goes everywhere with a stool. Did I tell you how in a fit of extreme sleep-deprivation post-baby, I went for a wee lie-down with said baby while Elliot was safely watching TV and she got a 2 pound bag of chocolate chips down from the pantry? It was a proud, neglectful mommy moment. Now all I need to do is get her a lion costume (that is too cute).

  14. Woman~ That kid is too cute.
    She and princess would get along swimmingly and we, we would be in deep trouble.

  15. i innocently and naively showed Zander how to use a chair for evil when i put him up on a chair to watch me wash dishes. he was 18 months old then. and now, at 2.5 years old, my ears are keenly tuned to the sound of chairs being pushed across the kitchen floor.

    he likes to try to make toast…ya…toddlers and toasters no mixy!

  16. Oh the independence of 3! The Terrorist was being particularly naughty yesterday and I asked her if she was practicing being 3. Yes Mama came the reply. Lord Help Me.

    Liz’s last blog post..Christmas Review

  17. I think I’d let her do whatever she wanted in that lion costume.