These are two of Cody’s closest friends from law school, Cody is on the left (obviously) he is a loyal Broncos fan and has been since he was old enough to even care about football.

so. much. debt.

Steve is in the middle. The first time I ever met Steve he was in my front room jumping up and down, banging the wall and screaming at a football game on my TV .

On the right is Ethan. Addie’s future father in law. He is a Raiders fan.

Not exactly what you envisioned when you pictured a Raiders fan, right?

Cody and Ethan have sparred back and forth for years and one of their biggest topics of discussion is Denver fans vs. Raiders fans.


face painted fan

Perhaps he’s an accountant, or an IT procurement manager with a specialty in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration during the week, but a simple face painted Denver fan come Sunday.

Now let’s examine Raider fans:

Raider Nation

I mean, maybe this guy specializes in IT during the week too, but he’s a lot more hardcore come game day.





Perhaps you can see why I have such a hard time equating Ethan as a die hard Raiders fan. It just doesn’t match, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the guy in a shirt that doesn’t have a perfectly pressed collar (runs to check facebook) Nope! Clean cut as they come!

I mean, there’s loyal fans everywhere, if you’re here in Indy and haven’t seen our own Colts Superfan, you don’t get out of the house much.

Colts Super Fans

Cody and I spent the afternoon at the Columbus Zoo this weekend and Cody began to wonder if it was “wear your jersey to the zoo” day and no one bothered to tell him. Cleavland Brown and Cincy Bengal jerseys everywhere. We even spotted one #18 Broncos jersey, we debated if he was really a Bronco fan or just a bandwagon Manning fan. (Cody is both a Bronco AND Manning fan. The only reason he didn’t like Manning before is because he was so close to taking away some of the “greatest quarterback ever” title from Elway, now that Manning will go out a Bronco? Cody is totally on board the Manning train.)

Team shirts, jerseys and colors can say a million things about the person wearing them, where they’re from, where they live, who they grew up watching and in some cases, who their rivals are. Tide has teamed up with the NFL this year to ask fans to show them their colors for a chance to win a trip to Super Bowl XLVII. We all have photos of us in our favorite team gear during some really great moments, upload yours and you could be going to the Super Bowl thanks to Tide. (Remember how the Super Bowl was here last year? I may have not gone to the game, but the excitement surrounding the entire event was worth being a part of.) You have until November 30, 2012 to upload your photo to Tide’s facebook page and “Show Us Your Colors.”

Here’s ours!

football baby

Disclosure: Special thanks to Tide for sponsoring this post. I have been compensated for my time in promoting the Tide “Show Us Your Colors” sweepstakes, not for promoting a particular product. I’ve loved Tide for a long time for free, always will.

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  1. I was born in Baltimore. When I was a pre-teen, my family moved back to Indiana. A few years later, so did the Colts. Most people were pissed, but they became my team. I am also a huge Manning fan, so now I’m grudgingly a Bronco’s fan. Raider’s fans scare me. Now I’m surrounded by Philly, Baltimore, and Washington fans. Yuck.:)

  2. Who Dey!!