Vivi follows Addie around at gymnastics and whenever she has a clear view of her, she shouts “HI, ADDIE!”  She’s a terrible distraction.
She scores a perfect 10.0 in Gymnast Addie distraction techniques.

FALL IS COMING. FALL IS COMING! I’ve already worn boots, sweaters AND my favorite leather jacket. BRING IT ON FALL. BOOTS FOR ALL!!

Over on Babble:
5 ways you may be hurting your spouse (and not even realize it.)

WHEN I GET SCARED MY EYES GET BIG AND I TALK FAST. This is a video of me scared.

17 things to do in Charleston, South Carolina. (Even if you don’t care about Charleston, I must say the photos on this one are worth the clicks.)

A hotel in New York averages $281/night. A single family home? $3.4 million. A look at the ten most popular US travel destinations and what a 2,500 square foot home would cost you there.

Toad Suck, Arkansas. Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Just two of the 20 most unfortunately named locations in the US.

How to survive potty training (Hint: Expect it to be terrible.)

The 16 milestones of potty training (like their first launch off an automatically flushing toilet)

This is me not coming straight out and talking about poop. Go me!


12 Disney costume edeas for siblings or couples. (Vivi and Addie won’t be themed this year, unless Disney is a theme, WHICH IT IS.)

The 6 best things about Addie being back in school.


Last question, if you like to make ice cream at home, what’s your favorite flavor or recipe? I’M ON A KICK. (thanks!)


  1. I like your unfortunate locations list. My mom lives in Cumming, GA.

  2. omg. why did i never even think about cumming? i live around ATL so i see/hear that a lot.

    not exactly the same thing, but along the same lines… i giggle every time we drive from ATL to SC on I-20 & pass the sign for “Newborn”
    which is not really a big deal, except, before you enter “Newborn” you pass over “Hard Labor Creek”

    NO KIDDING says any mother out there.

  3. Christy Cruz says:

    I’ve never made homemade ice cream. My granddad did, he made black walnut. I can still remember the taste of it. I miss him.

  4. Homemade banana or peach makes me nostalgic – my grandparents always made it. I like to make chocolate peanut butter, although I got rid of my ice cream maker long ago because I didn’t feel like I used it enough.

  5. Fresh peach!! But I like homemade fro yo even better. My husband makes it and packs it into little individual freezer cups.

  6. Pumpkin pie ice cream, for sure. I use the recipe in the cuisinart ice cream maker recipe booklet. I love the gingersnap cookies as pie crust in the ice cream!! Perfect for this time of year (or any time when your best pal loves pumpkin, like mine does!!)