To anyone who has never truly experienced humid cold, bless.

Growing up in Utah where it would snow two feet overnight and one was still expected to make to school on time, the way Indiana reacts to weather has always amused me. Two hour delays and school cancellations for a few inches of snow. ADORABLE. In fact, Addie hasn’t had a full day of school since January began, if school hasn’t been cancelled (7th day cancelled today!) she’s been on a two hour delay, meaning instead of being dark and freezing cold outside, it’s light and freezing cold outside.

These are Addie's siren songs. #NoFilter

I’ve heard a lot of debate about why these school cancellations happen (also! church has been cancelled for two of the four Sundays in January so far as well.) Some say it’s because Hoosiers simply aren’t outfitted and prepared for this kind of weather, or that the more impoverished areas of the city can’t afford proper warm clothing. (Which is even more silly because chances are keeping kids home keeps working parents home or working parents paying for daycare or even kids home alone because their parents simply cannot miss work, on top of that many kids rely on the schools for their only meals in a day. Clearly keeping them home makes perfect sense.) It’s not like it doesn’t snow here, or get cold, because it does β€” and the same coat you use for that weather can be used for this weather, just put a few more layers underneath and don’t stay outside for long.

Even the government is shut down today.

Because it’s cold.

Not because it’s snowing, not because there’s already several feet of snow on the ground or because it’s a terribly blustery day. Nope, it’s just cold. The sun is shining, the roads are clear and it’s cold.

Show me a weather map and I could point to a dozen places that are colder and more weather affected than Indiana who are still doing business as usual.

Perhaps it’s just the Utahn in me who grew up knowing that life goes on no matter how much it snows? Perhaps it’s the mom in me who is tired of keeping two little girls entertained?

I wore them out. FIST PUMP.

Cody has found me crying in the closet twice, I’ve painted a dozen My Little Ponies (I’m getting quite good), I’ve eaten a hundred plastic and felt food meals served up by Vivi, I’ve read every book we own, watched every episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ever produced by Disney Junior, I’ve not only made entire cities out of Play-Doh β€” I actually cleaned and detailed all of our Play-Doh gear, using toothpicks to shove the dried bits out of every nook and cranny of every plastic rolling, cutting, squishing and shaping device. Later I will take a razor, a pair of scissors and a serious attitude to the brush of my vacuum which currently looks like a long thin tribble and I will lie in the middle of the floor in a patch of sunshine wishing I were anywhere where I could go outside with less than eight layers of clothing.

Perhaps it is that there is no end in sight, just cold for days and days and days and being indoors for days and days and days and not being able to go outside for longer than 10 minutes without feeling my nose hairs freeze and crack off.

Even the cats are sick of us, they have both found places to hide where we can’t find them all day. Only at night do they come out to borrow our body heat through the night.

Yes gentlemen, you have my attention?

Knowing my luck a whole school bus of kittens and puppies will freeze today and all the firefighters who try to rescue them will lose their noses and fingers to frostbite in an attempt to save them and I will be seen as a terribly grumpy and inhumane person. (Bitter Betty (hi, me) is going to take this moment to eat her words since there have been deaths related to all this cold. Apparently 5 people died while shoveling snow (which, don’t bother, it’s too windy anyway and no one’s going anywhere) and several have been homeless people who have either refused or not made it to shelter in time. Other deaths are from traffic accidents, not necessarily related to the cold, but still, they happened while it was cold. So while I am still grumpy about being so cold, be safe. A list of emergency shelters in Indianapolis can be found here.)

Where are you at? How’s the weather been for you? My friend Ami has been making her chickens hot oatmeal and baked potatoes, I don’t even make my kids hot oatmeal and baked potatoes.



  1. …off to clean my vacuum. Wait, I did that yesterday.

  2. Girl, I’m with you. In my staff meeting yesterday, we laughed at the absurdity of the city government being closed today just because it’s cold. I have no words.

    Here’s to hoping Addie goes back to school and your life regains some semblance of normalcy soon! <3

  3. I’m in northern Illinois, and yes we have much the same weather… you know it’s a free day at the Shedd aquarium? Pack the kids up and take a road trip!

  4. I totally get the cabin fever, suffering through the same Polar Vortex. (SO COLD). But I’ll admit I kind of hate the idea that because it is colder elsewhere/they handle it better or differently, that somehow Indy is doing it wrong. I just… it will always be colder/hotter/sadder/happier/better/more expensive/cheaper somewhere by someone…and I hate the idea if you can’t compete (or do it better) your strategy or thoughts or whatever don’t deserve validation. Each community is trying to figure out their best way through, and it kind of stinks we can’t let everyone just get through to the other side as best they can. This applies to everyone making fun of the Southern states facing snow as well…we get it. It snows more in other places. They still have the right to hunker down and not leave the house!

    Jill Reply:

    I like what you said. We’re all doing the best we can.

  5. I have leftover pasta from my sad eating last night. You bring cookies. We can both sit in your patch of sun (I have too many trees, I don’t get a patch of sun big enough to sit in) and eat pasta and cookies.

    When I was in 8th grade they canceled school for one day when the air temperature got down to -23 degrees. One day. And that was just because they couldn’t have the kids who walked to school be exposed to that temperature for that long. This is ridiculous. It’s amazing the difference between the area of the state I grew up in and where we live now.

  6. We’re supposed to be getting snow today! Like real, white, cold snow and I am beside myself excited. Half of my children have never even seen snow. But…I must admit that I’m glad it’ll come and go and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled life by the weekend.

