Addie was meant to be a big sister the same way Julie Andrews was meant to sing and Monet was meant to paint.

Five Months.

Five Months.

Five Months.

Vivi was meant to be Addie’s little sister. There is a love between them that I have never, ever seen before.

Five Months.Vivi's pretty sure Addie hung the moon.Five Months.

If anyone ever needed proof that babies are sent to the families they are mean to be in?

These two are that proof.

Five Months.Five Months.Five Months.Five Months.

This was just one regular afternoon of many in my day to day life.

My heart is so full it hurts.


  1. Can I just come and camp out on your couch and watch these two?? My heart just fills seeing these pictures.

  2. My uterus just contracted.
    My goodness I want babies like yours.

  3. Dude, you are one lucky ducky.

  4. So adorable. And so true, the love between siblings is amazing to see. Now I am craving another baby!

  5. C, I feel we’re such kindred spirits in this journey. I watch Laurel and Violet with the same amazement every day. The age difference doesn’t matter at all — they know they are sisters, the love is so palpable, there’s so much joy.

    Today when we were driving home from dinner the two of them were making each other laugh in the backseat…Violet’s hearty, hiccup-like baby giggles and Laurel’s squealing laughter. My heart was bursting…


  6. Beautiful girls, beautiful photos, beautiful life!

  7. What cute sisters! I hope they always get along so cute. My girls fight like crazy at times…it makes me sad!

  8. Jessica V. says:

    Your little girls are gorgeous! What a joy to watch them interact I am sure.

  9. That was so beautiful, it further compounded how much I want my daughter to have a sister. I always wanted one myself.

  10. You are blessed. So blessed.

  11. Ohh Betsy! says:

    I totally understand the feeling. Grant can get his sisters to laugh better than anyone (well except when you got Ev to laugh hysterically for the first time).

  12. Oh, how utterly precious and so amazingly wonderful God is to bestow such gifts into your lives and into theirs!

    Those pictures are absolutely delightful and makes me think of my own sister – thank YOu!

  13. Amy in StL says:

    I’ve always felt lucky to be an only child. (Although I have a much older half brother, he wasn’t at home.) But this makes me long for a sibling. Those girls (and you!) are very lucky.

  14. You are all amazing! These pics make me want to run across the country and give my little brother a great big hug. The love between those two is so plain to see. Thank you for making my chilly fall day a whole lot warmer 🙂

  15. They’re not even my kids, and MY heart hurts when I see those pictures. So stinking precious. I absolutely love it.

  16. So very beautiful!

  17. As a very well-loved little sister, my heart is so full for your heart and their hearts. Sisters are just something special, aren’t they.

  18. Awwww, my heart just melted. I love the one where Vivi is reading the book. It looks like she is concentrating so intently.

  19. That is fantastic.

  20. Seeing these pictures of your two so reminds me of my pair. From the time she was born, I knew my daughter was made to be an eldest, not an only. Four and a half years later, she’s proven to be the child equivalent to a Border collie, constantly herding her brother and whatever other children she can wrangle into her sheep-like herd. She is a constant comfort to her brother and there is no one he loves more than her.

  21. Oh, those pictures make me so happy. I absolutely love Addie’s chipped nail polish and Vivi’s rolls of heavenly baby fat. That baby would be gobbled all day if I was around. So happy for you, you truly deserve it!

  22. RsqAnimals says:

    My heart flutters at the pictures of your girls.You are very blessed. Ive been wanting a second for sometime and this post confirmed it. 🙂

  23. Watching sisters together is just amazing. I love it.

  24. This is like my favorite post ever. Your kids are so incredibly lucky. Awesome.

  25. My heart melts, this confirms that I need to have more of these squishy little amazing human beings xx

  26. Don’t think I’ve ever commented before, sorry about that. 🙂 I found your blog some time ago while in the throes of PPD. Anyway, these are the sweetest pictures I have ever seen! I am recalling your post about when you heard their voices prior to them being here. 🙂 These pictures gave me chills. Like you said, if you ever needed proof, here it is. True soul mates from heaven. I am so happy for you and so grateful for our glorious God. 🙂

  27. These pictures are so precious and so powerful. “When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against them?”

  28. You are a lucky Mommy, and *luckily* you know it in time. Enjoy your babies. Mine are grown. (I still adore & enjoy them!)

  29. My sister and I are six years apart. I love the connection they have already – it makes my heart happy to see what maybe we did when we were young.

  30. This post had me in tears. You are absolutely right about babies being sent to the families they’re meant to be in. Amazing pics of your beautiful daughters’ sisterly love.

  31. so sweet! thank you for sharing those great photos of their bond.

    at a mop’s meeting one time during discussion, a mom of 6 with #7 on the way said she felt one of the best gifts you can give your child is a sibling. (& as an only child, i agree!) my son is such a good big brother & his sis a sweet little sister. how i hope someday we are blessed with another!

  32. You are certainly one blessed Momma. And they are blessed to be sisters. It’s all so beautiful. 🙂

  33. I am reading this several days after it was posted, but I can tell you I was meant to read it this Monday morning! Thank-you for starting off my work week with a smile. This is just lovely.

    Thank-you again for sharing your family with us.

  34. This is so beautiful it makes my heart hurt. In a good way.

  35. They are so stinking cute! These photos makes me want to call up my baby sister and just hug on her like we’re kids again. Thank you so much for sharing these – your girls are beautiful.