First of all, this:

Paul and Vivi

Paul is five months old in this photo, Vivi? Four.

Needless to say Vivi got stuck in her Bumbo a lot more often.

Second, I promise to shooshy about my blurb book after a short “AWW!” about my blurb book:

the blurb book continues

the blurb book continues

the blurb book continues

Okay, I’m done. (Seriously, you need to make one of these.)

Third, in case you haven’t noticed, over there in the sidebar is a link to my shiny! new! Babble Voices blog, which means instead of writing 10 days a week I now write 4 times a month. (Did you hear that? It was an enormous sigh of relief for my sou and sanity.) I still have page view requirements (have to make money from the advertisers somehow!) but I still refuse to go controversial and I don’t really want to have to do slideshows if I don’t have to. Pinky swear.

That being said, here’s my first two posts:

Princess Pantyhose Lover – Wherein I discuss the fact that I am 30 and rely on nude pantyhose to keep my legs looking non-cadaver like. Turns out the comments may be more entertaining than the actual post. It’s also comforting to know that if everything else falls apart, I have nice arches and a future as a stocking model for strangers on the Internet.

We’re all a Little Lumpy, We’re all a Little Strange – This one was supposed to be written wisdom to Addie and Vivi about how Hollywood lies and kissing underwater is a complete joke that should never be attempted. It still turned out to be full of useful advice, but I had to take out the “parental wisdom” bit when things turned to seashells in your rear and celebrity mucous plugs.


  1. Yeah, our daughter had some extra chub on her, too. Pick her up and the bumbo always came with her like it was glued.

    Casey Reply:

    @neal, Yes! Glued on Bumbo! That’s exactly what it is.

  2. congrats on the babble voices and having more TIME!

    Casey Reply:

    @Marta, Thank you! Sadly Addie has taken all my time and made it hers.

  3. no slideshows. promise? tee hee.

    whateves. You don’t need them. You’re golden just the way you are.

    Casey Reply:

    @designhermomma, Page views made with two posts, no slideshows.