You have a problem. It started when you read the first six Harry Potter books in less than five days. When you start thinking “What would Hermione do?” in everyday situations it’s a sure sign that all this wizarding stuff has gone to your head and not in a good way. Reading the seventh book last night for six hours straight right before bed? What on this green fuzzy earth were you thinking? Serves you right that you dreamed about Harry all night. That scar. Those glasses. That British accent. And then that greaseball Snape kept showing up to ruin it. Jerk.

But you really took it to far when you muttered “Crucio!” under your breath when your husband tried to wake you up, actually thinking it would send him dangling from the ceiling by his ankles.

Too far lady, too far, no more Harry for you.


  1. All 6 in five days? Sweet fanciful crap, woman! Where was the Moosh during this marathon?

    And I feel your pain. I’ve been reading #7 for the past week. And Elliot has been watching a lot of TV.

  2. Hah! I love it!


    I may need to start a support group.

  4. you to make up some WWHD? shirts.

    i’m sure you’d not be alone in wearing them!

    having *gasp* never read one of the books, purely based out of a sense of the contrary, i fear picking one up now. for just your very reason. i’ll simply take it just a bit too far.

  5. Damn! That’s some fast HP reading. I’m impressed. But I totally get it.

  6. I need to hide myself under an invisibility cloak so I can read the latest!

  7. Oh boy! A love affair with Potter. He he! Maybe it’s not such a good idea for me to get started on those! Or my hubby! I might never see him again!

  8. tehehehee i love it! good grief! i don’t think i could sit still long enough to read all of them in a week…

    i am impressed!

  9. I totally want a WWHD bracelet.

  10. Say it isn’t so! Say you aren’t giving up Potter!

    Harry ain’t got nothin’ on Ron, who seems to be getting cuter and cuter with each movie.

    P.S. Crucio! Only works if you get the accent “just right.”

  11. yeah, it’s not right for grown women to have naughty dreams about (fictional!) teenage boys…

  12. WOW! And I thought I was a fast reader!

    But the fact that you tried to do a spell on DH…OMG..That’s the most hilarious think I’ve heard all month!

  13. BWHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!! I think I love you! Marry me? (Do you think Crucio would work on a spastic 7 year old boy?????)

  14. I read the book in about 12 hours. THANKSFULLY I was still in the US at my parents house and they watched her for me while I read!

  15. They are such good books. I can completely understand why you were so into them!

  16. Oh thank you. I’m so glad to find out I’m not the only one having Harry Potter dreams. I thought I was going a little crazy. Or getting a little pervy. Or both.

    I read the last one in 7 hours and am re-reading the first 6. It’s fascinating, now that I know what happens, now that everything’s been explained, to read them again and really get it.

    I’m sad that there won’t be any more.

  17. Oh I heart Harry. Isn’t it crazy that after I finish reading the series, I physically MISS Harry?!?

    J.K.K. is some kind of writer.

  18. I had the same reaction when book 4 came out… and I re-read the first 3 before starting 4. It’s like it takes over a small important part of your brain. I just finished book 7 while in Florida. I keep thinking I’ll read all 7 over again… but I’m afraid of what it’ll do to my brain.

  19. Years ago someone told me that if you pick up the book, you’ll never put it down. And from what you and others have said, it sounds all too true!

  20. Is it wrong that I wasn’t able to get interested after reading the first one? Also, it is wrong that only read the first one for the first time, like, two weeks ago?


  21. I don’t want to read them. I think, what’s a quick peek gonna hurt?
    I was wrong…so wrong.

  22. Just keep trying with the whole muttering-curses-under-your-breath thing. It’ll work eventually. But beware the dark magic!

  23. I had dream last night that I was in Harry’s world. But I was Veronica Mars. So I was like a magical detective. Anyway, it was weird.

    Rock on, Harry!

  24. I did the same thing! Had myself a little Potter marathon. Just. About. Killed me.

    Then I took a week or so off, saw the latest movie Sunday, started the last book Monday and finished it yesterday.

    I love me some Harry Potter!

    I can no longer see through the tiny red slits I once called eyes, but it was worth it.

  25. hmmm. I think you are still better off than I am.

    See, Immediately upon reading this I was all “NO WAY! the crucio curse doesn’t dangle people upside down. must.correct.the.interwebs!!”

    crucio is the Cruciatus Curse, the one that causes pain

    Levicorpus is the spell created by the half blood prince and the one James used to lift Snape by the ankles as a teen in front of lily.

    I cannot believe I am leaving this comment.


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