The weather has been positively perfect around these parts lately.

One of the reasons I love the Midwest, endless clouds to the horizon.

At this moment our windows are wide open, a slight breeze is blowing through, the crickets are doing their cricket thing and Cody and I are both tapping out our tales by the glow of an old lamp, three feet apart from each other.

I love being here. I love having a house that is actually a home. Walls that have captured and absorbed so much laughter that you could probably hear it if you pressed your ear against them. Quiet little moments when you realize you have everything you’ve ever wanted or needed and all you had to do was fall in love and learn how to love yourself.

a lovely sunday evening

In my home my arms are never empty, there is always a warm body to hold, some of them bigger than others, a couple of them way more furry than the rest. I am never truly alone here.

I spent so much of my life lonely, even when I was surrounded by people. Now I’m whatever the opposite of lonely is.

Vivi and I take a walk everyday around our circle, we could not be more fortunate to have such a lovely house at the end of a lovely cul-de-sac. I wish every kid could spend part of their lives playing in a cul-de-sac. While the baby phase never lasts long enough, I’m relishing the chubby single finger hand hold phase. Vivi chokes bunny in one arm and holds my index finger with her other hand. We walk, she barks at all the dogs, tweets at all the birds and squats to pick every last dandelion she sees.

Sometimes she’s even wearing pants.

Shadow of a very loved bunny.

Safety first,  pants optional.

Vivi's dandelion picking service: A penny a pop!

Things have been pretty quiet around here, and yet they couldn’t be more marvelous.


  1. Pants are overrated, especially when you have a diaper tush that’s that adorable!

  2. Yes. I feel like you might like “The Yellow Bowl.” It’s one of my favorite poems. Robin painted it for me; I keep it on my bedroom shelf and read it when I’m feeling a little disjointed or unhinged.

  3. Simply beautiful. So glad you are having such peace!!!!

  4. Lovely.

  5. I love this, that you have this 🙂

  6. I think the opposite of lonely is content. Instead of hollow and cold inside, you feel warm and full. It’s really wonderful, isn’t it.

  7. I love the pantsless but with a helmet shot. Seriously adorable.

    I like quiet moments. They let you appreciate the wild ones more, and you get a chance to take a breath and absorb how great your life can be 😀

  8. Wow this was beautiful. I envy you a bit not only because you have very luxurious hair and live in Indianapolis but youve got that feeling. Everything is right. Thats lovely and im sure you deserve it. Enjoy every second. Sigh someday we’ll have a home. Hopefully in Indianapolis. Loved that place 🙂

  9. Oh casey that has brought me to tears. I am so happy for you. Truly. I wish nothing but the best for you and I’m so glad you’re getting it. Sounds wonderful. Now, teach us how to have it.

  10. It makes me so, so happy that you have happiness, Casey. I know how hard you’ve worked, inside and out, to get to where you are, and truly, it is wonderful that you are so content. xoxo

    p.s. I miss the holding-my-index-finger-in-her-little-hand walks with Kaitlyn!

  11. Flying laughing Vivi just makes me full out smile.

  12. Looks lovely! Your little bugs so cute! I could feel your feelings in your words and it was wonderful!

  13. I love this post.
    Vivi with no pants… awwwww!!!

  14. I love the simple! Life doesn’t get much better!

  15. I love you a stupid amount.


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