Tomorrow I travel to Nashville, Thursday I will sit in front of a sold out crowd with her and them as part of a workshop to help those in attendance learn more about the fine art of inspirational writing. Or here at moosh in indy “inspirational writing” is better known as TMI or OVERSHARE.

Eh, it’s what I do.

Now I know someone in the audience is going to be all “What? This girl has no idea what she’s talking about.” So to prove I know *something* I present you with the indispensable guide to small warm people that smell of milk and/or cookies on a regular basis.

Bums of any size in fuzzy footie jammies demand to be patted. See also “Lazy Dino Butt.

The neck of a little person warmed by sunshine and slathered in sunscreen begs to be sniffed. Often.

Giggles from wee ones are better for ones soul than a full day at the spa and a new pair of shoes.

Hugging a tired little body that has been out playing in the fresh air is as close to hugging sunshine as we will ever get.

Warm sleeping cheeks are next to impossible not to nibble. Or kiss multiple times. Go ahead, I dare you to resist the peachfuzzy goodness. Especially if they are freshly bathed or ate a cookie before bed.

Other highlights?

Stinky baby feet. (This becomes not as cute after about 2.)

Sweet baby breath. (Sweet baby breath has an expiration date no matter how well you supervise brushing and flossing.)

Freshly washed hair (bonus if there’s curls involved.)

Little sleeping hands, gold star if they smell like graham crackers and have a little bit of sticky stuff left on them from the day. Kiss the palm. Feel the happy.


Now I ask you.

What is your favorite place to take a hit off of a small human?

Are you able to come to Blissdom? If so who’s in for karaoke on Saturday night? And if you are able to come are you able to come to our workshop?

Can’t wait to see you.



  1. Can’t be at Blissdom (wah!) and will miss you!

    However, sweaty little boy head is my smell of choice. If you don’t have one, you don’t know. Although I’m sure yours comes in a close second!

  2. Hugs & snuggles first thing in the morning, there is no better way to wake up.

    Keep up the oversharing & have a blast at Blissdom!

  3. Have fun at Blissdom!

    My favorite places to take small hits of human are on the changing table, when giving a big kiss on my toddler’s big ol’ belly results in toothy giggles. And giving her smooches on her neck beneath her ear.

    NOM, NOM, NOM.

  4. their toes after waking up in footie pajamas & soaking in burt’s bees buttermilk lotion all night. makes me want to go wake her up to get a hit right now.

    won’t see you in nashville, but maybe at blogher.

  5. raspberries on the tummy during diaper changes, and nibbling on the neck. This illicites the most beautiful giggles I’ve ever heard.

  6. Baby neck: no better high on earth.

  7. I have to differ with you on the feet. I have to kiss my baby’s feet daily and she’s three. They may even stink a little but that is part of the the nasty pleasure and riskiness of it all. I tell they stink so good and kiss away.

  8. LOVE this post. This is why you are going to be a hit.

    I love baby feet but lose that love big time once they hit 3. Then they become something that I do not want touching my body at all anywhere- just like grown-up feet 😉

    My favorite spot on my kiddoes has always been the crook of the neck. Love to give little loving kisses there. My son is nine and I still like to hug him and nuzzle there. And he lets me 🙂

    Have a wonderful time.

  9. It’s sold out so I’m not going 🙁 but I was thinking about going and hanging out with peeps! Where’s karaoke on Sat? 🙂

  10. I might have had a few wee tears at the sweetness of those photos.

  11. I love the giggles that come from kissing their neck… I don’t know if it’s my kisses or my whiskers that make them laugh, and honestly? I don’t care.

  12. I love smelling the back of my lil man’s neck. And I love the top of Dae girl’s head.

  13. The freshly-washed blonde curls. Our favorite.

  14. Freshly shampooed baby head has always been a staple in this house.

  15. I would have to say I love a baby belly. So cute and irresistible. I also love really chunky baby thighs, they are so cute!

  16. Oh, definitely chubby baby belly during diaper changes. She seems to love it as much as I do. On the neck, under the ear is a close second.

  17. You will have so much fun at Blissdom!

    Oh, baby Che is one big cocaine high. Seriously. I love his little ears that stick out- they’re always cooler than his head. I love his fuzzy hair. I love his ticklish thighs and rosy cheeks.

    And you are right on about sweet baby breath- I love Charlie’s and will be so sad when it’s gone!

  18. I am personally a huge fan of belly button pie and piggy toe stew (best, fresh from the tub).

  19. I have a little bit of a fetish for my daughter’s hair. We have to wash it almost every night because it’s constantly greasy because I CAN’T KEEP MY HANDS OFF IT.

    Also, chubby toddler cheeks. And little poked-out bellies. Must. Smooch.

  20. I love that little spot right behind a little ear down to that chunky little neck. (Why aren’t chunky necks appealing on adults? *le sigh*)

    Karaoke? I’m in!

  21. I loved to tickle behind the knees, it would make both of my girls squirm and giggle-I loved it.

    Karaoke-count me in as well (you do know that I have never done karaoke ever in my entire life, right?) Also I am driving my minivan down so we can fit 7 in there if I need to drive.

