Hello all.

How are you?

Me? I’m good, can’t complain. Have you tried the French Vanilla 3Muskateers? Mmm, pretty good. I think I prefer the large sized ones, more chocolate to nougat ratio. However, What? OH. Yes, I have favor to ask.

In an effort to keep my posts EVERY DAY IN THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER interesting (because we all can’t be her, sheesh) I’m putting a call out for,




Let me have it people, all you lurkers, I see you there, well Sitemeter sees you, I see Sitemeter,



What do you want to know? What do you want to see here on moosh in indy? Think I could wittily approach the subject of pirate ballerinas wearing undies on their head? (BTW, totally saw one last night) Ask and ye may receive.

Other things you can look forward to in the month of November?

An eBay sale of legendary proportions!

How Cody and I ended up making babies together!

A pilgrimage to my hometown!

More off the moosh runway!


Tongues! (well, a tongue, mine specifically. Maybe a little moosh tongue.)

So tell me dear readers (lurkers, LURKERS! HEY! I’m looking at you!) please ask away, otherwise my posts may start looking like this by November 20th:






You know?

Me just slamming my head on the keyboard? (Or letting the moosh blog, same idea.)

Don’t let it come to that.

Happy November.


  1. Good gravy, I didn’t even know there WAS a French Vanilla 3 Musketeers Bar!

  2. Definitely want to hear the Cody story…I am just looking forward to a new post everyday….that is like my own personal crack!

    I don’t care if they did say a;lkjhrfuqemfnkjhjksfhl;sitj;sejfoiajiphij…I would probably be able to make some sense out of that!!

  3. Peronally, I can’t look at chocolate ever again.I truly outdid myself this year.

    Questions: What were your girlhood dreams? Did you want to be an astronaut? Ballerina? Mother of Moosh? How have they changed, if they have at all?

    Is there any sense of trade-off with these years you live in Indy and wait for Cody to finish school? E.g., do you get “your” time at some point in the future to go to grad school or just live somewhere you’d prefer?

    Not necessarily funny material, I guess, but things I wonder about! ;P

  4. ah you caught me! i knew that when i started my own blog i might have people seeing that i spend all day avoiding work by reading blogs. i just didn’t know it would happen so soon! though, i have to admit, i started a blog just so i could go to blogher. it seems like a blast and a half.

    as for nov blogging material, i’m always up for how we met stories, i have you shoes now, punk tales, and general cute kid goodness. if you want to steal my stuff- weekly stumble, timeline, blog reviews, complaining about being left out of a drunken riot- be my guest!

  5. i’m so impressed. i’m far too boring to post every single day. 🙂

  6. Apparently you are a magnificent cook… how about sharing some recipes?!

    If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be?

    And other such lame questions.

  7. What is your favorite city?

  8. oh, i get it now. i’m such an idiot. yesterday was a story in the way past. i just thought you were that much of a law student’s widow that you were hangin’ at the malls. shheeeeesh….

  9. What’s a Moosh?

  10. schrödinger's cat says:

    If you had a device that let you instantly travel to whatever location you chose – what would your ideal day look like?

    Pet peeves.

    The ten most bizarre things you experienced as a Mum. (My nr. one would be a newborn’s poop. Even though you’re forewarned, it’s still pretty… spectacular? would that be the right word?)

    Were you treated differently once you’d married/become a stay-at-home Mum? (Like people presuming you’d develop a passion for cleaning and a miraculous ability to remember all your husband’s appointments.)

    Ways your daughter reminds you of yourself when you were little. The effects this has on you (“not AGAIN!” or “…awww!”?)

    Favourite fictional hero and heroine.

    If you were to get infected with rabies: list of people you would bite.

    Some habits or quirks of your mother’s that you suddenly find yourself doing too.

    What was the best thing your parents taught you?

    The best advice about parenting you ever got. Or the worst. Or the freakiest.

    Favourite smells. (A bit lame, but… you did ask. 🙂

    Hope this helps, if only to make you realize what you DON’T want to blog about.

  11. tongue. totally the tongue.

  12. I just wanted to say I heart you. Smelly pits or not! Yer mah fave!

  13. I have a few Queries…and I won’t look in archives…just in case…You need somethin’ right?

    1. Why “Moosh”? I love it, I call my kid Moosh sometimes so I was wondering where you got that name from.

    2. I wanna know who gave you that tongue? Where did it come from and you must have been quite popular in the good ole days….

