Tomorrow I travel to Nashville, Thursday I will sit in front of a sold out crowd with her and them as part of a workshop to help those in attendance learn more about the fine art of inspirational writing. Or here at moosh in indy “inspirational writing” is better known as TMI or OVERSHARE.

Eh, it’s what I do.

Now I know someone in the audience is going to be all “What? This girl has no idea what she’s talking about.” So to prove I know *something* I present you with the indispensable guide to small warm people that smell of milk and/or cookies on a regular basis.

Bums of any size in fuzzy footie jammies demand to be patted. See also “Lazy Dino Butt.

The neck of a little person warmed by sunshine and slathered in sunscreen begs to be sniffed. Often.

Giggles from wee ones are better for ones soul than a full day at the spa and a new pair of shoes.

Hugging a tired little body that has been out playing in the fresh air is as close to hugging sunshine as we will ever get.

Warm sleeping cheeks are next to impossible not to nibble. Or kiss multiple times. Go ahead, I dare you to resist the peachfuzzy goodness. Especially if they are freshly bathed or ate a cookie before bed.

Other highlights?

Stinky baby feet. (This becomes not as cute after about 2.)

Sweet baby breath. (Sweet baby breath has an expiration date no matter how well you supervise brushing and flossing.)

Freshly washed hair (bonus if there’s curls involved.)

Little sleeping hands, gold star if they smell like graham crackers and have a little bit of sticky stuff left on them from the day. Kiss the palm. Feel the happy.


Now I ask you.

What is your favorite place to take a hit off of a small human?

Are you able to come to Blissdom? If so who’s in for karaoke on Saturday night? And if you are able to come are you able to come to our workshop?

Can’t wait to see you.



  1. @Beth,
    LOL… or cheeks! Note to self… spell check!

  2. tickles under the chin 🙂

  3. The sleeping cheek is my favourite hit, although I can’t resist a bare bottom streaking away from me – it’s got to get a paddle! That’s usually the reason they are dangling them in front of me then dancing away.

  4. I’m with you on the freshly washed baby hair and the patting of the little bum. At 2 1/2, my Pumpkin still gets daily pats on the bum. That’s at least part of the reason I still agree to lug her 40 pound self around on my hip now and then. I love how my hand perfectly matches her little bottom, and I can pat her.

    I also love the little spot under her belly button where a raspberry elicits giggles of epic body-shaking proportions.

    And I love painting her little toe nails and finger nails. She’s at that age where she thinks it’s just SO cool.

    Oh, and the chubby little hands that like to hold mine. I could sit forever with her, hand in hand.

    I have to stop now, or else I’ll have to go wake her up just to snuggle.

  5. The crown of my boy’s head. I could pick him out of a crowd by that delicious, wonderful smell. I wish I could bottle it and keep it forever. I catch fewer whiffs of it now that he is almost 2, but cuddle time before bed always finds me with my nose pressed to the top of his blond hair. 🙂


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