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See's Candies

Have you ever gotten one of these for Valentine’s?

I haven’t.

I’ve never gotten a fruitcake on Christmas either.

There’s a reason the stereotype is there, and I can promise you as soon as you saw the picture of See’s Candy up there you started picking out which one you would eat first. (I’d take that big square one, upper right heart bump.) You really want to torture yourself? Check out all of the See’s Candies Valentine’s gifts.

Let me tell you about Valentine’s Day while you’re the wife of a Law Student.

Two years ago? He forgot.

Last year? We ended up on a Valentine’s Date which actually meant we ended up in the car in the parking lot of an Italian restaurant with me screaming at the top of my lungs and doing the really snotty ugly cry in front of everyone coming and going from the restaurant.

I’m not even sure what we were fighting about. But it was ugly. And I cried. A lot.

(Cody just reminded me, it’s because he wanted me to make a phone call for him. MARRIAGE FTW!)

By the time I was out of tears and energy to cry anymore I flopped down in Cody’s lap across the center console and he slipped a tiny little canvas bag into my hand.

In the bag was the most perfect necklace from Round House Jewelry on Etsy.

Everybody now, aww. Not only did he have perfect timing, but he KNEW WHAT ETSY WAS AND HOW TO USE IT.

So sure, that’s not exactly what one would picture as the most romantic Valentine’s ever, but that’s how we roll here in the house of moosh.

This year we’re going all out stereotype. We’re going to be having one of those candy boxes up there, we’re having a cheeseburger dinner and seeing a movie called Valentine’s Day while tiny gramma babysits our little lump of love.

How about you? Do you want to win a two pound box of chocolates just in time for Valentine’s Day enjoyment? Leave a comment below with your Sweetest Love Story. (or you know, Sweetest moosh-style Love Story.)

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  1. How’s this for sappy. I met my husband in April 1997, I was barely 18, and I knew the first time I met him that he was the one. One week later we were dating, a week after that we were engaged, not quite three weeks later we eloped. It’s been almost 13 years and we still call each other at least twice a day just because we can even if we don’t have anything more to say than, “I love you.”

  2. I tried to dump my now-husband after we’d been dating about 2 months. It was August 1998, the summer before our second year of college: I’d spent an entire week dragging myself from my bed to the couch and vice versa, living on chicken broth and tea, due to a horrible throat infection. George phoned me every day (as he had since we started dating), but I’d lost my voice; when I was able to talk again the following week, I kept making excuses to avoid his calls. My mom noticed and asked me what was wrong.

    “Nothing’s wrong—that’s exactly the problem!” I confessed. “I think I’m going to break up with him because… well, because he’s too perfect. I don’t think I’m ready for that.”

    I drove straight from work the next day to George’s on-campus summer rental apartment and—smelling like bread/salami/onions in my oh-so-sexy Subway uniform!—I told him gently (and lamely) that I just wanted to be friends. “You’ve been wonderful,” I apologized, “but I can’t give you enough in return.” He took both of my hands in his, looked me straight in the eye, and said, “Whatever you are giving is enough. I have never felt so loved in all my life.”

    So I stayed.

    Twelve years later, after surviving almost 8 years of marriage, four years of law school (during which he also worked full time), two miscarriages, and two children, I know exactly what he meant. And I’m really glad I stuck around to find out.

  3. mommabird2345 says:
  4. Sweetest love story? Flying overseas with his family to surprise him on his 21st birthday. He knew they were coming, but not me. That was 13 years ago and it’s still the best surprise I ever pulled off.