Tomorrow I will be shooting the Indy 500 again. Which means some dumb man is going to make some snide remark about little ‘ol me and my big black camera.

When I was in Vegas a few weeks ago working with Floyd Mayweather’s photographer I was holding his camera as we were waiting for an elevator — an older man looked down at the camera, then looked at me and said “That’s an awfully big lens” in a condescending tone. Something about girls and big camera equipment makes some men terribly uncomfortable. When I shot the Indy 500 last time I was in the elevator, weighed down with two enormous cameras and I was on a high — I had just been in the pits at the Indy 500 capturing some of the most exciting photos I had ever taken.

The old guy across from me with his stupid camera vest and borrowed AP equipment said “That’s some serious camera equipment there baby, you know how to handle it?”

I could have killed him.

I’ve been edged out by male photographers before, ones who believe I’m just some mom there with a fancy camera with lots of buttons my husband bought to keep me happy. In fact, the way some people feel about lawyers is the way I feel towards most AP photographers. Thankfully I have met some very kind ones — but it’s always those few loudmouthed stinkers that foul it up for everyone else.

I’m already going into tomorrow with a prickly towards the sexist attitude some men have towards female photographers, which is why I’m getting it out now.

I have to remind myself that my camera and I have a relationship most people will never have with an inanimate object. It is an extension of me, a detachable part of my body that captures what my heart feels, my brains sees and what my mouth can’t manage to say. Just because photography is an intensely emotional process for me, doesn’t mean the all of the technical knowledge and understanding isn’t there as well.

To all the women out there with big black camera bodies and an intimate knowledge of f/stops and metering — I salute you. May we stick together in the literal and figurative pits of being talented and creative ladies in a traditionally male dominated field.

my camera and me







  1. Caroline says:

    I’m glad you are back to writing, Casey. I’m praying for you, Cody, and the girls in whatever the future holds. Warm thoughts and hugs from a stranger:)

  2. Amen.

  3. I’m more the girl with a camera she doesn’t know how to use… It looks like you are going through a hard time and I’m sorry. (This is my first time to your blog so I’m in the dark! But the above comments tell a story.)

  4. monstergirlee says:

    Well said Casey. Good luck with at the race – I’m rooting for you.

  5. I never get that but I get the oh she picked up a camera and thinks she’s a professional photographer (sometimes from other women) and I’m like actually I’ve been studying photography for 14 years, can shoot with a fully manual SLR film camera faster than some shoot with a digital point and shoot, and know how to develop film.

    Glad to see you writing again =)

  6. Dang I’ve missed your writing!! Get out there and crush it.

  7. Sing it Sister!! 😀

  8. You are such a awesome writer and photographer. I was read your all post, and found nice images and story on all posts.