    3. Were you ever a cheerleader? (I dunno, just wondering)

    4. Chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies?

    5. What was the worst recreational drug you ever tried ?

  14. Wow. Everyone has such excellent questions. I must think on it.

    Oh, here’s one – Why did you start blogging? Why do you continue to blog (you know, what do you get out of it)? What are the things that have surprised you most about blogging?

    And in answer to your question, yes, I am a blogging dork. Which brings me to my next question: Why does someone as awesome as yourself hang out with the likes of me?

  15. Hi! I’m a lurker! ummmm ummm my question is, how did you get to be so good at making yummy cookies? And do you ever buy store bought cookies, or never, ever, ever, not over your dead body? And what do you do when the moosh is in bed at night when Cody is not home?

  16. OK I’m up for more moosh runway stylings. Totally enjoyed that, though it made me sad to look in my closet. And hows about how did you tell Cody you were preggers?

  17. *I’ve tried mint, but not vanilla.

    *Good luck with NoBloPoMo.

    *I’d like to hear tales of casey pre-moosh/cody. 😀

  18. Let’s see some photos of you as a kid, or as a teen! Come on, did you have big mall bangs, a bad perm, what?

  19. Coming out of lurkdom to say hey… like you I’m taking the challenge (and the NaNoWriMo because I’m technically crazy). GL!!!

  20. Derlurking here, by request. This may be too personal, but your August entry on “the difficult knock up” hit home… perhaps you could write more on that for those of us struggling with the same diagnoses, if you’re feeling serious / in the mood for sharing. It’s a bit scary sometimes and words from someone who has gone through this would be appreciated by many readers, I’m sure. Again, I apologize if it’s too personal.

  21. How did Moosh get her name? Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, what the story behind it.

    You might have blogged about this stuff before. So sorry if I’m asking a question you’ve already answered.

  22. Lurker…guilty as charged! I have to admit I love all the posts, the runway, the tongue, the “hot we mets” …the poop though is what…umm…how shall I say…takes the cake? (I actually used one once to demonstrate to the spouse why blogging was a good use of time..when he stopped laughing he agreed!)
    That and more Moosh videos! Oh but obviously don’t combine my suggestions…that would be wildly inappropriate.

  23. I have no idea. I’m sitting here sticking a fork in my eye trying to figure out the same thing!


  24. Ack…HOW we met…hehehe

  25. I wanna know how you met your BFF…and what you thought of her…oh wait, have you already done that? Who cares, we all wanna hear it again. Hows about the time I came to visit you in Indy…or how about the fact YOU are coming to see ME (and I guess the rest of Utah…) and how I am SO friggin excited. Hmm, just in case you know, you run out of things to blog about. Loves!

  26. Ooo ooo, just found a hott photo of you when Jothan was born, you could talk about when we were fat…I’ll send you some photos too, although you look better than me…my pants say otherwise..hehehe.

  27. Yeah, seriously, how can you be so utterly charming and funny and have a child that does not go to school full time?

    YES, that’s what I want to know. kiss! kiss!

  28. Ok. So I have more questions – I’m all about helping a sister out. What are you passionate about (eg. Do you have a fabulous cookie jar collection I’m unaware of)? Do you have any regrets about anything?

  29. Where’s your Cody from originally? Were/are his parents cowboys like my Cody’s parents? Do you like your inlaws?

  30. What is your most irrational fear? What is your favorite cheesy song? GO!

  31. Oh, you’re getting lots of good questions. I’m jealous.

    Also, French Vanilla 3 Muskateers? And someone else mentioned mint? Wow, where have I been living? I must try these chocolates!

    Ok, here’s a question, if you weren’t spending your days being the sole caregiver to The Moosh, what would you most like to do? A particular job? A lofty ambition? A lazy dream? Any or all of these?

  32. Just put up photos of the Moosh every day. In her fabulous outfits and whatnot.

  33. You seem like you have such a great attitude about being a mom! My question is how do you find humor in it all? A husband who is in law school and a busy toddler? My husband works a ton and we have three little ones (5, 3 and 2 months). I love my kids but I need to take a lesson from you on how to lighten up and find the humor in the this they do because they are kids. Thanks for your great site…lurker as charged!

  34. do you floss?

    when given the choice between soup or salad, what do you choose???

    how were you introduced to mormonism?

    i want pie recipes.

    and a mint three muskateers bar!

    when you were a kid, who was your biggest celebrity heartthrob?

    what creative outlets do you have other than bloging?

    pet stories.

    i love the idea of pre-moosh stories.

    what are your views on plastic surgery?

    do you wake up to an alarm or the moosh?

    i’ll have to try to come up with some more. ;-D


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