(GIVEAWAY OVER! Winner has been contacted and will be announced soon!)

Hey there.

Ever dropped your phone? In water? Yeah, me neither (LIES.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a phone that could survive a little swim? You know, just in case?

The Rugby Smart is also dustproof, water resistant (1 m for 30 minutes) and can handle extreme weather conditions. It’s light, feels good and the touchscreen is super responsive, not to mention I love me some AT&T 4G.

I’m giving a Samsung Rugby Smart Phone away to one commenter, just tell me your phone-y tale of woe (not phoney like a lie, phoney like a phone.) Contest will run through Monday April 23rd at Midnight EST. Winner will be contacted by email and have 24 hours to respond.

Good luck!

Disclosure: I was provided with a Samsung Rugby Smart phone with 30 days of stellar AT&T service to facilitate in my review. I have been compensated for my time, not for promoting a particular product and opinions are my own, as usual.


  1. I have “lost” three phones due to a puppy that thought they would make great chew toys. I literally had to pick up the 10,000 tiny pieces she left everywhere. Now I am worried because the drooliest baby ever has taken to living a coat of slime on my phone whenever it is in reach – along with flinging it across the room! Good thing she is cute.

  2. Wellllllll it started as a lovely day – getting a mani/pedi, which is a rarity in my life! Of course I ended up dropping my phone in the pedicure bath…fun stuff.

  3. I had the flu and one minute I was playing a game on my iPhone and the next minute it was flying out of my hands and dropping into a cup of juice. I have no idea what happened, I do know that after a night in rice it seemed to be working okay except for the random errors I would get when it would tell me that the device that was connected to it wasn’t a valid apple product…and nothing was connected to it.

  4. Back in the OLDEN days..I had my phone fall out of my back pocket while I was preparing to go potty. Not one of my best moments.

  5. My 4yo plays with my phone and leaves it in THE most random, obnoxious places. I finally had to install an app that sends out a high-pitched beacon call when activated from my PC or another phone. That app has been a life saver!

  6. My husband let our drooly baby chew on my phone, to the point that it got totally soaked and the screen shorted out. My newest phone hasn’t gotten wet yet, but has been crusted in boogers a few times. Ick.

  7. Sit down, it’s a long one.

    *waits for Casey to sit*

    This was a month ago. You know Maggie, right? She thought ninja kicks with her phone in her jacket pocket would be fun. Don’t get me wrong, a well timed ninja kick rocks, but this time the phone falls on the ground and cracks. BUT still usable. Fast forward to yesterday. She walks in and, sits down and we chat.. casual rainy day – you may not know, but she’s pregnant and we have TONS to talk about. 20 minutes later she asks if I see her phone. Nope. We call from mine. Nope. Oh well must be in the car. You know “Baby Brain”.

    Two Minutes later she goes to the car to get it, and I hear BANG on the door, screaming “MOOOOOOMMMMM” – I’m thinking “DEAR GOD THE BABY” – Her: DO WE HAVE RICE! Me: You need rice? Her: My phone was lying on the ground in the rain. WITH THE CRACK FACING UP AND ITS NOT WORKING. Me: I dont have rice Her: will grits do?

    Note to all: They actually don’t. We are out of grits and out a phone.

  8. Washed ny phone. And dropped it in the toilet. It survived though!!! Trusty old flip phone!!

  9. I was expecting an important call while performing every day tasks, including a shower. Then I decided to put my phone near the bathroom. I started using the shampoo while I was silent, but the phone did not ring. I proceeded to use soap on my legs but the phone did not ring. I finally decided to calm me down thinking that nobody would call me while I was in the shower, but just then the phone rings. I try to take it with my soapy hands and immediately becomes a little soap that rings, vibrates and tries to run away from my hands. God help me with this unruly worker!

  10. So, once upon a time I was obsessed with flip phones. This was, of course, before the days of iPhones and Droids. One day I was in a very dark place and busy losing my Jesus on anyone who crossed my path. I got a phone call from someone who was not on my good list, opened the phone and took the top half completely off. For weeks I literally had just the keypad and a plug in headset for a pone.