  7. Your kids don’t lay nice eggs for you to eat, so you’re completely justified in not baking them potatoes or making them oatmeal.
    My children have been quite outraged that we’ve continued to have school when everyone else cancels. First world homeschooling problems, and all that.

  8. I sort of said the same thing a couple weeks ago when it was so cold, about how people function normally in places where it is routinely this cold. I’m in Western New York, which is accustomed to snow. We have the snow removal equipment and we all know how to dress, so we function. However, it’s been very cold here. Not quite like the midwest, but cold. We’re all complaining, but I think we have a valid point since it’s rarely this cold for this long here. There haven’t been a lot of closings here–a few, with some delays in some areas. I guess the school threshold here is -20 wind chills. But I do wonder what the threshold is in places where it often gets that low, and how they avoid closing school all the time. Their bodies work the same as ours, so what’s the difference?

  9. Stephanie Parton says:

    We’re in Indy too, but since my kids are in Catholic schools that don’t use buses they are in school today and I’m at work.

  10. We are only operating on a 2 hour delay today – not living in Marion county FTW! I am so glad that the winds didn’t come making the windchill even colder. I am grateful that there was no city-county traffic for me to sit in on my commute this morning. I LOVE the beautiful sunshine!! Saturday even though it was blustery it was 34 degrees and sunny in the morning so I shoveled in a tshirt and house shoes! But I have SAD so I hate the darkness. DESPISE the darkness! I have upgraded from a SAD light to now having 7, yes, SEVEN daylight bulbs glowing bright in my kitchen light fixture. It is so glorious!! Soft white light bulbs are so unkind. The cold sucks. But it is really needed here. TO kill bugs that are unkind to our native trees and shrubs. To kill the fleas that torment my fur babies. To give the earth a chance to rest. Hang in there. We will get through it!!

  11. Part of the problem in the county where I work is because the buses won’t run in this cold. They had to cancel school on Friday and again today because the buses wouldn’t start. I’m glad my kids aren’t in school today because our town has no water pressure due to water main breaks. BUT, I am totally ready for a normal schedule. This winter has been crazy for sure!

  12. I’m in Indianapolis, too. You’re not crazy – this is ridiculous. I have never heard of places being CLOSED due to TEMPERATURE until now. What the?!

  13. I really don’t understand vast swaths of the country completely shutting down due to cold. I mean the North East and the Mid West have cold and snow EVERY YEAR. You’d think, by now, they’d be able to just deal with it?

    I’m also from one of those Mountains and Lots of Snow places and I think we had MAYBE 2 or 3 snow days EVER in my entire school career, including college. We’ve never had work cancelled due to snow, or ice, or freezing rain, or whatever.

    I just…it’s hard for me to relate. Or have any real empathy.


  14. I grew up in Delphi Indiana ( up by Purdue) and now live in Minnesota. I laugh at how paralysed IN has been by this cold. I mean, it was cold and snowy when I was growing up! But then again, schools have been closed here too for -20 temps. The governor has even gone so far as to close ALL schools due to the cold. My Ady goes back to school tomorrow and I hope they finish the week!

  15. Man they closed my son’s school the other day cause it was cold, meanwhile when I was going to school in the same district we would have a 2 hour delay and have snow piles taller than me! I’m like umm what’s going on here?

  16. Move to Florida. Our high was 80 yesterday πŸ™‚

  17. It’s a pretty similar situation here in Michigan. Schools have been closed for seven days and countin, due to icy back roads, buses not starting, and subzero temps being too dangerous for kiddos to be outside.

    The streets in my neighborhood have been solid ice for over a month, which makes dog walking a treacherous adventure.

    The temperature is supposed to go up tomorrow, but another huge snow storm is coming with it… At least the sun is shining? :-/

  18. I grew up in the South (Texas & Louisiana primarily)and was totally used to everything shutting down for cold when the temps hit freezing. When I moved to Kansas for grad-school I was not at all prepared for any winter weather! I lived there 8 years and never got used to going to work when it was snowy πŸ™‚ It just felt wrong. Now I’ve moved back to Texas and I realize that no one here is prepared for that type of weather – there were three of us at work on Friday (our coldest day recently) wearing layers with the top one being a short-sleeved sweater. Who ever heard of a short-sleeved sweater, doesn’t that sort of defeat the purpose?

  19. Scooch over. I’m in your camp on this one.

    My son was outraged the other day when they had to man up and go to school. The morning wind chill was -10 to -15. “But whyyyyyyyyy do we have to go? Wasn’t this enough to cancel school last week?!? Whahhhhh!” I explained that with 9 snow days already marked, that bar was going to get higher and higher. That state mandated testing won’t move (IL) and they’re crunching now to get ready. Plus, we typically have true snow days with precipitation in Feb and March in Central Illinois. My money is on 15 total days before we’re done.

    Stay warm on the prairie!

  20. I live in Vermont and we still go to school when it’s -20. Not much keeps us from going! πŸ™‚

  21. I live an hour southeast of Indianapolis.I am originally from Northern Indiana near the lake and can say I grew up with big snow events and unbearable cold. I learned to drive in blizzards and school was not cancelled until we got at least 8 inches. You are right…go just 3 hours south of where I grew up (Indy) and they get paralyzed by cold and snow. I also find it amusing. One year after moving down here I took my daughter to school not even realizing it had been cancelled because it didn’t even occur to me it would be cancelled for an inch of snow! Love reading your blog!

  22. We have had 5 days of school cancelled because of could so far in January.(Minneapolis, MN) It has gotten in the actual -20’s – 30’s & wind chills as cold as -50’s. I’m MN born & raised, so I’m used to it. I don’t think I ever got this many “snow days/cold days” though!