(thank you thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, we won!)

I have had pictures make it into the finals over at Greeblemonkey’s monthly contest.

Since the very first one the contest has gained popularity and with popularity has come talent.

Serious talent.

I made it this month to the finals. So many of the pictures are better than mine as far as technical details and level of difficulty. I can’t justify asking people to vote for me this time around without explaining myself since there are so many spectacular pictures that I would vote for over mine, you know, if it wasn’t me.

This is the picture that’s in the running, the one I took of Emily the first time she ever held Little Mr.

first touch

I never could have imagined this moment in a hundred million years.

To be there for it stopped my heart.

To be able to catch it on camera?


It felt as if the entire room had gone silent and still. I felt as though the clicks of my camera were loud as an air horn. Even writing about it seems to be messing with the moment too much.

Emily says she can never repay me for capturing this moment. Truth is I can never thank her enough for letting me be there. I’m really proud of this picture. The whole “a picture is worth a thousand words” thing? Yeah.

It only takes two clicks to vote, and I’d be honored to have yours. Thank you.

(Voting ends tonight at 10 PM EST. Midnight MST.)


  1. Done. If you could see me right now, you would see my salute.

  2. I voted for you – I saw this picture and just thought it was perfection. I hope to one day make it in the finals…a girl can dream.

  3. I tend to think my votes can be bought with tears. Weep. Click click. Voted.

    Seriously, this is such a beautiful photo!!

  4. Done. Beautiful picture my sweet cuz! Love ya!

  5. It’s a magical moment and a beautiful picture, but what I want to know is… how in the world can anyone look that good after childbirth? Was Bobbi Brown waiting in the wings?
    Because, you know: I looked that good too.

    I voted!

  6. I voted. And my vote should count as a thousand, because I am that awesome.

  7. I voted. Duh.
    Someday I might see this photo clearly, but mostly I just glance at it through a big new mama emotional tear.

    You better win.

  8. Mandi Bone says:

    I voted. Ever time I see that picture in your flicker account it makes me tear up.

  9. Voted.

    You’re the best!

  10. Yes, I voted….your photo made me cry–it was that perfect! Heidi

  11. Gave me the chills…GOOD LUCK!

  12. I voted. You captured a beautiful moment. Awesome photo.

  13. I voted. I wish I could have a picture like this with my second. Instead he was rushed to the NICU and I was rushed to recovery, not able to really hold him for another 12 hours.

    I’m still upset about it and he’s almost two.

  14. FYI I voted yesterday, especially when I read that Emily is trying to go to a convention with you if she wins. Oh how I am envious that she had you there, supporting her AND documenting such an intimate experience. Makes me wish you could have been there for me…if we’d know each other (6 & 3 years ago)…and if we’d met.

  15. WooHoo! congrats on the land slide win over at Greeblemoneky! I was ONE of those 1,000 votes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Congratulations on the win; you totally deserve it. This is a beautiful moment, beautifully captured. I love it.


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