    And yes, I will see you at your workshop-I can’t wait altho I may be a couple of minutes late if traveling is slow going.

  22. OH! the Tummy is my favorite. My babes are four years old and a Four months old- the deep laugh from both of em is worth a million bucks!

  23. I’m an unrepentant baby-toe nibbler. But the rest of the pudgy, sweet-smelling goodness is also irresistible.

  24. I love love love the little bitty roll in front of the armpit. The nomming of it makes it so lovely….especially the squeals of laughter that come out of the tiny little bodies.

  25. the back of the neck any time, any place. *sigh*.

    Not coming until Thursday but know you will rock it out! Good luck. And your writing inspires many sister. don’t demean the gift you’ve been given. 😉

    Let’s just say Manic Monday is my go to Karaoke. 6 o’clock already? I was just in the middle of a dream.

  26. All together now: aww. Have fun! (:

  27. I am insane about my son’s earlobes. They are square like his daddy’s and I like to kiss them. I’m also a big ol’ sucker for baby leg fat rolls. LOVE me some fat legs!

    Have fun in Nashville!

  28. T with Honey says:

    The top of the head – freshly washed or otherwise.

  29. Mandi Bone says:

    My favorite smelly spot on my oldest daughter Amelia is right behind her left ear.My favorite smelly spot on my youngest daughter is where her neck and head meet.I also love the smell of them when they have been swiming and fall asleep in the car and you have to carry them in.I think that is what heaven is going to smell like.

  30. After the balding debacle of ’09, I am completely in nasally enamored with the smell of Q’s hair. Now that it’s back, I want to inhale it all. I say, “You smell good!” She replies, “Don’t eat me!” It’s precious. In all seriousness, I do feel like a mama bear. Both of my children have their distinct smells and when I breathe them in, I am home.

  31. Such amazing pictures of her! Im a sucker for milk breath (obviously) and neck sniffing. And baby feet toe nibbing.

    I will be there of course, but I’m in a photography class at the same exact time as your writing class! (sad face)

  32. Heaven is syrup kisses from my 4 year old girl and kissing that spot right under my 10 month old boys chin that makes him belly laugh.

  33. So jealous!! And you’ve got all those little parts down pat. Can’t think of any more!

  34. I’ll be at Blissdom and it can’t get here soon enough. Although my writing could use inspiration, I’ll be in the photography class. Why oh why did they make me choose?!

    I take a good whiff of my boy’s feet every day. I love them to pieces and can’t fathom the day they’ll be big ol’ hairy gross man feet.

    And I will do my best to put my big girl panties on and try karaoke. It scares me a little, though. Okay, a lot.

  35. My kids always smell like peanut butter and jelly. Perhaps this means I need to expand my menus.

  36. squeezing fat baby thighs – nothing beats it

  37. I am so exhausted by my 18-month-old’s roller coaster sleep patterns, I’m almost ready to say we’re closing up shop on the breeding around here. Then I realize she is about to outgrow that fabulous baby breath stage, and start to think, “Maybe just one more…”

    Hope to meet you at Blissdom!

  38. have a wonderful time

  39. Love this post because I secretly love to smell passy breath. LOVE it. So stinky sweet that it kinda smells better than baby powder… which is normally on a hiney, so I guess it doesn’t have the greatest neighbors.
    Anywho, coming to your workshop and looking forward to it!

  40. Mmmmm- The top of my niece’s head was always so delicious smelling.

    And I could NOT resist giving her raspberries on her big baby belly on a regular basis. 🙂

  41. i love smelling the top of my baby’s head or right behind her ears. gets me every. single.time.

  42. This post makes me want to run out and get pregnant.*

    *I mean, I won’t. But still. That’s quite a feat.

  43. love Love LOVE this post! i couldn’t agree more! i was just thinking the same thing about the hands; especially if you slip your finger into the palm of their hand, and they grab ahold tight in the middle of their sleep. *melt my heart*
    have fun!!!

  44. What IS the expiry date on baby breath because my son’s smells like apples and I need to get as much as I can!
    My fave spot is right in his armpit because that prompts the belly laughs on the change table.

  45. I can’t resist kissing mooshy cheeks – I would do that all day if it wasn’t entirely impractical. I also love the smell of her sweat and her breath. Weird? Maybe. Addictive? Totally.

  46. My son? Still has the most munchable rolly elbows and thighs in the world. God I love toddlers.

  47. I miss you. Please text me your number. I am having withdraws from you. I may need to come see you.

  48. Noms behind little ears after naps are the best!! Loving the seriously sweet pictures!!

  49. Oh how I wish I could be doing Blissdom.

  50. You were wonderful! I was totally inspired. And my favorite spot is the checks… its a combo neck/baby breath thing for me.

    And on another note… I CAN NOT carry a tune, but I am ALWAYS up for karaoke 🙂 With two girls though, I only know the words to songs on Radio Disney.