It was a long damn day.

It’s safe to say it’s driven me a little batty that all y’all know about it.

PLUS. Oh here’s the plus. The stupid, stupid plus.

It was 90 degrees on Sunday.

gigglling swinging moosh

It was 53 degrees today.

You are so stupid Indiana.

So utterly stupid.

I’m so mad at you.

You’re stupid.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.



  1. 53, eh? Sounds like Canadian weather. Actually, that is a little COLDER than we had here today.

  2. we had a similar 40-degree drop two days last week. what the heck?

  3. ok, i pushed the button too fast. should have been IN two days. IN. sheesh.

  4. Ick! Now that’s the kind of weather that you get sick in!

    I’m still soooo jealous that you are actually going to wear a bikini soon AFTER having a kid! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that! 🙁

  5. What? You left out “Stupidhead”?!!

  6. So where is this to take place?

  7. Sounds just like Chicago where I grew up.
    But you should try here. We live in the mountains now—at midday it could easily be 70 and then 30 at night. I’m not kidding. Try dressing for that!
    Good luck with the 2 piece— only a few days to go!

  8. Oh, bring your hawt self down here to Mobile. We’re still in the 80’s!

  9. Errr, you mean you didn’t enjoy the four hours of Fall that we had on Tuesday? Nothing like going straight from the A/C to heat.

  10. All I can say is yoga, yoga yoga for that core!
    This weather blows. And also, what is up with the ZERO fall foilage? Where are my colors, Indiana? I don’t expect New England, but can we have a third shade to spice up the green or yellow options?

  11. Sounds just like the weather here in MN.

  12. I feel your pain! It’s like that here in TN too. I wrote a letter to the weather to make it make sense once in awhile, but it didn’t pay attention. 😉

  13. I’m just freaked out by the fact that you can cross ONE eye while the other is looking straight.

  14. Dude, it never got to 90 this entire summer in Seattle. So, I don’t have a lot of sympathy. Sorry.

  15. Sounds like TN — 89 yesterday, 56 today. Maybe this is helpful — wear the suit the way I would wear it, covered with a parka.

  16. Will there be photos in the cold? I must know if any T.H.O. will be going on so I can know whether to link you or not on that day.


    I’m not laughing at your – I’m laughing WITH you.

    And DO NOT complain about nice, cool weather – it’ll be 90 by the day’s end. NINETY, as in 10 degrees less than 100!! HOT!

  17. toronto is just as stupid…

  18. It does sound like Canadian weather! Yuck! I hope the two piece is kind to you.

  19. just like michigan weather.

  20. I wish I lived in Indiana. *sniff*

  21. When I lived in MI people used to say, “Don’t like the weather? Wait a minute.”

  22. I know you can work it,sista…even if it is only 53 degrees.
    Just put tape on your nipples and everything will be just fine. 😉

  23. Yup, same with Bossy’s neighborhood. She’s sick of its Mood Swings.

  24. Yeah, what is WITH this weather? I ran the air conditioning and the oven at the same time for (Canuck) Thanksgiving on Monday, and today I had to fish around for my leather gloves so that I could drive to work without my fingers turning blue. Gah!

  25. Oh the moosh is just too cute. When are you going to move back to Utah so I can see my little sissy every day?

  26. Stupid Wisconsin.

  27. Stupid Ohio, too. 91 on Monday, 55 on Thursday. Don’t like the weather? Just wait 5 minutes.

  28. haha are you sure you’re not in abilene?! oh wait, here it’s 85 at 10 a.m. and 23 at noon…that’s right..